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    Default Astrology - Whats this?

    I've seen this video:

    It says "True zodiac sign".

    So I used their "New calculator", and this is what I get:

    While truly, my sun sign is Pisces (Being born on 27 february), and my moon sign is Leo.

    This is usualy what I get in regular astrology calculators:

    So I dont understand, why is in the other calculator I have different signs?

    Yeah, It's stupid to ask, but I want know what you will say about that guys.
    Astrology: Pisces (Sun), Leo (Moon)

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    Well, this guy thinks he has a system that works more accurately, is all. You can choose to believe that or not.

    Here is a bit of what he says about your "type":

    "Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one."
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    It doesn't work out for me. Bad description. Doesn't fit.
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    The new one you tried is Vedic astrology (as in, from India).

    Vedic astrology often bases its charts off the sidereal system, which shifts the signs by about 21 days at the current time (what is Aries is Western astrology often becomes Pisces in Vedic astrology, what is Pisces often becomes Aquarius, what is Aquarius often becomes Capricorn, etc)

    The sidereal system (Vedic) uses the stars as they actually appear in the sky at the time of your birth, whereas the tropical system (Western) uses the stars as they appeared in the sky at the time all this stuff was being discovered (~2500+ yrs ago).

    While the sidereal system's method makes sense to me, I actually find that the tropical system produces accurate results, while the sidereal system does not.

    For this reason, I would recommend using the tropical system, but also that you use whichever system you find produces the more accurate results (if you were Indian, or from somewhere in the region, with a historical tie to the subcontinent [Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc], I might recommend using the sidereal system).

    The reason the two systems differ is that the stars slowly shift in the night's sky over the years (as in, what stars appear in the sky on February 21st in 500 BC are not the same as the ones that appear in 2000 AD - they shift by ~21 degrees during that period), due to what's called the procession of the equinoxes.

    Iirc, it's caused by the earth's "wobble" on its axis (the earth is tilted, relative to the solar system's plane, as well as the galaxy's plane).

    That tilt, which is 23.5 degrees, is a what causes the seasons.

    No tilt, no seasons; more tilt, more extreme seasons.

    The thing is, that tilt "wobbles".

    It takes 26,000 yrs for one of those wobbles to go full circle.

    What this means is that in 13000 yrs, the months we think of as the summer months will have slowly transitioned to become the winter months (and vice versa), and the months we think of as the fall months will have slowly transitioned to become the spring months (and vice versa) (hence, the name "procession of the equinoxes").

    This is also what the Mayan long calendar is based on.

    The reason for all the hoopla in 2012 was that the Mayan long calendar was coming to an end (which happens every 26,000 yrs), meaning the earth's wobble was bringing us into alignment with the center of our galaxy (which only happens once every 26,000 yrs). The Mayans believed this marks the end of one phase of the world, and the beginning of another.
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    Personally I'm a double-Aries sun/moon born in the Year of the Tiger, yet I have very low self-confidence so none of the descriptions ring true for me at all. For that reason I've never believed much in any astrology system.
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    Vedic Astrology is less accurate as far as I'm concerned. (I've been studying Astrology for years, since a child.) I'd say western Astrology is more accurate so you are definietly a Pisces Sun. (Will/Ego)

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    Astrology is powerful because it is the ur-religion, astrology is the original religion on which all other religions are built, such as christianity, where the twelve signs of the zodiac become the twelve disciples, click on Religion Comes From Ancient Astrology and Sun Worship - YouTube

    And so astrology is the key to understanding religion and religions. And as astrology is enchanting and entrancing, so all the other religions are enchanting and entrancing. However in the 18th century in the West, we started to wake up with evidence and reason, and so created the modern world. And naturally many of us took it ill to be woken so rudely from our entrancement, and so in reaction we turned back to the delights of astrology, and back to enchantment and entrancement. And who can blame us?
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    here's a useful tip:

    Western Astrology is your current life

    Vedic/Sidereal astrology was your past life.

    At least that's how I heard it.
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    Hey, I found yet another funny thing.

    In this page:
    Free Chart Selection - Astrodienst

    Select Heliocentrism instead of geocetrism, It's very interesting, you get completely new chart.
    Astrology: Pisces (Sun), Leo (Moon)

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    Not one Astronomy Department, in any university in the world, teaches astrology. Why is that?

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