PTypes - Hypomanic Personality Disorder

Many years ago (c. 1999) I had an online girlfriend that I met in a chat room. When I read the description of the hypomanic personality in the link above it reminded me of her.

Hypomania is a psychological state just below mania. I know what mania is as I've seen my oldest step-daughter in a true manic state. She speaks with extreme rapidity and will fly from one idea to another. Her behavior becomes very unpredictable.

Hypomania mimics this to a lesser degree - the inability to sleep more than a few hours a night, the social extroversion, "uninhibited and stimulus seeking" usually means drugs, sex, and/or alcohol as well as loud music. But my girlfriend was highly intelligent and preferred listening to interesting things like old jazz.

Here's the list of hypomanic traits listed at the webpage. As usual, anybody with a personality disorder does not have to conform to all the traits listed for that disorder:

  1. Cheerful and exuberant
  2. Articulate and jocular
  3. Overoptimistic and carefree
  4. Overconfident, self-assured, boastful, and grandiose
  5. Extroverted and people seeking
  6. High energy level, full of plans and improvident activities
  7. Versatile, with broad interests
  8. Overinvolved and meddlesome
  9. Uninhibited and stimulus seeking
  10. Habitual short sleeper (less than 6 hours a night)

I recall her stating that she only sleeps 3 or 4 hours a night.

Well, to make a long story short, she died. No, it's not a lie I was told to get rid of me or something. In fact, I recently visited her daughter's facebook page and found that on every birthday her mom would have had she posts something about her death and how she wishes her mother were still alive.

So do I. She was an amazing individual in her own right. But her hypomania got away with her.

She was Swedish but lived in the US. She was visiting her parents in Sweden when she went with some guy to a pub. On the way back from the pub, she was driving in her convertible on a winding stretch of mountain road. She wasn't wearing a seat belt and I imagine she was quite a bit plastered. She was driving way too fast. The guy in the passenger seat buckled up. The car flew off the edge of the road and into a tree. She died; he unbuckled, crawled out of the car, got out of the tree somehow, and found help. Her body was found hanging on a tree limb.

Sometimes I feel that that guy could have been me. She was dead at the age of 35.

I still remember what her philosophy of life was when I asked her about her precarious habits: "You have to die some time." If hypomanics have a philosophy of life, that would have to be it in a nutshell.