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    Taurus + Sheep = Buffalo

    The description of Buffalo is super accurate. It describes me better than anything Socionics/MBTI could achieve thus far.

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    I was born during the astrological month of Aries, in a Dragon year (1964) according to the Chinese zodiac, so here is my result:

    Tyrannosaurus Rex needs no introduction. Not the dinosaur nor the person. Members of the T-Rex sign are impossible not to notice. Their very presence dominates every situation they are a part of, from social gatherings to a day at the office.
    Not surprisingly, Tyrannosaurus Rex are very polarizing. People either absolutely worship them or hate their guts. Not that a T-Rex would care, let alone notice. They tend to be very self-involved, yet carry a sureness and a charm that others admire. They are natural leaders, and they know it. Both the dinosaur and the person are on the top of their respective food chains and have no intention of giving up that power.
    This sign is the most aggressive and demanding of all the Primal Zodiac signs. They can be absolutely tyrannical, as the name suggests, if they don’t have control over every situation. They are extremely capable of success and love proving it by overcoming challenge after challenge. They cannot be stopped, simply because they believe they cannot be stopped. They are used to getting what they want, and if they don’t, they shrug it off and move on.

    As you might have guessed, the Tyrannosaurus Rex is not the easiest sign to get along with, yet they tend to attract others quite easily. It’s been said that confidence is everything, and if this is true, then it explains why members of this sign continuously get ahead. This confidence is their greatest strength, and many people want to get to know them simply to try to understand what makes them so special.
    In love, the T-Rex has difficulties because they have a hard time finding the right fit. It’s not easy to pair up with a T-Rex for all-time, just like it’s not easy for a T-Rex to settle down. They want things done their way all the time, yet they despise people they see as weak. Therefore, they need someone who can match their aggressive nature but will still let them be in charge. There are many who can be friends with the Tyrannosaurus, but few that can make the long-term commitment and make it work.

    Members of this sign expect to get what they want, and have the energy and confidence to make others buy whatever they are selling. This makes them, of course, natural salespeople. They love the challenge and the rewards that come from “the game” of sales, and have no fear talking to anyone and everyone about anything.
    Tyrannosaurus Rex will only be happy when they are on top, but they are confident and resilient and if they can’t be the best at something they will go try something else. Members of this sign should do their best (which will be difficult) to honestly assess their own skills and talents and choose a career that speaks to their heart. They can be actors, doctors, or journalists, for example, but they won’t be happy unless they make it all the way to film star, head surgeon, or anchorman.
    "Natural salespeople?" ROFLMHO. *wrong answer buzzer* "Confidence is my greatest strength?" I wish.

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    Goldfinch. It’s a very nice one but I don’t relate to it AT ALL


    One thing that will never be said about an Goldfinch is that they lack self-confidence. Members of this Primal Zodiac sign are overflowing with confidence, a trait that helps them succeed far beyond anyone else’s expectations. There is a mysterious power in these people that stems from their firm self-belief. It’s even said in ancient mythology that the evil and powerful half-bird/half-women creatures, the Harpies, feared the Goldfinch for what they might be able to do.
    Goldfinches are great at making friends and love being part of social situations. They are highly active and energetic, which sometimes plays at odds with their tendency to want things organized and clean. Members of this sign expect things to go their way, and because of this, they often do. When they don’t get their way, their dark side comes out and they become selfish, arrogant, bossy, and aggressive. Goldfinches don’t worry much about other people’s feelings, so getting them back on course is difficult. Luckily, the Goldfinch likes to feel good, so they won’t stay in a funk for long.

    Goldfinches are active, outgoing, and love to throw parties and entertain guests. They are highly social by nature and are thus quite popular and well-liked by most people. While their social energy draws many people to them, Goldfinches can be a little too arrogant and boastful at times, which can push some people away. They also have a tendency to say whatever is on their minds, for better or worse. For the most part those who know them well accept this part of the Goldfinch’s personality, and thus members of this sign have no trouble keeping friends around.
    Love is a different story. Goldfinches don’t exactly make the best partners because they are much more interested in themselves than anyone else. This works fine with more superficial acquaintances, but a close relationship of shared equality is a huge challenge for an Goldfinch to wrap their mind around. It is simply not how they are used to thinking or behaving and it can take many failed relationships and a lot of growing up before your average Goldfinch learns to consider someone else their equal.


    There are several different career choices that an Goldfinch can make. They have all the confidence in the world and this helps them succeed at most tasks they take on. What the Goldfinch needs to focus on most is the balance between what they want to do and what they are best at. This sign doesn’t love spending their time in the classroom, so their options change depending on how much higher education they are willing to take on.
    There are four specific careers that fit the Goldfinch exceptionally well: Dentist, Police Detective, Hairdresser, and Salesman. This sign succeeds in sales because sales is mostly about confidence and energy. This is a no-brainer for many Goldfinches as they can make a lot of money without a lot of time spent on education. For those who want to take on a trade, a career as a hairdresser is a fantastic fit because the most successful hairdressers are also the best at the short-term social interactions. It changes depending on the area, but a Police Detective career typically requires at least a bachelor’s degree. This career fits the Goldfinches sense of adventure as well as their organization and analytical skills. Members of this sign who want to go all the way with their education should consider dentistry. Why? To be honest, I’m not entirely sure, but the stars say that dentistry is a perfect match, so I have to agree.


    • Hayden Christensen (4/19/1981)
    • Liz McClarnon (4/10/1981)
    • Hannah Spearritt (4/1/1981)
    • Julia Stiles (3/28/1981)
    • Ari Meyers (4/6/1969)
    • Paul Rudd (4/6/1969)
    • Pauley Perrette (3/27/1969)
    • Vince Gill (4/12/1957)
    • Paul Reiser (3/30/1957)
    • Stephanie Mills (3/22/1957)
    • Ritchie Blackmore (4/14/1945)
    • Lowell George (4/13/1945)
    • Tony Dow (4/13/1945)
    • Linda Hunt (4/2/1945)
    • Gabe Kaplan (3/31/1945)
    • Eric Clapton (3/30/1945)
    • George Blaha (3/29/1945)
    • Jayne Mansfield (4/19/1933)
    • Elizabeth Montgomery (4/15/1933)
    • Roy Clark (4/15/1933)
    • Jean-Paul Belmondo (4/9/1933)
    • Wayne Rogers (4/7/1933)
    • J.P. McCarthy (3/22/1933)
    • Peter Ustinov (4/16/1921)
    • Chuck Connors (4/10/1921)
    • Gale Storm (4/5/1921)
    • Dirk Bogarde (3/28/1921)
    • Harold Nicholas (3/27/1921)
    • Simone Signoret (3/25/1921)
    • Eudora Welty (4/13/1909)
    • Clyde Barrow (3/24/1909)
    • Walter Winchell (4/7/1897)
    • Sergei Rachmaninoff (4/1/1873)
    • Nathaniel Currier (3/27/1813)
    No time is ever wasted.

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    I relate a lot more to the Ocelot.
    No time is ever wasted.

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    It says a capricorn dragon is an eagle. But you can keep your eagle, I'll stick with being a goat-fish-dragon, because that's way more awesome.
    Go to sleep, iguana.

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    I plugged in the Chinese zodiac one and it is so comically wrong that there wasn't even enough vaguely "close enough" points to trigger a fallacy of positive instances. I will check the rest. Brb.

    Aparrently this jackass' model says I am a primal ferret, sad to say the description was even more off base than the Chinese one which was rubbish. Nice try astrology.
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    Leopard, not too far out.
    "We knew he was someone who had a tragic flaw, that's where his greatness came from"

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    The “spiritual wanderers” of the Primal Zodiac, those born under the sign of the Gecko are deep, energetic, and creative. They get excited about new events, social scenes, and even rough concepts of new ideas.

    Like their animal namesake, members of this sign are often found restlessly trying to find the best possible situation to put themselves in, rather than simply relaxing and enjoying the moment. Just as the lizard will move all over a rock to get the perfect amount of sunlight, those born under the sign of the Gecko spend a great deal of energy trying to find the most perfect balance possible. Maximizing their potential enjoyment of every situation is what often drives a Gecko’s behavior, and because of this they can be a bit oblivious to the effect they have on the people around them.

    Geckos have a lot of insecurities, though they often try not to show them. They want to be known among their peers as the good-hearted truth-seeker who naturally is much wiser and spiritually deeper than the rest. In many ways, this is exactly what they are, though they are not nearly as close to perfection as they would like to believe. In fact, they often keep themselves busy to avoid noticing that they don’t really make a lot of forward progress on a daily basis. Geckos are far more likely to start new projects or adventures with great amounts of energy that fade out far before anything sustainable can be created.

    Because they tend to be big on self-analysis, Geckos are usually pretty healthy. They know what their body needs, almost too well, and are very hesitant to put themselves in situations where they might not have everything they need. What they see as self-awareness is likely to appear to others as being picky, fidgety, and self-absorbed. In truth, Geckos can be so over-analytical and limited in their interests that they have difficulty compromising with others who don’t share their views. Geckos are famously difficult when trying to cohabitate with other people.

    Ultimately, Geckos just want to feel good and feel good about themselves. They want life to be a grand adventure and they want something bigger than themselves to live for. Once set in their ways, there is little anyone can do to change a Gecko’s mind. Though they will fight to live their lives the way they want to, they will never intentionally harm others to do so. Geckos believe in the concept of karma and though they can be stubborn they are also kind-hearted humanitarians at their core.

    Those born under this sign enjoy an active social life and are most likely to associate with others who share their interests, whatever those may be. They tend to overextend themselves socially, though, because they don’t like to be alone unless they are busy at work on their latest project. Most people find Geckos kind natured and intriguing, if not a bit eccentric. They are rarely on time for events and often cancel plans if they are not feeling in the mood for whatever the group is doing. Over time, members of this sign typically find their own path and often have several different groups that they socialize with, depending on what interests them in that moment.

    Romantic partnerships can be very challenging for this sign, mostly because Geckos want to be free to follow their own path at all times. Rules, regulations, and routine are anathema to them, and though they would gain a lot from having a stable partner, they are more likely to enter into non-traditional or non-committal partnerships that don’t require self-sacrifice. This can be very difficult for a sign so focused on feeling good and so in love with the idea of romance, but ultimately Geckos will do whatever it is they are drawn to the most. It doesn’t necessarily help that they tend to pick bad partners for themselves, but this is by design (though often a subconscious design). It takes a rare partner to give the Gecko the freedom they need, and ultimately wandering the paths of life alone may be the only way to do it.

    Careers are not as important to Geckos as they are to most people. Freedom is far more important - the freedom to choose their path, to live on their own time frame, to experience life in their own unique way. Geckos earn money however they can, often taking part-time or flexible-schedule jobs while attempting to profit from their interests if possible. Typical career choices for Geckos include: painter, poet, massage therapist, dancer, hairdresser, illustrator, performer, and designer.

    The most common role for a Gecko is as a bartender. This job seems to fit their personalities well, offering a social scene, particularly in neighborhood bars or pubs with a good selection of eccentric “regulars”. Many Geckos will look forward to owning their own bar, though the reality of being tied down to a business may not be as rewarding as they might hope.

    Frank Catalano (3/12/1978)
    Jensen Ackles (3/1/1978)
    Jen Frost (2/22/1978)
    Billy Zane (2/24/1966)
    Cindy Crawford (2/20/1966)
    Ron Howard (3/1/1954)
    Patty Hearst (2/20/1954)
    Charles W. Swan (3/11/1942)
    Tammy Faye Bakker (3/7/1942)
    Brian Jones (2/28/1942)
    Joe Lieberman (2/24/1942)
    Ornette Coleman (3/9/1930)
    Lord Snowdon (3/7/1930)
    Lorin Maazel (3/6/1930)
    Gavin MacLeod (2/28/1930)
    Joanne Woodward (2/27/1930)
    Pamela Mason (3/10/1918)
    Mickey Spillane (3/9/1918)
    Robert Wadlow (2/22/1918)
    Ozzie Nelson (3/20/1906)
    Henny Youngman (3/16/1906)
    Lou Costello (3/6/1906)
    Madeleine Carroll (2/26/1906)
    Gale Gordon (2/20/1906)
    Meher Baba (2/25/1894)
    William "Buffalo Bill" Cody (2/26/1846)
    Frederic Chopin (2/22/1810)
    Antonio Vivaldi (3/4/1678)
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    Sorry, but I think this "Primal Astrology" is lame.

    I think It's a little bit unfair that some get cool animals while I do get is a worm which is lame compared to others. It's feels very unfair for that I get the most lame animal Primal zodiac possible: Silkworm. Plus the "Emtional and Sensitive" part in the description make me cringe as hell and it doesent describe me at all.

    Sorry, you just combine 2 already lame astrological systems which are just myths, and create out of it an even more lame astrology which is feels like It's main goal is to humiliate people who get lame animal sign.

    I know I'm complaining or crying, but seriously, what did they thought when they made this Primal astrology thing?
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