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    I'm a damn MONGOOSE.
    Interesting. I don't think the description fits me very well, though.
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    quetzal (how the hell did that end up here?!?) also don't think it fits very well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obfuscate View Post
    Im just here for the elephant pics.
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    Narwhals, narwhals, swimming in the ocean...

    ...Narwhals, inventors of the shish kebab!
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    I never did believe much in astrology, whether Eastern or Western. It doesn't make sense to me to describe someone's personality based on when they were born instead of how they actually behave. According to both systems I'm described as aggressive (Aries and Tiger; "Rhinoceros" here), but in reality I'm super introverted and withdrawn.

    In general I see astrology as a holdover from a more archaic time. People used to take it for granted that everything was predetermined by higher forces, and everyone was given a specific role that they must fulfill. Back then it was less about individuality and more about staying in your place in society. As someone who does not believe in the concept of fate or destiny, I personally disagree with this worldview. Now that we have systems like MBTI and Enneagram that are based on the actual personality, astrology just seems obsolete to me.
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    Ugh. Nope. Horribly innacurate...and not even remotely flattering.

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    Despite appearing quiet and easy-going, those born under the sign of the Llama are actually powerful, capable, and determined individuals. Llamas have no problem going with the flow as long as it works for them, but don’t even think about getting in their way if they want to make a change. These are the people that slowly and steadily move toward their goals, as if oblivious to the obstacles in the way. Of course, they see every obstacle, and may even suffer through anxiety and uncertainty along the way, but from the outside you would never know it. Inside there may be a whirlwind of thoughts and feelings, but nothing defines a Llama better than having a cool and calm exterior.

    This is a sign that is always surprising you. They have unique ways of seeing the world and often have big dreams to go along with their unique perspectives. It’s as if they were born to make their vision of life turn into a reality. They always seem to come up with ideas that others at first find strange but later realize are actually quite brilliant. Even if nobody else understands their point of view, Llamas have good instincts and know which ideas to defend and when to fight for them.

    Llamas are lucky in that many of their seemingly conflicting characteristics tend to balance out well together. They can appear relaxed while anxious, confident while insecure, carefree while focused, and delicate while strong. Sure, they can have occasional outbursts of frustration and indignation - just as their animal namesake has been known to spit in the faces of others when they are behaving in a way the llama doesn’t like - but these are rarely seen by others. This only adds to their natural ability to intrigue others without having to appear moody or mysterious.


    Llamas are social by nature, and tend to stick with those who take them as they are. Though they tend to shy away from conflict, members of this sign can be quick to defend what they believe in - whether that means people, ideals, or their vision of the world. They have all of the qualities of a true and loyal friend, and even if they become big successes they rarely lose their sense of loyalty to those who believed in them along the way. Of all things, Llamas want to be believed in, whether that means open support or simply not trying to stop them from doing what they want to do.

    Love is complicated for all signs, but Llamas have a particularly unique problem. Though they appear cool and collected, they are not the types to feel comfortable flirting or otherwise behaving in a way they find disingenuous. Sure, they can put on a show if they wish, but usually only if they think of themselves more as a “character” than their real selves. Since they don’t tend to show their inner selves as well, others have a hard time getting to know the real person behind the cool exterior. At the same time, others often find themselves strangely attracted to Llamas for reasons they find difficult to explain. Turning all of this into a long-lasting, working relationship can be challenging but ultimately realizable, especially when the match is right and both sides are willing to be patient.


    Members of this sign will often find a personal calling that becomes their career. By patiently but passionately following their instincts, Llamas can succeed on roads that others fear to tread. The dedication to their vision is a key factor in whether or not a Llama will achieve their goals or triumph over their challenges.

    Those born under this sign are meant to communicate their ideas to the world. These don’t have to be grand ideas. In many cases they can be quite simple, such as signing a song or telling a joke. While not all Llamas enjoy performing (though most secretly like attention but will never admit it), most Llamas like to have a unique form of expression. This expression can materialize in any number of ways, though art and politics tend to be the most common. Perhaps it is because Llamas are so good at quietly leading others toward their ideas that both of these very different career paths can work for them.

    It should be noted that careers in beauty (such as hairdresser or makeup artist) are naturally good fits for this sign, though many Llamas find a simple happiness as landlords, where they can have the free time they need to work on their own projects while providing for and balancing out the needs of the group they serve.
    Tritype: 125 (The Mentor = Gut-Heart-Head = Rational-Idealistic/Caring-Interpersonal/Intense-Cerebral)
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    “A lion doesn't concern himself with the opinion of a sheep.” - George R. R. Martin
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    too soon ?
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    Shih Tzu

    The name “shih tzu” literally means “Lion Dog” in Chinese, so it’s only natural that those born under the Neozodiac sign of the Shih Tzu share the Tropical Sun sign of Leo, and are born during the Chinese Zodiac’s Year of the Dog.

    Members of this sign are kind, loving, and generous. Their deepest hope is to play an integral role in making their surroundings better. This is almost always appreciated by others, but Shih Tzus also have a tendency to become bossy and can become moody to the point of acting childish if they don’t get to be in charge (though minor signs in the birth chart may affect this differently). Over time, Shih Tzus learn that they will eventually get what they want if they focus on giving instead of receiving. Still, this is a sign that at the very least needs the adoration of those they are helping in order to feel good about all they are giving. They have a strong sense of justice and if they feel that they are being treated with less respect or appreciation than they deserve, they will shun the offender and punish them by withdrawing their own help and attention until an apology is made (or enough time passes that they forgive and forget, which they do quite easily).

    This is very honest sign who values integrity more than most. Those who are dishonest or disrespectful with them will be cut off without a second thought. Unfortunately Shih Tzus can also be a bit paranoid from time to time, thinking that others are plotting against them, but they also have good instincts and should learn to withhold judgment (or revenge) by balancing their intuition with the facts at hand.


    Shih Tzus are playful and funny and people truly enjoy being in their presence. They can also be controlling and demanding, though, which is why some people have a hard time dealing with them. True friends love and appreciate them for all of their virtues and faults alike, and there are always many of these people around.

    Love comes easily for this sign. They are well-liked and respected by most people and have a warmth to them in person that is hard to resist. They are extremely loyal so if they enter a relationship they do so with all the trust in the world. On the flip side, if this trust is violated, they are very quick to walk away completely, as if the relationship never happened. Shih Tzus are so black-and-white that even issues that could be worked out will be judged by them to be irreparable. While they are often correct in feeling slighted, Shih Tzus also have to be careful not to turn their back on their own happiness just to be right. Pride is the Shih Tzus biggest weakness, and it shows up strongest in the most intimate relationships.


    Even though they can be a bit self-involved at times, Shih Tzus are very generous and love to share their time and knowledge with others. They also like to be in a position of power and demand respect. For these reasons they make fantastic teachers on any level. Those who embrace their more playful side may choose elementary education while those who are more focused on their internal sense of justice, critical thinking, and sense of social duty tend to become college professors instead. Either way Shih Tzus love to be helpful and expect a certain respect and adoration in return from their loyal students.

    Shih Tzus are extremely diplomatic, and while they may be somewhat judgmental internally, they are quite good at settling difficult conflicts and making others feel taken care of. They have a true desire to do good in the world along with enough confidence to believe that they can do it. Unsurprisingly Shih Tzus are natural politicians (such as former U.S. Presidents and fellow Shih Tzus Bill Clinton and Herbert Hoover). Whether it is a role as leader of a nation or the leader of a community, this sign naturally is loved and respected for their straightforward and sincere desire to make the world a better place.
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    Sagittarius + Snake = Tarantula

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    Melancholic Hufflepuff
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