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    Default Study shows big 5 traits can change

    Can You Change Your Personality? |

    Greater Good

    Interestingly, openness which roughly correlates with mbti sensing iirc, does not seem to change. So I wonder if that is why the S/N divide seems biggest in terms of misunderstandings etc.

    Also I noticed they placed a value judgement on the other personality traits, what does everyone think of that?

    And finally I was amused by this:
    'Not only are therapists making patients feel better—by reducing their depression, for example—they’re arming them with tools that may help them as they move forward,” says Roberts. “For the most part, that hasn’t really in anyone’s imagination.”'

    I thought the entire point of therapy was to equip one with tools for coping. I mean, how else would you make people feel better?
    "idk, we thought they were just feeding people cake, we didn't realise therapists actually taught people anything!"
    Hahahaha sometimes researchers are so daft, for all their brilliance.
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