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    Default Goals to change personality traits

    Goals and Plans for Big Five Personality Trait Change in Young Adults | Jen Guo -
    Above is a summary of a study on the goals of young adults to change personality traits?
    What would you expect the goals to be? Were there surprises in the study?
    What do you think about goals to change personality in general?
    Are there 'better' or 'worse' personalities?

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    • Goal to decrease N was associated with a slight increase over time
    • Goal to increase C was associated with a slight decrease over time

    I'm curious about part 4. What I'm interested in is precisely to what extent are traits modifiable and HOW exactly to go about it; whether or not these things would backfire regarding intentionality.

    Traits modification would definitely become a huge industry if it even fucking worked; as it is selling the hope of it via self help books are ehhhh whatever who cares

    ... Is this the most complete version or did I dl it wrong coz I only got 1 page
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    It is a summary. The actual article is behind a pay wall unless you are on a university campus.

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    If you don't have uni access, it should be available through one of the Sci-Hub sites.
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