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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric B View Post
    Lol this shit is supposed to be determined by your COMPLEXION, not your personality type.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric B View Post
    Last week, stumbled across on Pinterest this type-temperament correlation, and followed it to this blog: Spiritual Gifts, Myers Briggs, and Color Analysis…Related..? | The Madison Clark Blog. Seeing how there was a partial correlation that matched the way I correlate the temperaments to type, via Keirsey and Interaction Styles, I commented, and the person pointed out that these numbers in the list (which I did not pay much attention to, not knowing what they were) corresponded to the four classic temperaments, and that thus the blends matched mine!

    1 Sanguine (ESF/ENP, SP)
    2 Phlegmatic (ISF/INP, NF)
    3 Choleric (EST/ENJ, NT)
    4 Melancholy (IST/INJ, SJ)

    The numbers are in the common order: "Interaction Style/Keirsey", with the exception of ESTJ, ENTP, ESTP and INTJ (the Sanguine/Choleric and Melancholy Choleric blends), which are reversed for some reason.

    The four numbers are "energy types", derived from this fashion site: Create Your Personal Style that are reflected in the way a woman tends to dress (this system seem to be for females), especially regarding the colors. There doesn't seem to be an explanation of the types, but there are outfit "stores" for them, plus some sort of discovery course for them, I believe.

    Right away, there's an INFJ in the comments who identifies as 2/3 rather than 4/2 (2/3 should be INTP, and the person says "verified" INFJ), but of course, there are various reasons it won't always correlate. (Like maybe she's a Choleric in Affection, and that influenes it?)
    But for those familiar with classic temperament, it is well known that some temperaments tend to lean toward certain colors, like the Melancholy liking plainer colors (including black and gray), while the Sanguine will like brighter colors, such as red. These we can see on the DYT site. It may show how types like the Melancholy/Sanguine blends (ISTP, ESFJ) might go back and forth between plain and showy.
    I've just got back into seasonal color analysis and the "Dressing Your Truth" system (Beginner's Guide). There are the very obvious correlations between DYT and temperament: Type 1 as Sanguine, and Type 3 as Choleric. Type 2 and 4 are a bit fuzzier. At first, I was leaning towards 2 as Melancholy and 4 as Phlegmatic. But now I'm inclined to try it with the 5th temperament in mind (Supine). With that, I'll give Type 2 Supine and Type 4 both Phlegmatic and Melancholy. (I know this isn't ideal, as it is going to skew things towards 4).

    Then to merge that with your MB type/temperament correlations:
    ISTJ: pure Melancholy ISFJ: SupineMelancholy INFJ: MelancholySupine INTJ: MelancholyCholeric
    ISTP: MelancholySanguine ISFP: SupineSanguine INFP: Phlegmatic and/or Supine INTP: PhlegmaticCholeric
    ESTP: CholericSanguine ESFP: pure Sanguine ENFP: SanguineSupine ENTP: SanguineCholeric
    ESTJ: CholericMelancholy ESFJ: SanguineMelancholy ENFJ: CholericSupine ENTJ: pure Choleric

    This would mean in DYT:

    ISTJ: Type 4
    ISTP: Type 4/1
    ESTP: Type 3/1
    ESTJ: Type 3/4
    ISFJ: Type 2/4
    ISFP: Type 2/1
    ESFP: Type 1
    ESFJ: Type 1/4
    INFJ: Type 4/2
    INFP: Type 4, 2, 4/2 or 2/4
    ENFP: Type 1/2
    ENFJ: Type 3/2
    INTJ: Type 4/3
    INTP: Type 4/3
    ENTP: Type 1/3
    ENTJ: Type 3

    The DYT system isn't based on how you already dress but is more of guidelines of certain colors, patterns, and overall styles to wear (clothing, hair, and makeup wise) based on your personality and facial features (I'm not even going to touch on the facial features part right now, that is just too much and a huge stretch). For example, I am closest to a Type 1/4 in DYT, and while I do wear bright colors, I also wear a whole lot of black and grey, which in DYT "flattens out the energy" of Type 1. In the correlations I just made, Type 1/4 would make me an ESFJ (hmmmmmmm.) Though with just the type 1 in mind, that gives me a few more types to choose from (ESFP, ENFP, and ENTP).

    There are some tricky things about DYT. One is that not only is it completely female-centric, the kind of styles it recommends also skew very feminine. They also skew to the tastes of the creator of the system, which completely clashes with my youthful nerd-chic vibe

    But most relevant to all this, DYT clashes with Seasonal Color Analysis and are difficult to reconcile. DYT recommends specific colors for each type based on their personality/face structure system, while Seasonal Color Analysis is based on what looks best based on one's skin undertone and the relationship between your skin color, eye color, and hair color. Which Season Are You? | the concept wardrobe It would be even a bigger stretch yet to connect these physical features to your personality type or temperament. I have to choose between wearing colors suited to being a pale brunette and wearing colors that "amplify the true energy within." Or I can just keep living my life and wear comfy graphic tees and jeans.

    But I do think there is something to both of these systems. I don't know how to merge them, but I do think the DYT system is on to something in being better able to pick clothes that you don't get tired of almost immediately after purchasing them. It just needs a whole lot more work in terms of more general applicability and appeal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lunalum View Post
    This is kinda interesting. Clearly there is something to dress and personality.

    In this system, I'm a 2, and I'm pretty much already doing the stuff they say to look for when choosing clothes, just because I'm drawn to certain things and don't like certain other things. I can't really imagine paying them to tell me to do this stuff... And I completely agree with you about colors. If I were to color my hair, there's no way I would base the tone and whether it's warm, cool, or neutral on my personality...
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