I want to know your thoughts before I venture an opinion of my own.

Here is my question to you.
What do you think about the Eysenck scale's attempt to link psychoticism to creativity?

Here is the basic information you will need to read before you reply to that question.
A simple explanation of one person's view of the Eysenck scale.
The actual article written by S. B. G. Eysenck, H. J. Eysenck and Paul Barrett in 1984.
A Critical Review of Eysenck's Theory of Psychoticism and How it Relates to Creativity.

I am asking you this because I am skeptical of the validity of the Eysenck scale, and I agree with Amabile, one of the authors referenced by Porzio in the third link.
Amabile offers a critique of Eysenck's proposition that creativity and psychoticism are linked by stating that:
---1) creativity itself is almost only addressed in the context of its relation to psychoticism
---2) there needs to be a separate, larger overarching theory of creativity
---3) the data coming from the EPQ-R is flawed because the questionnaire itself has certain intrinsic flaws.

I think it is possible that I could work this information into the context of my understanding of psychopathy.
I am still completely unconvinced that psychopathy is a valid category of any sort.
(Please don't leave a response referencing psychopathy just yet.
I'm still smarting at the disaster that was the earlier psychopathy-creativity thread.)

Yes, I know that psychopathy and psychoticism are not the same: What It Really Means To Be Psychotic: The Difference Between Psychosis And Psychopathy
However, they ARE a continuum, as can be observed in this attempt to draw a neuropsychological model for the same: http://www.philipcorr.net/uploads/downloads/27.pdf

My opinion about this is: open to any and all positions as of now.
I'm still in the nebulous, information-gathering stage, thoughts meshing slowly to completion in order to form a rigid stance within my INXP brain.
Please don't jump to any conclusions about what I'm trying to present, and don't judge me if you think I'm wrong just yet.

I don't know if it's within my right to institute any rules for a given thread, but seeing as I'm the OP, I'll throw it out there:
Please limit your comments in this thread to constructive, well-intentioned, carefully-crafted dialogue.

If you don't understand something, ask.
if you know something, contribute.
If you don't like something, disengage.
Please do your best to be on-topic, informed, and helpful.
Don't be rude.
Don't jump to conclusions.