I am a Theravada Buddhist and a Buddhist scholar. I have the mammoth text from which this assessment is derived.

This personality inventory is from the Vissuddhimagga by Buddhaghosa(a 5th Century Sri-Lankan monk.)

Interestingly, the Buddha never mentioned personality types. The validity of the Vissuddhimaga is a contentious issue: Buddhaghosa created this assessment and included non-Buddhist meditative practices in his work. Because of this, current Buddhist teachers do not reference Buddhaghosa's manual.

As for my temperament, I am a mixed aversive and greed temperament.

Quite frankly, the assessment in the Vissuddhimagga is much better.

I will scan Buddhaghosa's assessment and create a post if any are interested.

Each temperament has a wholesome counterpart.

I am delighted to see the dhamma on this forum!

May you all be happy