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    I am a Theravada Buddhist and a Buddhist scholar. I have the mammoth text from which this assessment is derived.

    This personality inventory is from the Vissuddhimagga by Buddhaghosa(a 5th Century Sri-Lankan monk.)

    Interestingly, the Buddha never mentioned personality types. The validity of the Vissuddhimaga is a contentious issue: Buddhaghosa created this assessment and included non-Buddhist meditative practices in his work. Because of this, current Buddhist teachers do not reference Buddhaghosa's manual.

    As for my temperament, I am a mixed aversive and greed temperament.

    Quite frankly, the assessment in the Vissuddhimagga is much better.

    I will scan Buddhaghosa's assessment and create a post if any are interested.

    Each temperament has a wholesome counterpart.

    I am delighted to see the dhamma on this forum!

    May you all be happy
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    Greed: 2
    Aversive: 5
    Deluded: 3

    The aversive type has a natural discriminating wisdom and an ability to see the truth of a situation. This type has a comfort with difficulty and can unite opposing views with clarity, strength and integrity. The task for this type is to learn to let go of imperfections and appreciate moments of joy and spontaneity in everyday life.

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    I never once answered the A option, wow
    Anyway, I got deluded

    The deluded temperament, becomes easily lost in uncertainty and confusion. This type will miss their alarm and wake up late, will eat messily, will feel scattered at work and will feel unsure of how to interact in groups, often copying what others are doing. This way of being can give rise to doubt, negligence, ignorance, inaction and anxiety.
    The deluded type has a natural ability to approach situations with a “beginner’s mind” – without assumption. This frame of mind gives rise to creativity, spontaneity, and equanimity. The task for this type is to learn how to reel in their minds and pay attention to find a place of balanced steadiness.

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