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    Default 360-style MBTI test?

    This test is something I just imagined a minute ago.

    I've noticed that people's goals, skillsets, values and activities might suggest them a different MBTI type. Many of the tests are usually a hocus-pocus combination of each. But how about doing it in an organized manner? Each question in the test should be recognized for what it is, a question about values, a question about realities or a question about something else. So we would get a 360 degree -kind of review, looking person's type from all the angles.

    So, how to compile a list of all the possible "angles" to a type? Here's an attempt.

    -What someone does effortlessly (natural effort)
    -What someone does under pressure (forced effort)
    -Their high values (theoretical values)
    -Their practical values (behavioral values)
    -Their best marketable skills
    -Their preferred skills
    -What their place in society would suggest
    -What their life-long personal development would suggest

    for example, If I tried to answer all of those immediately without doing a test, it would come out as follows: I do effortlessly like an NT, under pressure like J, high values are NTJ, practical values NTP, marketable skills ENT, preferred skills INT, place in society NT, development ENT. To answer everything accurately I would have to do a MBTI test eight (8) times, taking context for the test from one of the angles each time. Preferably there would be a test giving that context for me, so I could take 1 long test instead of taking same test 8 times with a different context.

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    Maybe this concept could be tried out by first finding out 3 of the most different approaches to type. They could be for example .. 1) answering a MBTI test the usual style, 2) doing brutally honest, even self-deprecating answering style 3) answering according to ideal self.

    So the effort to answer the tests would only be three times that of answering a single MBTI test.

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