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    Default Feed the INTJ: are there any relationship compatibility guides based on the Big 5?

    Everyone has seen relationship guides (formal or informal) based on MBTI; and likewise, the couplings of the Enneagram have been discussed.

    Has anyone seen or heard of anything like that for the Big 5? Or are there just too many combinations to keep track of?
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    Well big 5 is just mbti plus neuroticism and mbti is just socionics so it's all the same, opposites attract

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    There's a lot of material on Big 5 and compatibility.

    The title of the article gives the article away, but

    Complimentary character traits preferred for long term marriages - Washington DC DC |

    "Birds of a Feather Don’t Always Fly Farthest: Similarity in Big Five Personality Predicts More Negative Marital Satisfaction Trajectories in Long-Term Marriages"

    Decades of research suggest that similarity in demographics, values, activities, and attitudes predicts higher marital satisfaction. The present study examined the relationship between similarity in Big Five personality factors and initial levels and 12-year trajectories of marital satisfaction in long-term couples, who were in their 40s and 60s at the beginning of the study. Across the entire sample, greater overall personality similarity predicted more negative slopes in marital satisfaction trajectories. In addition, spousal similarity on Conscientiousness and Extraversion more strongly predicted negative marital satisfaction outcomes among the midlife sample than among the older sample. Results are discussed in terms of the different life tasks faced by young, midlife, and older adults, and the implications of these tasks for the "ingredients" of marital satisfaction.
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    My knowledge of duality is minimal, at best, and only recently acquired(can't say the same for awareness)-- that is not to say what I've read thus far has not been eerily fascinating, and insightful. I appreciated, with an enthusiastic relief, that a lot of what I am seeking in a mate has some scientific merit(however subjective), and not as rare as previously imagined(). However, given that unhealthy type examples, well paired with mine, exist... as well as stereotypically abrasive types that are represented with caring, insightfully well developed people, I'd be reluctant to date/not date someone based solely on type. (and hesitant to date someone knowingly predisposed to incompatible behaviour) A perfect set of gifts, can have imperfect uses. It's a guideline of eloquent, theoretical parameters; it isn't law, and I'd hate to miss out on someone amazing for the sake of obedience to limited understanding of human complexities.

    ENFPs seem too good to be true(until you're standing in front of them), and ENTPs are admirable, to say the least.
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    I would guess that Openness and Agreeableness need to be similar, whereas Extraversion, Conscientiousness and Neuroticism should be different.

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