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    I wonder how author would interpret someone who values just a couple of these highly but the majority very little...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackDog View Post
    I sent her a message. If she replies, I will consider respecting the study. But if she doesn't, then it is a clear and logical proof that the study is invalid because intellectual dishonesty is the only possible explanation for why a researcher would not reply to a message on Google Hangouts from a stranger wanting to query them about research.
    Did you ever receive a reply?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rebeccasofia View Post
    Did you ever receive a reply?
    I did not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackDog View Post
    1. Acceptance - the need to be appreciated

    This is not a need or a desire for many people.

    2.Curiosity, the need to gain knowledge

    Many people don't have curiosity unless they have a problem they need to solve.

    3.Eating, the need for food

    The only desire when we don't have it, for some not a desire when we have lots of it.

    4.Family, the need to take care of one’s offspring

    In the Western world, many don't want children. How is this explained?

    5.Honor, the need to be faithful to the customary values of an individual’s ethnic group, family or clan

    And yet so many reject these values utterly.

    6.Idealism, the need for social justice

    Whence comes the inequality if this is a human desire? Clearly it must be very weak and ineffectual if it really is a desire.

    7.Independence, the need to be distinct and self-reliant

    But what of the tradition of housewives?

    8.Order, the need for prepared, established, and conventional environments

    I accept this. But many desire to create chaos.

    9.Physical activity, the need for work out of the body

    So many are so sedentary.

    10.Power, the need for control of will

    I accept this one.

    11.Romance, the need for mating or sex

    What of autistic people? Some of them don't have this desire, or so I've read.

    12.Saving, the need to accumulate something

    Many people save nothing. Others save much.

    13.Social contact, the need for relationship with others

    I accept this. But some are utterly misanthropic.

    14.Social status, the need for social significance

    I buy this. But what of those who have no theory of mind?

    15.Tranquility, the need to be secure and protected

    What of those who seek danger? What of those two Australian girls who joined ISIS? Was this not operational for them?

    16.Vengeance, the need to strike back against another person

    What of Jesus?

    NOTE: The ultimate example of using outliers to argue against a generalization.
    Well obviously, people are different. For example, some people aren't motivated to destroy someone's intellectual work like you are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alomoes View Post
    Well obviously, people are different. For example, some people aren't motivated to destroy someone's intellectual work like you are.
    First, I did that partly for fun and partly to make a subtle point about Enneagram. I know that no one cares what I think about Reiss.

    No one cares about the truth or not of a theory in social science; I can't substantiate that statement, but I've gained an impression after some research that most social science theories are selected on the basis of a complex of factors like convenience to whatever narratives elites are spinning, blind luck, neatness and elegance, prestige of the theorist, and perhaps empirical data. Only the last of these is worthy of consideration as Truth, and even that is compromised by the misuse of statistics.

    I would consider Reiss' theory as a clever trick with abstract nouns to define slightly more clearly what every one knew already. He basically just found 6000 people to tell him that people want a little of this abstract noun and a little of that abstract noun.

    It's no more and no less valid than the Enneagram; if it helps you, fine, but don't call it true.
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    Default Reiss's 16 Basic Desires theory

    If you where to divide the 16 into three colons one labeled ID one labeled Supper Ego one labeled Ego how would your three lists look?

    And if there were two to be added-to the lists ,that related to context a context that framed the 16 to a connectivity frame-work with other,other systems that are models of defined human activity ordered as fixed design. That then maybe your two labels, to be added?

    Would they be impersonal or personal or of a benign needs based nature? Perhaps a-nature that binds all as a cooperative synergetic action one autonomous and one cooperatively both as a co connecting action a dual multiplicity that unites as like masculine-feminine ,androgynous.

    If you take this exercise seriously place two at each of the nine points of the enneagram, and you may like to consider placing one of each of the two new words at the subtype positions of 1w9 and 5w6.

    Having the three instinctual drives in mind, Sx , So , Sp ,may help to solidifying a structure.

    Good luck.

    I have placed the 16 at 16 of the 18 subtype points with the instinctual quanta of the eighteen subtype points in mind as follows:

    1w9 - _________ (androgynous)
    1w2 - physical activity

    2w1 - vengeance
    2w3 - romance

    3w2 - social contact
    3w4 - idealism

    4w3 - tranquility
    4w5 - acceptance

    5w4 - order
    5w6 - _____________ (holy love)

    6w5 - social status
    6w7 - curiosity

    7w6 - honour
    7w8 - independence

    8w7 - family
    8w9 - power

    9w8 - saving
    9w1 - eating

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    Default Reiss's 16 Basic Desires theory

    I had some time to think about myself and two of the words:'eating and vengeance.

    It is amazing eating for me is within a context of a forum of intake / consumption and selfish like apathy and mental laziness where in I consume more than I produce as in expression as contribution it is something like an instinctive based attitude to regulate behaviour, it may give me a docile sense of personal, control.

    The context is much like a fixation perhaps a instinctive based fixation for regulating cognitive activity within a content where in...I'm in control, of the content of my activity cognitively and behaviourally.

    Vengeance has been active for me over the past few days as a reaction to my peace of mind being threatened by my reaction to my house mates insistence to project her self as a victim of a passers by 's glance that she perceived as intimidating and her calling upon me to honour her dynamic in orientation to wards family in a context of providing protection as her sense of holy love was a determinations that his elicit was unwarranted. My house mate being: 8w7 Sx/So. With an under developed nine wing at some eventual levels of nine-ness.

    I felt vengeance and with draw my communication as a form of punishment.

    Perhaps if I did not have this problematic situation to deal with I may not have identified the energies as I have in the list. But anyway what happens happens. And I tend to believe that the soul is in control of life and all events, so it was a good sequence of events for the proactive out come from the conflict I was dealing with at the time or had settled into in my stub on mind set.

    The other energies I can also identify as fix like inputs with my fluctuating narrative and I am speedily identifying or recognising, the word like energy focus descriptions, in people I know as the topic is a matter of curiosity as I wish to gain an order of knowledge in order to be in-powered by my newly gained insight or re recognised understanding.

    I say this because I am believing that in early child hood I had some recognition of this strata or layer of cognitive activity, but due to life's complexity it sank to the back of my psyche.

    It seems that this layer is not that far from the surface of human attention.

    Some of the words may depending upon context require the context of explanation, and some may think other words should replace some of the words and some may think perhaps a group of words may be needed for each of the eighteen words because the desires operate regardless of the leaves of Heath an individual maybe expressing.

    I am not very good with language and words although some times when authentically required I can seem to find the energy to find an appropriate meaning or word.

    But I think, it is for smarter people than I to advance this little correlation I have achieved .. If it has not already been done before,. if it is the belief of my peers that it is a valid body and that it is essentially correct I leave it to them or others to advance.

    Some may say from ego inflation that the opposite is in fact correct in the case of some words and have all sorts of reactions to some of the placings, but I think they are correctly placed.

    Holy Love maybe a challenge to gain a contextual context for some because they may have a fixed conceptual understanding that holy love is only real if one is reconciled within the making of the law of three within but my thoughts are that to be in the service of Greater Nature is a cognitive action of Holy Love ,. The Universe calls for Action , and at point five this action is exercised I believe.
    We are the soul and unconditional love in the personalities form of Holy Love is never separate from the hole ness of the Human condition in its duality of both light and dark awareness conches ness, because the dark is just a slower trusted form of the light the lighter form being unconditional love is an action of Holy Love. And in my opinion all is love because love or unconditional love is an expression of the spirit and all eighteen sub type energies there for are expressions of love even though they are desire based actions in this context desires.

    One thing that comes to mind Is the link that type two and type five can have, as an attraction towards each other. I think one attraction two and fives can have towards each-other especially 2w1 and 5w6. Perhaps because both desires vengeance and holy love for these two types conflict within these two types and they seek understanding and solis from each other to gain clarity and support. It could be that the four desires at both point,two and five, are utilised within this some what cathartic process. 5w4 and 2w3 most likely to have such an action in common,as with 5w6 and 2w3 and to, 2w1 and 5w4.
    A team work relation ship to resolve personal inner struggles with the force of these energies and other energies to.

    As for androgynous, I believe it a correct placement at 9w1 and maybe androgyny is the correct word, I am in shore.

    Anyway their are my thoughts on the topic.

    It's funny I could make reference to all eighteen as I recognise my flowing motives within actions as I reflect upon my own life's narrative.

    I hope this has been helpful to you the reader.


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