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    Quote Originally Posted by ragequit View Post
    THISSSS. People have done this to the MBTI, too. They either label certain types as superior or they blow stereotypes even more out of proportion. The worst part of all this is that the Big Five IS remotely scientific, unlike the MBTI, yet people still misrepresent the true model.
    MBTI was almost made to be isinterpreted - Myers silly insistance on only describing people at their best turned into a half theory right from the start. Then people started making up the other half for themselves and the results weren't pretty.

    It's no wonder MBTI has languished on the edge of science for so long. What's the use of a psychological theory that only described balanced, well adjusted people that have need of a psychologist help?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ragequit View Post
    SimilarMinds is awful about this. SCOAI (calm ENFJ basically) is is perfect, and the further away from that you are, the more negative your description is.

    I'm SLOEI and here's mine: demanding, controlling, aggressive, retaliatory, does not forgive easily, opinionated, domineering, does not accept what others say, believes that appearances are important, likes to be the center of attention, not patient with people who annoy them, easily annoyed, quick to judge others, preoccupied with self, show off, feels you have to be tough on people to get things done, prone to addiction, not good at sports, frequently pursues impressive achievements, takes charge, competitive, frustrated and angry when people don't live up to expectations, not on good terms with everyone, second place rarely feels good enough to them, antagonistic, able to stand up for self, acts superior to others, hard to satisfy, bothered by disorder, impatient, becomes aggressive when they feel hurt, decisive, abrupt, impulsive, more dominant than submissive, finishes most things they start, desires some level of fame in their community, unable to control cravings, acts out frustrations on others, easily frustrated, can become overwhelmed by events, does not readily admit mistakes, moody, not very religious

    In comparison, here's SCOAI:

    happy, level emotions, not easily discouraged, optimistic, fearless, self confident, non-hostile, trusting, rarely sad, social, content, positive, knows where life is going, socially skilled, not quiet around strangers, acts comfortably with others, takes on responsibilities, likes public speaking, not prone to worrying, not apprehensive about new encounters, flexible, adapts easily to new situations, not afraid to draw attention to self, likes to lead, not bored while working, likes others, hard to annoy, calm in crisis, does not second guess self, not embarrassed easily, high energy level, easy to understand, thinks before acting, strong sense or purpose, likes crowds, interested in science, not prone to jealousy, comfortable in unfamiliar situations, fearless, not skeptical, true to self in all circumstances, highly motivated to succeed, decisive, easy to get to know, narcissistic, driven by reason, physically fit, passionate about bettering the world's condition, finishes most things they start, not easily confused, willing to explain things twice, thinks they are extraordinary

    I'd really like to do some sort of study of the traits most attractive to others. I get an odd feeling they would sound a lot like RCOAI. But that's not to say that the other types don't have their strengths. The Big Five itself isn't biased. Similarminds is. They almost equate likability with being superior.
    I thought they have good descriptions for C and bad for L.
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    Interesting articles about how neuroticism can actually be an advantage at times:
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
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    Quote Originally Posted by Such Irony View Post
    Interesting articles about how neuroticism can actually be an advantage at times:
    Interesting. I knew there had to be something positive about being negative, oddly. I don't personally see myself as a realistic person, but who knows.

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