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    Default Intelligence as a personality trait?

    I realize intelligence is a trait of a person, but is it a personality trait? I see personality as more having to do with a persons way of processing the world in perception and judgement.

    Intelligence seems like more a description of how efficiently we apply our personalities.

    So what does it mean, when people say that they like someone's personality because of their "intelligence"?

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    I've come to realise that when someone claims that another person is intelligent, what they really mean is that person displays attributes they find either similar to themselves or admirable. It has little to do with whether or not they can perform calculus in their head or other such feats of brain power. And what is intelligence really? In it's broadest sense I think it is a person's ability to adapt to circumstances, understand situations and take action for their own benefit. In that way, just about everyone is intelligent.

    I dislike the label immensely because of it's judgemental applications, usually used to elevate one person's status above another, by valuing only certain attributes. Humans are fixated with status and comparison.
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