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    Personabilities has created a new personality test called Intellabilities. It measures not the level but the range of your intelligence. It's kind of like a cross between MBTI and StrengthsFinder. It also has similarities to the 4 humors, DISC, and Hexaco. However, most of it is original content with Tribes, Roles, and Modes and new cognitive functions. We would love to know your thoughts on it. The test takes 10-15 minutes to take and afterwards you'll get a 40 page report on your intelligence abilities and personality. It will show you what specific abilities you have, what fields of study you should pursue (as in specific college majors), and what careers would be best for you.

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    Thanks for posting. I appreciate that the test is free and that you get in-depth results after. The questions themselves were alright. I didn't mind taking the test. I don't think that my results are overly accurate, though.

    Official Intellabilities Assessment Summary:
    Congratulations [REDACTED], you are a Defender.
    About 16% of the population are Defenders.

    Some aspects of my designated type of Defender are spot-on, while others are pretty off.

    I'm weirded out by my results because I did not select any answers that were indicative of having "strong emotional intelligence." I answered zero points for the question about putting myself in someone's shoes. I said I'm pretty isolated in my own test answers so I'm not sure why I got something that seems so connected to helping other people. I also said I'm not a very good listener...

    The suggested jobs that don't have anything to do with nursing or helping others directly are very accurate, though. I think that the mixture of kinesthetic processing and reflective processing is accurate to me. Me as a "Reflective Adventurer" is actually very accurate.

    It's also funny that my test said only a small percentage of people have my type. 16% for a system that has 24 types is pretty big.

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