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    Default True Colors Workshop Test

    The Blue Type
    If you scored 2 or 3 you may well be a Blue Type:
    About Blue Types:
    blueI need to feel unique and authentic Enthusiastic, Sympathetic and Personal
    I look for meaning and significance in life
    I am warm, communicative and compassionate
    I need to contribute, to encourage, and to care

    I’m idealistic, spiritual, and sincere

    I value integrity and unity in relationships Peaceful, Flexible, Imaginative I am a natural romantic, a port, a nurturer

    ON THE JOB: I have a strong desire to influence others so they may lead more significant lives. I often work in the arts, communications, education, and the helping professions. I am adept at motivating and interacting with others.

    LOVE CONNECTIONS: I seek harmonious relationships. I am a true romantic and believe in perfect love that lasts forever. I bring drama, warmth, and empathy to all relationships. I enjoy the symbols of romance such as flowers, candlelight, and music and cherish the small gestures of love.

    AS A KID: I was extremely imaginative and found it difficult to fit into the structure of school life. I reacted with great sensitivity to discordance or rejection and sought recognition. I responded to encouragement rather than to competition.

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    The Green Type
    If you scored 2 or 3 you may well be a Green Type:
    About Green Types:
    I seek knowledge and understanding
    I’m analytical, global and conceptual
    I live life by my own standards
    I’m cool, calm and collected and I need explanations and answers
    I’m inventive, logical and perfectionistic
    I value intelligence, insight, fairness, and justice
    I’m abstract, hypothetical, and investigative
    I am a natural non-conformist, a visionary, a problem solver
    ON THE JOB: I am conceptual and an independent thinker. For me, work is play. I am drawn to constant challenge in careers, and like to develop models, explore ideas, or build systems to satisfy my need to deal with the innovative. Once I have perfected an idea, I prefer to move on, leaving the project to be maintained and supported by others.

    LOVE CONNECTIONS: I prefer to let my head rule my heart. I dislike repetition, so it is difficult for me to continuously express my feelings. I believe that once feelings are stated, they are obvious to a partner. I am uneasy when my emotions control me; I want to establish a relationship, leave it to maintain itself, and turn my energies back to my career.

    AS A KID: I appeared to be older than my years and focused on my greatest interests, achieving in subjects that were mentally stimulating. I was impatient with drill and routine, questioned authority, and found it necessary to respect teachers before I could learn from them.

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