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    I got the seeker. Unfortunately, I do not see where the percentages for these are though
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    The Orphan

    Orphans are independent, self-reliant and are mistrustful of authority. Orphans, fearing exploitation, seek to regain the comfort of the womb and neonatal safety in the arms of loving parents. To fulfill their quest they must go through the agonies of the developmental stages they have missed. Their strength is the interdependence and pragmatic realism that they had to learn at an early age.

    Shadow Side: The victim. This will manifest itself in your feelings of being victimized by others, and consequently blaming your incompetence, irresponsibility, or even predatory behavior on other people. You might also expect special treatment and exemption from life because you feel so fragile. When your Shadow Orphan takes control it can attack those who are trying to help you, harming these people and yourself simultaneously.

    Life Goal: Regain safety
    Fear: Exploitation
    Response to Problem: Being victimized by it
    Life Task: Process and feel pain fully
    Personal Gifts: Independence, realism, resilience, empathy
    Personal Pitfalls: Cynicism, tendency to be the victim or victimized, chronic complaining
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