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    Quote Originally Posted by MovinOut View Post
    I'm mostly confused about how that result is considered to be ISFP rather than INFP TBH.
    Site test bases it off dominant function and axis iirc.

    For example, my main was Ne, but Te=Ni where ahead of Ti, so it typed me as INTJ, and could have but ENTJ if it wanted to. But it appears it never puts two amswers. (And it should)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Memories View Post
    in hindsight my mental health has been in a toilet this week so my first impression would be to think this identifies how my behavior reorients itself when I am in a negative loop? @Vendrah does this make any sense at all hi I tag you way too much on typology. I've just never gotten ISFP on any typology questionnaire I've ever taken. and I don't think it is accurate. I've never considered myself an Se type.

    but hey we discover new things every day. Maybe I repressed all my Se and lie to myself.
    Fi > Si > Ne = Ni > Fe = Se > Te > Ti
    Hmm, well... After some good read on Extraverted Thinking, each of my type method is some sort of formula - there were some complains because they did look like formula, while other methods are formulaic as well but they aren't as clearly formulaic as some of mine.

    And that means that everyone of them is limited with the limitations of the Intellectual formula from Extraverted Thinking. But I actually have plenty of different ones.

    You haven't show the numbers, but probably Se+Si>Ne+Ni, that is why ISFP over INFP.
    Since you did not give the numbers that partially forces me to guess, which does some impreciseness but anyway:
    0) Grant from community: INFP in a Fi-Si loop, since you are close to Fi>Ne>Si>Inferior Te (Si as positive tertiary). I do reprove Grant because it fails any test and it is not true to Jung, but it is what more than 80% out there.
    1) Summing all the functions: That gives IXFX (probably ISFP if the test said ISFP).
    2) Sum Typing (3 functions for each type, for example INFP is Fi-Ne-Ni): INFP.
    3) 'Jung Stack' (from my 1000th post): IXFP.
    4) Method that I never released: XSFR - which mostly, but not always, is XSFP.

    So, it is INFP or ISFP depending on the point of view - for that result.

    I would like to say that the loops from community completely lack any sort of evidence, and they do NOT come from Jung theory. If you want to check if you are unhealthy, you might need to do Personality Disorders tests (there is, too, a converter that I had created from IPIP Neo w/ facets to Personality Disorders) and pay attention to Neuroticism on Big 5 and refer directly to psychologists. Through Jung, if you are very close to a 100% on I or on E, you are unhealthy because it is imminent that you have disorders related to exaggerated E or I behaviour that is unhealthy; Also, if your first cognitive function is waaayyy higher then the second, than you might be unhealthy through Jung's theory.

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    Ti (8) > Ne = Ni (6) > Fi (-2) > Fe (-3) > Te (-4) > Si (-5) > Se (-6)

    Can also be read as:

    N (12) > T (4) > F (-5) > S (-11)

    I (7) > E (-7)
    'The more unknowable the mystery, the more beautiful it is.' - David Lynch
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