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    ISFJ o.o

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    This is amazing for me. Come out my secret brothers and sisters. Leave your shackles behind.

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    ISTP. Hmm.

    Ti > Fe > Fi > Si > Ne = Se > Te = Ni
    ^Spot on.
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    Ti > Fe > Fi > Si > Ne = Se > Te = Ni
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    Ne > Ti > Ni > Te = Fe > Se > Fi > Si

    Rather surprising results tbh
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    It's hard to believe but since the start of this thread in April of 2018, this test has been taken by 96,869 people (or at least that many times - some may have taken it more than once).

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    Quote Originally Posted by highlander View Post
    It's hard to believe but since the start of this thread in April of 2018, this test has been taken by 96,869 people (or at least that many times - some may have taken it more than once).
    Sakinorva one had 17271 answers in a little bit more than a year, and I bet that 16personalities got more than 100k a year for sure.
    I am with the ones that took more than once both tests.

    I dont have many suggestions, partially because you havent posted much data about it and I think that this approach is good executed. And for my unluckiness, the test is down right now where I finally decided to post about it!

    I had seem you mentioning having trouble differentiating Ne and Ni. To differentiate Ne and Ni, big 5 conscientiousness can be quite handy, since in my own search people with Ne, specially ENFP, tends to get low, while people with Ni tends to get it high. It is partially going to J/P realm indeed, but it works.
    The sakinorva test had statistics for each question by type. I think you are already doing this, but just reinforcing: THe people who are quite sure of their type can be quite handy into tuning the test, so you can look if questions are properly working. For example, sakinorva first question probably was measuring Fi, and ISFP type was the 2nd lowest on agreemnet with that, and no FP type were in top 3/4 for agreement, meaning that the question failed its task.

    But getting back at Ni and Ne. Conceptually speaking, Ne can also access the future, Te perhaps with plans, you need to pay attention if the future thing is really a Ni thing, since it can also be a Ne thing as well. I think using the word unconscious in one of the questions as Ni reference could work. Or take a look into Jungs original Ni and Ne descriptions can perhaps give some help:
    Classics in the History of Psychology -- Jung (1921/1923) Chapter 10

    And I would like to point out a thing that perhaps you are already doing, but if not consider it... Considering my data gathering (although it is more focused on Dario Nardi because it has many sites, I bet Nardi test has been taken more than a million times), the last cognitive functions are quite unreliable - looking at some results you can realize that it isnt unsual to the person to not take the right cognitive function on the back on the stack relative to type. For example, ISFP is supposed to have Te as the last function (even if some claim it is 4th), but instead some ISFP can gets Ti. The first cognitive functions, I mean the first 2 or 3 ones, are quite orderly from what I have been observing, while the middle to back is quite more chaotic and harder to understand. I recommend you to not use the last functions in the same degree of importance as the first functions, meaning that for the type formula(s) you use you should nerf/reduce the ammount of importance of the back of the stack. Perhaps even limiting the maximum negative number for the formula could help too, as a too negative last cognitive function can weight way too much and end up clouding the whole result.

    And the last thing... You mentioned dichotomy, so I supposed there are hidden scores for dichotomies perhaps?
    If there is, regardless of the cognitive function theory/method, this must be true:
    - Fi and Fe must correlate significantly with feeling, Ni and Ne must correlate significantly with iNtuition, Te and Ti must correlate significantly with Thinking and and Se and Si must correlate significantly with Sensing. What "significantly" means is subjective, but I recommend preferable 0.7 or more and at least 0.5 .

    And as a data request, would you mind posting the average cognitive function levels/numbers for each type (considering only those who are quite sure)? I gathered manually the average stacks for Nardi over several websites (I dont have any idea how to ask directly for that, except trying to do this: @AncientSpirits), I requested Sakinorva as well. Im trying to make sense of that data rather than just saying test sucks =P.

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