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    Quote Originally Posted by Survive & Stay Free View Post
    I actually love small, confined spaces. I used to get a comic or a book and crawl in behind a sofa or beneath a cabinet when I was wee and read.
    Yeah I like small spaces too sometimes, as long as I know I can leave they are comforting. But well, I equate being trapped to being robbed of ‘choice’- autonomy, which is one of my greatest fears- that Ill lose control of myself and- just be stuck, trapped, doing and being something I dont want to be.

    Sort of an abstraction of the being trapped thing but yeah

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    I am the Cat who walks by themself; and all places are alike to me...

    For the cat is cryptic,
    and close to strange things which men cannot see.
    They are the soul of antique Aegyptus,
    and bearer of tales from forgotten cities in Meroë and Ophir.
    They are the kin of the jungle’s lords,
    and heir to the secrets of hoary and sinister Africa.
    The Sphinx is their cousin, and they speak her language;
    but they are more ancient than the Sphinx,
    and remember that which she hath forgotten...

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    Acrophobia: Fear of Heights and Suspension

    Acrophobia: Heights and Suspension are what take your breath away. Do you not fly in planes for the fear they might fall? Can you go no where high for your heart might feint before you? Do you have trouble sleeping, because you just might fall off the bed? When you jerk yourself from falling, that is your soul saving itself, or so I've heard.

    So be careful my friend, or your fear may make you fall into the abyss...

    2 l8, already there, m8.

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    Nyctophobia: Fear of the Unknown and the Dark

    Nyctophobia: The Unknown and the Dark is what surrounds you at night. Do you find yourself closing doors around you, or avoiding hallways that are deep in the shadows? Maybe you don't go into deep waters for fear of what's below? Maybe you don't go into fields of corn and grain, because there just might be something lurking inside. When you feel like running from one room to the next, that's because there is something right behind you, or so I've heard.

    So be careful my friend, or your fear might drag you into darkness...

    low-key, no pressure
    just hang with me and my weather

    Silent All These Years: My Private Blog
    Johari / Nohari

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