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    Default Project Implicit tests

    A bunch of different tests, seem interesting.

    From the one I tried.

    Thank you for your participation. Your implicit association results, appearing below, are for entertainment and educational purposes only. The tasks that you tried attempt to assess how strongly you associated the concepts "Good", "Christian", and "American" with the two Presidential candidates. The assumption of the task is that it should be easier to sort the words at the same time if they are associated in your memory. For example, Democrats might be faster sorting Barack Obama images and Good words together, whereas Republicans might be faster sorting John McCain images and Good words together. In other research, we find that the sorting speed sometimes reveals associations that are quite different than respondents conscious beliefs or values.

    The results of your tests are outlined below:

    Your data suggests a moderate automatic preference for Barack Obama over John McCain

    Your data suggest no difference in your automatic associations between Christian on the one hand and Barack Obama and John McCain on the other

    Your data suggest no difference in your automatic associations between American on the one hand and Barack Obama and John McCain on the other

    Depending on the magnitude of your result, your automatic associations may be described as 'slight', 'moderate', 'strong', or 'little to no preference or difference in association'. How implicit associations affect our judgments and behaviors is not well understood and may be influenced by a number of variables. As such, the score should serve as an opportunity for self-reflection, not as a definitive assessment of your implicit thoughts or feelings. This and future research will clarify the way in which implicit thinking and feelings affects our perception, judgment, and action.
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    Slight automatic preference for Dark Skinned People compared to Light Skinned People.


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