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    Default My take on an Enneagram Tritype test. Check it out, please?

    (Posting this here, in hopes to get feedback.)

    When I discovered the Enneagram, I became extremely interested in it and was disappointed to find that there wasn't very many options for tritype tests, so I decided to make an attempt to create one. It's not perfect, but it's a start, I suppose. Please, if you can spare some time, answer and leave some suggestions/constructive criticism.

    Part 1-A - traits;
    Choose the set of traits that are most like you.
    After that, choose a second and third set of traits that are the next most similar to you.
    Then state which are somewhat similar and which are nothing like you.

    A.) Traits: Strong Willed, Decisive, Tough Minded, Domineering, Controlling, Aggressive.
    B.) Traits: Analytical, Knowledgeable, Observant, Detached, Isolated, Nihilistic.
    C.) Traits: Unique, Emotional, Creative, Self-Absorbed, Self-Deprecating, Self Conscious.
    D.) Traits: Easygoing, Trusting, Conciliatory, Self-Effacing, Escapist, Passive Aggressive.
    E.) Traits: Empathetic, Altruistic, Sentimental, People-Pleasing, Manipulative, Victimizing.
    F.) Traits: Ambitious,Energetic, Self-Assured, Scheming, Narcissistic, Monomaniacal.
    G.) Traits: Loyal, Practical, Trustworthy, Fearful, Distrustful, Defensive.
    H.) Traits: Moralistic, Perfectionistic, Self-Disciplined, Self-Righteous, Critical, Obsessive.
    I.) Traits: Future Oriented, Extroverted, Open Minded, Compulsive, Reluctant, Arrogant.

    Most like me (1):

    Second most similar (1):

    Third most similar (1):

    Somewhat similar:

    Nothing like me:

    Part 1-B - Fears;
    Choose which fears most apply to you, (Major) which fears slightly apply, (Intermediate) and which fears you feel you don't experience (Seemingly nonexistent).

    A.) The fear of deprivation and pain;
    "My needs will not be met by others, so I must pursue them alone."
    "I must run away from pain, sadness and helplessness."

    B.) The fear of lacking a unique, significant identity;
    "I must prove my uniqueness to others."
    "I would be worthless and unlovable if I was average."

    C.) The fear of being evil or corrupt;
    "I must be good in a world filled with corruption."
    "I fear that I am corrupt, so I must always strive towards good to prove myself wrong."

    D.) The fear of being harmed or controlled by others;
    "I strive to become strong and independent."
    "I fear being betrayed, controlled or violated, so I must remain in control."

    E.) The fear of being unloved or unwanted by others;
    "I strive to be loved and wanted by those around me."
    "I fear there is nothing lovable about myself, so I must help others in order to earn love."

    F.) The fear of loss and separation from others;
    "I strive to maintain internal and external harmony."
    "I fear I will become disconnected from others, so I must create harmony to ensure they remain in my life."

    G.) The fear of being unaccomplished and worthless;
    "I strive to achieve success, it is a measure of my own worth."
    "I fear that I am worthless and undesirable without my achievements."

    H.) The fear of being helpless and inadequate;
    "I strive to become knowledgeable in all areas of my interest."
    "I fear that I may become incapable of dealing with the world, so I must learn more to feel competent."

    I.) The fear of being without support or guidance;
    "I strive to find support and guidance from people around me."
    "I fear I am incapable of surviving on my own, so I must find support/direction from others."

    Guiding fears (Major) (3):

    Secondary fears (Intermediate):

    Nonexistent fears:

    Part 2 - Problem Emotions;
    Each of the Enneagram types has a way of dealing with their "problem emotion".
    Those three emotions are Anger, Shame and Fear. Everyone deals with all three, but certain types pertain to one more than the other two.
    Types within the Instinctive triad (8, 9 and 1) correspond with Anger.
    Types within the Heart triad (2, 3 and 4) correspond with Shame.
    Types within the Fear triad (5, 6 and 7) correspond with Fear.

    But how do you express Anger, Shame and Fear?

    A.) Externalized anger: Openly displayed anger.
    B.) Repressed anger: Avoidance of showing anger openly, but it sometimes manifests as passive-aggressiveness.
    C.) Internalized anger: Harshly criticizing one's self. May also appear as judgmental tendencies.

    A.) Externalized shame: Openly displays shame. May manifest as constantly needing approval or positive feedback.
    B.) Repressed shame: Avoidance of shame. May manifest as trying to prove yourself to avoid the shame that you feel.
    C.) Internalized shame: Keeping shame to yourself. May manifest as failure to believe anyone can understand your pain.

    A.) Externalized fear: Expresses fear openly by displaying paranoia through hoarding, (Information, possessions) as well as detachment.
    B.) Repressed fear: Avoidance of showing fear. May manifest as surrounding yourself with safety/security and suspiciousness of the unknown.
    C.) Internalized fear: Keeping fear to yourself. May manifest as engaging in fun activities to avoid facing the fear contained within.

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    I am pretty sure you've made another tritype test that I've tried out, but here are my thoughts on this one. This is a really great baseline tritype test, especially if it is supposed to be administered on paper. Though, I feel like it would only be good on people unfamiliar with the concept. It's headed in the right direction, but I can tell my instinctual variant will alter the results (specifically in the gut department). I also wouldn't recommend having the final bit asking how you express anger, fear, and shame without multiple layers of elaboration. It could confuse people into thinking one or the other. (Again, focusing on the anger portion and how subjective all three options can be.)

    Other than those few minor things, I think tritype tests should have a skeleton that matches this. More questions and more detailed options are the only things that need to be added. Just try not to sacrifice subtlety for detail.

    My answers on sections with no limit are in order of most to least like me.

    Part 1A - Traits
    Most like me (1):

    Second most similar (1):

    Third most similar (1):

    Somewhat similar:
    A, D, C

    Nothing like me:
    B, G, H

    Part 1B - Fears
    Guiding fears (Major) (3):
    E, G, C

    Secondary fears (Intermediate):
    H, I, F, A

    Nonexistent fears:
    B, D

    Externalized Anger, Externalized Shame, Internalized Fear.
    MBTI: Te = Ne > Ni = Si > Se > Fi > Fe > Ti
    Enneagram: 2w3 - 8w7 - 7w8 (The Humanitarian)
    Zodiac: Aries-Taurus Cusp Sun, Scorpio Moon, Gemini Rising
    Holland Code: Enterprising > Social > Artistic = Conventional = Investigative > Realistic
    Potter House: Slytherin

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