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    Default MOTIV personality test

    The test is based on the basic motivations of people. My results are kind of negativstic, but actually really eye-opening, I am the unhealthy subtype of an MOEW, which si MOEW-D. Link: MOTIV Personality Test

    My results:
    Materialist 66% Being more attractive makes me happy. Elitist, shallow, fake, external validation addiction
    Offbeat 73% Being unconventional makes me happy. Putting yourself at too great a risk, endangering your life.
    Thinking 8% Inability to make or complete long term goals/plans
    Intimate 33% Refusal or inability to see other's perspective/needs
    Vital 20% Depression, poor mental and/or physical health

    My motive type code: MOEWD (unhealthy): loves getting away with things; more likely to cheat on people; unable to do things properly; more likely to smoke cigarettes; seldom bothered by the suffering of strangers; will cheat to get ahead; can abuse other people's confidences; schemes against others; more likely to use a lot of medications; would not regret if their behavior if they were to take advantage of someone impulsively; has murderous ideas; uses others for their own ends; demands to be the center of interest; can't keep to the subject; unaffected by the suffering of others; prone to misusing power; prone to being late for work; prone to getting others to do their duties; deceives people; puts people under pressure; does dangerous things; danger seeking; does things out of revenge; wasteful with money; disregards rules; does not believe the poor deserve sympathy; thinks they can make anyone believe anything they want them to; does not feel work is an important part of their life; not a huge fan of happy people; hurts people; avoids responsibilities; does not like to be bothered with others needs; likes to tell tall stories about themself; demanding; likes to make fun of people; engages in seductive behavior; has less of a soft side than average; gets out of control; feels that other people are out to get me; feels that other people are often to blame for their problems; more likely to have been in physical fights; how much a romantic partner enthralls them is more important than how comfortable they feel around them; does things behind other people's backs; frequently reinvents themself; has worse manners than average; keeps people waiting; prone to talking mainly about themself; puts little time and effort into their work; prone to insomnia; neglectful of their duties; likes to be envied; rebels against authority; does crazy things; prone to hanging up the phone on people; prone to hating others; goes too far with their jokes; does not try to follow the rules; self centered; unmotivated; arrogant; prone to making enemies; superficial; dislikes taking responsibility for making decisions; resists society's rules
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    Meterialist 66%
    Offbeat 75%
    Thinking 73%
    Intimate 31%
    Vital 61%

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    Materialist 58%
    Offbeat 56%
    Thinking 10%
    Intimate 56%
    Vital 83%

    MXEXV (healthy): people occasionally tell them they are attractive; more likely to demand to be the center of attention; likes happy people; content; positive; thinks life is meaningful; prone to being late; relates to others; interested in others; seldom feels blue; believes in the power of fate; likes to attend ceremonies more than most people; has good manners; is open about themself to others; believes that others have good intentions; more likely to believe in god; has good luck; does not like to be without the company of others; makes friends easily; would enjoy a job that involves a lot of social interaction; skilled in handling social situations; comfortable around people; warms up quickly to others; does not find it hard to forgive others; thinks things work out for the best; more likely to have had an intense religious experience; has a soft side; more likely to spend a lot of time on the phone; usually happy; considerate of the feelings of others; believes they are important; prone to not accomplishing their work on time; loves life; likes changes; not hard to get to know; not embarrassed by praise; prefers to live a life of luxury; prefers going to movies to watching videos at home; has a good imagination; enjoys offering directions to tourists; likes looking at themself in the mirror; expresses themself easily; is not resigned to their fate; believes people are good; more likely to believe in life after death; affected by the happiness/unhappiness of others; feels they are able to deal with most things; will do anything for others; can engage in seductive behavior; prone to blurting out whatever comes into their mind; acts comfortable with others; fashionable

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    Your MOTIV type is MOEWV
    Your MOTIV+ type is MOe|W|V
    Your Primary type is Withholding

    Motivation: To look out for oneself
    Purpose: Self Preservation
    Conflict: look out for self vs. look out for others
    Historic antecedent: Objectivism
    Historic example: Roman Emperor Nero
    Film example: Wall Street
    Counter example: Mother Teresa
    Characteristics: would rather please self than others, inclined to think volunteer work is a waste of time, believes their own happiness and success are more important than the happiness and success of others, takes more than they give, only cares about them-self, more standoff-ish than nice, believes they are the center of their universe, believes that people are things to be used, their ego is bigger than their heart, more likely to be sad than happy, does not believe others have good intentions, tend to be cold people, unaccommodating, considerate of their own feelings but inconsiderate of other peoples, feels no sense of social responsibility, more likely to enjoy hurting others (sadistic), feels justified in getting their way all the time, more likely to be discourteous, lacking in empathy, rarely thinks about what other people think/feel/expect, enjoys lying/duping others, disregards others, looks down on others, unwilling to admit when wrong, dishonest, reveals little about self, dislikes most people, not interested in friendships they can't control, would engage in behavior that was harmful to the world if it benefited them, doesn't like to apologize, untrustworthy, demeaning, self-centered, controlling

    This is not true ;-;
    Ti = Ne > Ni > Si > Te = Fi > Se > Fe
    5w4 - 4w3 - 1w9
    Chaotic-True Neutral.

    My Socionics test result:

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    Your results:
    Materialist 40%
    Offbeat 45%
    Thinking 83%
    Intimate 33%
    Vital 26%

    Your MOTIV type is SCTWD
    Your MOTIV+ type is sc|T|wD
    Your Primary type is Thinking
    "Those who do not move, do not notice their chains"
    -Rosa Luxemburg

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    M - 74%
    C - 40%
    T - 80%
    W - 21%
    V - 55%

    MCTWX (average health):blessvalues attractiveness more than how emotionally comfortable they feel around someone in a romantic relationship; doesn't worry about things that have already happened; less affected than average by the suffering of others; would not enjoy being out on a sailboat during a storm; does things by the book; more likely to do anything for money; cares about dressing nicely; puts their welfare/feelings first even in a long term relationship; is a bad loser; is seldom bothered by the apparent suffering of strangers; more likely to use others for their own ends; pays attention to their own needs; likes to gossip; likes routine; doesn't lose their head; can become irritated when someone is late; tends to believe they are better than others; rarely late to things/work; less likely than average to consider adopting a handicapped child; considers themself attractive; does not hold back their opinions; likes having authority over others; usually knows what they are doing; less likely to want to go riding down a stretch of rapids in a canoe; disclosing of their intimate thoughts; does not enjoy the thrill that comes with fearful situations; can put people under pressure; would not like to be considered odd or strange; usually knows why they do things; attentive to their appearance; more likely than average to be on medication; not easily distracted, attentive; danger averse; can hook up with people they are not interested in a long term relationship with; puts a lot of time and effort into their work; tends not to enjoy listening to people tell stories about events that have happened in their lives; status seeking; more likely than average to want to have kids; able to do things properly; more likely than average to deceive people; does not keep people waiting; more likely to think they count on others too much; likes to travel; thinks about the future; does not easily laugh at themself; feels that work is an important part of their life; cares whether they are considered special; more likely than average to do things out of revenge; more likely to be out for their own personal gain; quick to judge others; does not do crazy things; less agreeable than most; good with money; more likely than average to cheat on people who have trusted them; accomplishes their work on time; not easily talked into doing silly things; does not like being away from civilization; puts things back in their proper placebless.

    Some is true, some is not. *shrug*
    MBTI: ExxJ tetramer
    Functions: Fe > Te > Ni > Se > Si > Ti > Fi > Ne
    Enneagram: 1w2 - 3w4 - 6w5 (The Taskmaster) | sp/so
    Socionics: β-E dimer | -
    Big 5: slOaI
    Temperament: Choleric/Melancholic
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    External Perception: Nohari and Johari

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    Pretty interesting test.

    Materialist 48%
    Offbeat 68%
    Thinking 46%
    Intimate 51%
    Vital 33%

    Your MOTIV type is XOXXD
    Your MOTIV+ type is s|o|exd
    Your Primary type is Offbeat

    Historic example(s):
    Fictional example(s): Indiana Jones, Jake Gyllenhaal (Donnie Darko), Napolean Dynamite, Bill Murray (Caddyshack)
    Personality type correlations(s):

    XOXXD (unhealthy): finds obscurity rewarding; doesn't feel like many people really know them; likes to escape reality; prefers ideas to actuality; has a history of stealing; has always had a fascination with the dark side of human nature; lives in their own reality; believes the government can't be trusted; experiences magical thinking that influences their behavior; lives their life from their imagination; more attached to their imagination than reality; romantically attracted to members of their own gender (women); if they were to follow their instincts deep down, they would always behave unconventionally; sometimes forget check with the outside world to see if their ideas really fit the experience; believes the typical, ordinary way feels like a betrayal of themself; their identity is very much about being different/strange/mysterious compared to the majority; has gotten more enjoyment out of music than anything else in life; prone to escapism; spends a lot of time thinking about the purpose of existence; attracted to depressive types; mostly lives in their head, not in the world; the people they are attracted to tend to be messed up; things other people find disturbing interest them; thinks jobs are for suckers; experiences unusual perceptions; weird; their speaking style is unusual; thinks a lot of people in their life have tried to stab them in the back; is the type that needs to burn their hand on a hot stop to learn to stop putting their hand on a hot stove; frequently mentally tunes out; prefers one on one interaction to group interaction; very sensitive to the lighting of a room; insane; not normal; finds it easier to sleep during the day than at night; tends to pursue people they think will workout in their head, but then lack sufficient physical interest in; more messy than clean; focuses on being obscure; often finds themself resenting people who give them orders; if they get to close to someone romantically, they fear they'll have to relinquish too much of themself; outsider; has a daydream life about which they do not tell other people; felt rejected by their mother and father; doesn't care if they die right now; the idea of dropping out of society to get more in tune with themself makes a lot of sense to them; doesn't believe there are many people they could be in romantic relationship with on the whole earth; under-stimulated; keeps a lot of what they do secret; had one or more intrusive parents; preoccupied with what they don't know; has a lot of energy but is very uneasy; chaotic; behaves strangely; bewildered by life; more likely to have been bullied growing up

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    Looking through the thread and people's results, I'd say this test seems to mistake Extroversion for healthiness.

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    Your MOTIV type is MOEWV
    Your MOTIV+ type is mo|E|wV
    Your Primary type is Emotional

    I think my primary type is more Vital than Emotional after reading, and they were very closely ranked so it makes sense.

    MOEWV (healthy):

    Kinda. This one also works though, maybe more:

    MOEIV (healthy):

    7w6 - 2w3 - 8w7 sx/so

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