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    Default What Poetry Book Are You?

    Which of these poetry books would you vote for? (poll)

    What Poetry Book Are You?

    The Sky That Falls
    You're an articulate person but do prefer to read poems that are contemporary. You absolutely love falling clouds and rainy weather and are mesmerized by different shades of blue in the skies. Rain is never a reason to be depressed and, on the contrary, it is refreshing! You love your poetry to explore some of the realer issues such as current affairs, adoption and bullying which is why you're drawn to some contemporary poems. When it comes to structure, you like a little alliteration. You are as current as they come!
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    The Classic Tradition of Haiku: An Anthology
    When it comes to poetry, you like them in the smallest sizes. In fact, it's the only way you remember them! The little book of haiku not only befits all needs, but you'll find that the syntax is really quite remarkable.

    For everything that's bright and beautiful, there is you. This is because you absolutely love the sunrise, enjoy the color yellow and are most interested in poetry that comes from other cultures. Haiku is your poetry not only because it comes from the land of the rising sun itself but it spans 400 years of all its glory.

    As someone who's well-traveled, loves the sun, enjoys poetry from foreign cultures and thrives at being at the heart of it all, haiku is your perfect personality match.

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    Poetry For The Modern Teenager.

    Feelings, haha.

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    Penguin's Poems for Love

    A picture of you enjoying warm, fuzzy feelings and having a cup of cocoa indoors while it lightly snows and dreaming about the love of your life raises a smile.

    It doesn't really matter what time period poems are from as long as they're about love. Love, afterall, is infinite, constant, possibly the only poetry even worth remembering, so why should time-period even matter? You do have a habit to tend to memorize poetry that you like and it usually is about love!

    A poetry book written by many different poets from every time-period and all writing about your favorite theme is your perfect book match. Oh-la-la!

    Watashi wa chōdo nani ga jūyō ka

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