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    Your result for The Socionics Test ...
    ESE - Ethical Sensing Extratratim
    47% LII,
    67% ESE,
    47% SEI,
    50% ILE,
    27% LSI,
    32% EIE,
    45% IEI,
    56% SLE,
    42% ESI,
    64% LIE,
    52% ILI,
    47% SEE,
    59% EII,
    41% LSE,
    64% SLI and
    39% IEE!

    No, not really. But LIE came up as a close second (though tied with SLI).

    But all three of those results are in different quadras. That's odd.
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    LII Ne


    EII - Ethical Intuitive Introtratim
    53% LII, 58% ESE, 56% SEI, 44% ILE, 45% LSI, 32% EIE, 45% IEI, 63% SLE, 35% ESI, 52% LIE, 42% ILI, 50% SEE, 68% EII, 38% LSE, 42% SLI and 55% IEE!
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    Default LIEs

    Your result for The Socionics Test ...
    LIE - Logical Intuitive Extravtratim

    64% LIE
    63% SEI
    59% EII
    58% IEE
    58% ESE
    56% LII
    53% SEE
    50% SLE
    48% IEI
    45% ILI
    45% SLI
    41% LSE
    39% ESI
    39% LSI
    34% ILE
    24% EIE

    LIEs naturally accumulate knowledge as per factual information from books and other second-hand sources in matters they find useful, either because it's their professional field, or something they find interesting and of potential use in the future. In order to function at optimal level, they feel the need to know how their external environment works, in order to make sense of it and control it, or be one step ahead of it. That means, for instance, a need to have at least a basic general understanding of the broader workings of any structure they are in (as a country, company, or organization) rather than just carry out whatever specific task they have been assigned. That gives LIEs a basic confidence on being well-informed in the subjects they decided to be informed about. That, coupled with an inclination to correct any errors in their environment (so that it makes sense and is efficient), leads to a behavior that can be described as "know-it-all", that is, voicing their knowledge and correcting erroneous remarks made by others, often seen as arrogance on the part of LIEs.

    LIEs evaluate external reality - work activities, world events, finances, procedures, personal relationships, conversations - from the point of view of factual accuracy and "making sense" and efficiency. It leads to an inclination to be proactive in increasing the efficiency and reasonableness of the external world, as well as a sense of self-worth connected to being involved and productive in activities seen as useful, profitable, or that increase one's knowledge base. To give out information that they know not to be factually accurate is disturbing to LIEs and avoided as much as possible. The LIE's ideal world of communication is one of blatant factual truth, no compromise made for goals to be achieved or for possible hurt feelings.

    To say "no, that's not correct" or "that's not true" to correct others' statements, volunteering knowledge in order to correct them; and saying "this way of doing things is inefficient, let's improve it"; generally offering information that can be applied to productive purposes - these are marks of the LIE's drives. Not to be able to act on them has a negative effect on their sense of usefulness and self-worth.

    LIEs's preferred mode of action - when they feel at their best - is when able to be very active, and proactive, in ways they find to be useful, productive, logical, and profitable in the longer term. Conversely, periods where they are not sure of the actions to take tend to lead them into paralysis and depression.

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    I got LIE as well.

    58% LIE,
    56% LSE,
    55% ILI,
    55% SLI,
    55% IEE!
    53% ILE,
    53% ILE,
    52% ESI,
    50% LII,
    50% SEE,
    50% EII,
    48% ESE,
    47% SEI,
    47% SLE,
    36% IEI,
    35% EIE,
    30% LSI

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    SEI - Sensing Ethical Introtratim
    44% LII, 58% ESE, 66% SEI, 50% ILE, 48% LSI, 56% EIE, 42% IEI, 44% SLE, 32% ESI, 55% LIE, 42% ILI, 44% SEE, 50% EII, 41% LSE, 55% SLI and 52% IEE!

    All of that is true.

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    EII- Ethical Intuitive Introtratim

    35% LII
    39% ESE
    44% SEI
    31% ILE
    42% LSI
    38% EIE
    33% IEI
    59% SLE
    52% ESI
    58% LIE
    55% ILI
    50% SEE
    74% EII
    44% LSE
    55% SLI and
    67% IEE

    EIIs are very attuned to the psychological atmosphere of interaction and to their own feelings towards people and things. They treasure deep feelings of attachment and strive to deepen emotional bonds between people and harmonize relationships. When those people that the EII is close to suffer emotionally, the EII will do everything in her power to raise the emotional condition in the individual, often at the EII's expense.

    EIIs are very capable of "sizing people up". They rely heavily on their instincts to understand the inner feelings of an individual. They are very empathetic people and find it very easy to feel with others. This makes them very sensitive to the moods of people, and they treat them the way they want to be treated, that is, with respect.

    EIIs have a natural understanding of people's inner makeup and see what can be done with that makeup to bring them closer to ideals. EIIs have a very well-developed view of what people and relationships should be like and are able to help others reach those ideals.

    EIIs understand people very well. They often give good advice, and have a strong understanding of the inner workings of even the most complicated minds. They have well developed ideas concerning ideal emotional states for individuals, and always have advice as to how an individual can reach that ideal.

    One of the largest complaints of EIIs revolve around the idea of "wasted potential." A lot of their neuroses, and "drive," come from fears that they are not achieving the maximum possible ideal in a certain field or area of life. Unlike IEEs, though, EIIs consider "leveraging potential" more in terms of depth - mastery of one or several specific areas - rather than breadth.


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    I got SEI. It's close enough; given different focuses of socionics vs mbti, a given socionics type seems to be a blend of mbti types (and maybe some enneagram instinct stackings thrown in? sx vs so reminds me kinda of Fi and Fe in socionics).
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    Don't remember taking a socionics test before... Interesting.

    IEI - Intuitive Ethical Introtratim

    EIs perceive, process, and produce information concerning trends and patterns over time most intensively. They constantly and inadvertently make judgments, assessments, and assumptions about relationships based on what they see as recurring trends from past behavior. They tend to understand the underlying dynamics of situations, people, etc., but may not be able to readily verbalize these insights since they are so internal and conceptual.

    The temporal world of the IEI is vivid and complex. IEIs are very imaginative people who tend to be more mystical and dreamy, thus possibly annoying extraverted thinking-seeking Logical types (LSEs and SLIs), who require practical applications for their ideas. Their gentle demeanor does not cast them as particularly rebellious, but their obscure desires are often a far cry from those of the typical person.

    IEIs apply their understanding of trends of behavior over time to observing, analyzing, and influencing people's moods. They make contact with other people by attempting to influence their emotions positively, which is their way of creating something in themself worthy of being included in interaction.

    IEIs are comfortable discussing feelings that arise from interaction between people. They are naturals at guessing who has been offended and approaching the person and helping them to let off steam and make amends with the offender. IEIs are typically quick to take the blame for offenses upon themselves in order to show their acceptance and good will towards the other person, and create good attitudes.

    IEIs' speech and voice usually have a certain dramatic affect and depth of feeling, which influence the emotions in the atmosphere; these feelings can be used to generate elation and boisterous laughter. If IEIs prefer, they can also generate and communicate their feelings of sadness and loss. They are adept at communicating depth of feeling. If things seem too quiet and low-key, they may even generate controversy or conflict to liven things up and get people involved once again in a high-spirited atmosphere.

    The IEI will often say something that sounds very deep and heartfelt only to immediately realize the ridiculousness of what they are saying and make light of it. In this way, the IEI does not induce a formal separation between joking and being serious (like their mirror, the EIE), because they are less premeditated in expression in their natural state.

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    SEI - Sensing Ethical Introtratim

    All my results were really close, and I don't really agree with the description.
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    LSI Se


    LSI > EIE > ... rest

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