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View Poll Results: What temperament combination are you?

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  • SanPhleg

    11 6.29%
  • SanChol

    11 6.29%
  • SanMel

    7 4.00%
  • PhlegSan

    12 6.86%
  • PhlegChol

    2 1.14%
  • PhlegMel

    34 19.43%
  • CholSan

    10 5.71%
  • CholMel

    17 9.71%
  • CholPhleg

    5 2.86%
  • MelPhleg

    38 21.71%
  • MelSan

    6 3.43%
  • MelChol

    22 12.57%
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    nevermore lane777's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    4w5 sp/sx


    63% Phlegmatic - strength: 16 weakness: 9
    23% Melancholy - strength: 1 weakness: 8
    10% Sanguine - strength: 2 weakness: 2
    5% Chloreric - strength: 1 weakness: 1
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    INFJ ~ 4w5 sp/sx ~ RLOAI ~ Inclusion e/w=1/0 (Melancholy Compulsive) Control: e/w=0/6 (Supine) Affection: e/w=4/0 (Phlegmatic Melancholy)

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    Your personality is Melancholy Phlegmatic

    Melancholy Strength:14 Weakness:11 63%
    Strength:4 Weakness:9 33%
    Sanguine Strength:1 Weakness:0 3%
    Choleric Strength:1 Weakness:0 3%

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    Senior Member Travo7's Avatar
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    Sep 2008


    Your personality is Melancholy Phlegmatic.
    Melancholy Strength:11 Weakness:4
    Phlegmatic Strength:2 Weakness:5
    Sanguine Strength:5 Weakness:2
    Choleric Strength:2 Weakness:2

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    Nov 2008

    Default temperament test and poll (Hippocrates)

    Melancholic-Choleric: no big surprise there, I guess, all things considered.

    Melancholy -35%
    Phlegmatic - 8%
    Sanguine - 10%
    Choleric - 35%
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    Your personality is Sanguine Melancholy.

    Melancholy Strength:7 Weakness:5 30%
    Phlegmatic Strength:0 Weakness:5 13%
    Sanguine Strength:5 Weakness:8 33%
    Choleric Strength:8 Weakness:2 25%
    I tested as San-Mel. Aren't they rather opposite?

    I don't really identify with any one of the temperaments, though. The only one that rings completely false for me is the choleric one. I think we all have different "moods" which the temperaments seem to represent.

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    filling some space UnitOfPopulation's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Santtu View Post
    Melancholy Strength:10 Weakness:7 43%
    Phlegmatic Strength:3 Weakness:1 10%
    Sanguine Strength:3 Weakness:3 15%
    Choleric Strength:4 Weakness:9

    Melancholy Choleric.
    Whadya know, a year of personality development has turned me into.. Choleric Melancholy
    (Now with strengths, too!)

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    Personality / Temperament for erin

    Test taken on November 13th 2008

    Personality: Sanguine Phlegmatic
    Melancholy Strength:2 Weakness:5

    Phlegmatic Strength:6 Weakness:4

    Sanguine Strength:9 Weakness:8

    Choleric Strength:3 Weakness:3
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    now! in shell form INA's Avatar
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    Your personality is Melancholy Choleric.

    Melancholy Strength:7 Weakness:5
    Phlegmatic Strength:4 Weakness:4
    Sanguine Strength:3 Weakness:5
    Choleric Strength:6 Weakness:6
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    in-game Gamine's Avatar
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    Choleric (Strength 6 Weakness 11)
    Sanguine (Strength 9 Weakness 9)
    Melancholy and Phlegmatic each 10%

    I'm a touchy-feely decisive leader. Huh? How do these two work together....

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    ⒺⓉⒷ Eric B's Avatar
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    Your personality is Melancholy Choleric.

    Melancholy Strength:7 Weakness:7 35%
    Phlegmatic Strength:3 Weakness:6 23%
    Sanguine Strength:5 Weakness:3 20%
    Choleric Strength:5 Weakness:4 23%

    When I first took LaHaye's "temperament blob" in his book "Why You act the Way You Do" (which makes cartoon characters out of the temperaments):
    in which you just picked the traits out of the circle; I had come out Phleg-Mel. In another one like this online; it was either MelChlor or PhlegChlor, and Sanguine was only one single point. That's obviously what I'm least like.

    In actuality, neither of these are really accurate, as the system my wife uses (APS) has a fifth temperament, Supine, which is introverted like the Melancholy and yet people-oriented like the Sanguine. In this older four temperament model; the Phlegmatic held that position, yet APs has deemed to to be actually moderate in both scales. Yet when I take four temperament tests which don't have Supine; I have to come out as something, so it is usually the next closest ones: Melancholy and Phlegmatic, and usually with Choleric, which is also represented in my APS score. Where the LaHaye model just uses percentages for the blends; APS uses the FIRO system which divides behavior into three areas, called "Inclusion" (social skills), Control (leadership skills) and Affection (deep personal relations). this categorization of temperament blends I find makes it the most accurate. It tells you in exactly which way you are one temperament or another.

    What many people don't realize is that the first two of these areas already seemed to be represented in the 16 types! Basically, the "Keirseyan" temperament groups relate to leadership, and the "Interaction Style" is social skills!

    IST/INJ Melancholy (Chart the Course)
    EST/ENJ Choleric (In Charge)
    ISF/INP Phlegmatic (Behind The Scenes)
    ESF/ENP Sanguine (Get Things Going)

    SJ Melancholic (Guardian/Stabilizer)
    SP Sanguine (Artisan/Improviser)
    NF Phlegmatic* (Idealist/Catalyst)
    NT Choleric* (Rational/Theorist)

    *These last two are reverse from Keirsey's correlation, which has NT=Phlegmatic and NF=Choleric. That occurs because Keirsey defined Choleric purely as "enthusiastic", and Phlegmatic as "dispassionate". But for the Interaction Styles (using I and E as factors), that would be more accurate, yet his temperaments are basically in the area of leadership, and the NT's need for power is Choleric, and the NF's diplomacy is Phlegmatic or possibly also the fifth temperament (Supine), which will have more energy, and respond with more enthusiasm than the Phlegmatic. In Interaction Styles, the Supine would also follow the Behind the Scenes.

    So the comparison that results from this:

    ISTJ Pure Melancholy
    ISFJ Phlegmatic*/ Melancholy ("PhlegMel")
    INFJ Melancholy/Phlegmatic* ("MelPhleg")
    INTJ Melancholy/Choleric ("MelChlor")
    ISTP Melancholy/Sanguine ("MelSan")
    ISFP Phlegmatic*/Sanguine ("PhlegSan")
    INFP Pure Phlegmatic*
    INTP Phlegmatic*/Choleric ("PhlegChlor")
    ESTP Choleric/Sanguine ("ChlorSan")
    ESFP Pure Sanguine
    ENFP Sanguine/Phlegmatic* ("SanPhleg")
    ENTP Sanguine/Choleric ("SanChlor")
    ESTJ Choleric/Melancholy ("ChlorMel")
    ESFJ Sanguine/Melancholy ("SanMel")
    ENFJ Choleric/Phlegmatic* ("ChlorPhleg")
    ENTJ Pure Choleric

    * May also be fifth temperament, "Supine"

    It seems there is a lot of accuaracy in this. I have already had one INFJ tell me today that they were Phlegmatic and not Choleric; and I see a couple of others came out that way as well. I do see some that are coming out Melancholy-Choleric, however. I see one ENFP who came out Sanguine-Phlegmatic; but one or two others who came out Sanguine-Choleric:ouch:. At least one INTJ did come out more expectedly as Melancholy-choleric, but then so did the ENTJ's. Still, these are not far from what I would expect, at all!
    Most other INTP's are also Melancholy-Choleric. Again, it could be for the same reason I came out that way. It would also match INTP's coming out as E5's (which is very Melancholy); myself included; but if Enneagram would allow type mixing along its instinctual variants (which appear to direcly parallel our Inclusion, Control and Affection), then I bet you would see more 8 along with 6 and/or 9 instead of 5; which may be just what the traits "average out to"; just like mine do on these four temperament blobs. For the INFJ and ENFP, if their leadership temperament is really Supine instead of Phlegmatic; they will have a need of appreciation or recognition that may make them manipulative and react very hostile-like when they don't get it, and thus appear Choleric (even though that is the opposite temperament). Part of the hostility in an INFJ would come from the "directive" Melancholy, which for an N, is determined by Ni; and for the ENFP, from the Sanguine, which also has a hot temper, and can behave badly for attention.

    Here's one site that matches them th same way I do (including with the DiSC system):
    Temperament and Personality

    Here's one with a description of the 12 blends (two of them are listed twice, and there is one three way blend, for a total of 15:
    Profile Dynamics

    These do pretty much match very closely the comparison above, as do LaHaye's: The MelChlor's intensified anger and being hard to please, for instance, or the ChlorMel's industriousness, capability, making mincemeat of you if you don't get your facts straight; the MelSan's artisticness, the SanMel's emotionalism, the PhlegChlor's detachment, etc.

    This last site includes Melancholy-Phlegmatic-Choleric, which also sounds a lot like common INFJ descriptions; so if an NF (other than ENFJ) has Choleric, INTP has Melancholy; or any other type has an ill fitting Hippocratic temperament; they can look into that third area to see if that is where it lies (like in that example the Choleric does influence the other two). In that site, and LaHaye; it would just be a temperament coming in a strong third place percentage wise. But in APS, the third would be the Affection area.

    Here's also the thread on the similar five temperament test:
    Five Temperaments test!

    That was an informal version thrown together by a couple of bloggers, which is basically like this one; but with the addition of the fifth temperament. It doesn't break it down into Inclusion, Control and Affection, like the APS, or its parent, the FIRO-B, and are much more accurate. (One INTP not on this board took this test and came out Phlegmatic, Choleric and Melancholy, and an INFP came out Supine, Phlegmatic and Melancholy).
    APS Profile: Inclusion: e/w=1/6 (Supine) |Control: e/w=7/3 (Choleric) |Affection: e/w=1/9 (Supine)
    Ti 54.3 | Ne 47.3 | Si 37.8 | Fe 17.7 | Te 22.5 | Ni 13.4 | Se 18.9 | Fi 27.9

    Temperament (APS) from scratch -- MBTI Type from scratch
    Type Ideas

    "PERSONALITY MATRIX" on Facebook:

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