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Thread: Aura Color test

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    39% MentalTan, 50% Violet, 54% Green, 54% Lavender, 46% Magenta, 43% Blue, 36% NurturingTan, 57% Crystal, 43% Orange, 54% PhysicalTan, 46% LovingTan, 61% Indigo, 36% Red and 39% Yellow!


    61% Indigo!

    The reality of our world is a shifting, evolving, dynamic energy field. As part of this ecosystem, humanity is growing and developing. As the needs of the whole shift, changes need to be made in the parts that make up that whole. So it is with the auras. Anew color—Indigo—has emerged, with skills, talents, and physical characteristics significantly different from those of the other colors. At this time, most Indigos are still children or young adults. I see Indigo children as a new color invested with new talents and abilities that will be necessary for our evolution. These children have unique characteristics for which we can only guess the purpose. Parents of Indigo children have a special challenge-how to nurture and cultivate their unique children while at the same time helping them exist in the mainstream of contemporary society. The parents of some of these Indigo children will love and support their differences. Other Indigos will not be so lucky. [...] The significant thing about Indigos is that they have leadership capabilities unlike those we have heretofore experienced. They understand what it means to be a fully actualized human being without having been taught that concept. The most difficult thing for an Indigo to develop is patience and forbearance. Because they seem to have already grasped what it means to be authentic, they have little tolerance for others who struggle with this issue. Indigos are not without compassion. However, their form of compassion is to give other human beings time and space enough to find their own answers, to come to their own resolutions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yeghor View Post
    Lavender description sounds like Ne function.
    Which function/s do you think resembles the indigo description?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daenera View Post
    Which function/s do you think resembles the indigo description?

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    Your result for What Colour Is Your Aura Test ...
    71% Blue, 68% Crystal, 68% NurturingTan, 64% Lavender, 64% Magenta, 64% PhysicalTan, 57% MentalTan, 54% Green, 50% LovingTan, 50% Yellow, 43% Violet, 39% Red, 32% Indigo, and 29% Orange!

    Blues embody the characteristics of nurturing and caretaking. They are the Personality Spectrums color most concerned with helping other people. Whereas Nurturing Tans find their life's work in the community, Blues find value in being of service to individuals. Service is a form of altruism, a giving of oneself. It is the art of anticipating the needs of other human beings and ministering to those needs while at the same time allowing the individuals to maintain their dignity. In doing a kindness for a neighbor or performing an act of mercy for" patient, Blues feel fulfilled, valued, and of worth; they find ways to live their lives by giving. The greatest challenge for Blues is to know what they need to be happy and then to ask for it. Because they are so caught up in service to others, Blues often spend too little time and attention on their own spiritual and emotional growth activities. They must set limits and boundaries on their emotional, physical, and spiritual resources; they must be able to say no and mean it. Blues need to emulate the wise cook who returns a portion of the starter dough to the yeast pot for another day. In this way, Blues can maintain their personal power. They must learn how to husband their own internal resources by measuring them out and using some of their time and energy to renew themselves.
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    57% MentalTan, 50% Violet, 68% Green, 54% Lavender, 57% Magenta, 50% Blue, 21% NurturingTan, 54% Crystal, 39% Orange, 79% PhysicalTan, 61% LovingTan, 64% Indigo, 43% Red and 39% Yellow!

    Physical Tans are one of the three Eclipse Colors. An eclipse is different from an overlay. To have an eclipse in the aura means that the individual has two bands of color that completely surround the body, one outside the other. These two colors are interpreted as one color. This distinctive color pairing has its own character and personality style; it is not a marriage of the characteristics of the two colors that make up the combination. The two colors that make up Physical Tan are Mental Tan and Green. While Mental Tan and Green are both in the Mental Family of colors, the eclipse combination or the colors produces personality and character traits similar to those of the Yellow. Therefore, Physical Tan is one of the Physical (body) Personality Spectrums colors. Physical Tans experience themselves as the physical center of the three-dimensional world that surrounds them. Their bodies behave like sonar sensing devices. They are constantly sending out signals and absorbing the echoes, translating the messages physically so that they can then process them mentally. The strength of this color combination is that both components are independent, responsible, and willing to be their own authority. This means that people with this Eclipse Color tend to stand back and observe what is going on before they commit themselves. However, once committed, they are self-starters and initiators. They have a sense of their own individualism, which they hold as sacred. The greatest challenge for a Physical Tan is to develop flexibility. Their experience of life has reinforced their belief that in order to be loved, they must perform according to other people's expectations. To a Physical Tan, this means that they must carry out a task, fulfill an agreement, or deliver a product before they can experience acceptance and love. This tends to make them rigid and inflexible in their expectations of themselves and others. By understanding their own nature, they can come to know that there is a place for them in life, where they will have autonomy within the system.

    Meh I don't relate.

    'One of (Lucas) Cranach's masterpieces, discussed by (Joseph) Koerner, is in it's self-referentiality the perfect expression of left-hemisphere emptiness and a precursor of post-modernism. There is no longer anything to point to beyond, nothing Other, so it points pointlessly to itself.' - Iain McGilChrist

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    21% MentalTan, 39% Violet, 54% Green, 64% Lavender, 64% Magenta, 43% Blue, 39% NurturingTan, 68% Crystal, 39% Orange, 46% PhysicalTan, 36% LovingTan, 57% Indigo, 25% Red and 29% Yellow!

    Crystals are natural healers. They utilize energy to transform light into healing rays. They become the medium or the conduit through which healing passes. They are able to increase their personal, physical power to the point where they are able to cleanse the minds and souls so that physical healing can follow. Their biggest challenge is learning how to cope with the gift of healing. In order not to attract attention to themselves, Crystals become the chameleons of the spectrum, assimilating other colors into their aura in order to hide or protect themselves. They clutter up their own energy field when they do this, bringing harm to themselves. This act also confuses others. The challenge for Crystals is to learn to know themselves and what their special gifts are so that they do not have to disguise themselves through emotional camouflage.

    i didn't really like this test.

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    You Have More Than One Dominant Aura Colour!

    54% MentalTan, 64% Violet, 71% Green, 71% Lavender, 68% Magenta, 50% Blue, 32% NurturingTan, 57% Crystal, 39% Orange, 64% PhysicalTan, 46% LovingTan, 50% Indigo, 39% Red and 36% Yellow!

    • You scored 54% on MentalTan, higher than 48% of your peers.

    • You scored 64% on Violet, higher than 74% of your peers.

    • You scored 71% on Green, higher than 82% of your peers.

    • You scored 71% on Lavender, higher than 70% of your peers.

    • You scored 68% on Magenta, higher than 68% of your peers.

    • You scored 50% on Blue, higher than 33% of your peers.

    • You scored 32% on NurturingTan, higher than 12% of your peers.

    • You scored 57% on Crystal, higher than 34% of your peers.

    • You scored 39% on Orange, higher than 20% of your peers.

    • You scored 64% on PhysicalTan, higher than 58% of your peers.

    • You scored 46% on LovingTan, higher than 28% of your peers.

    • You scored 50% on Indigo, higher than 27% of your peers.

    • You scored 39% on Red, higher than 18% of your peers.

    • You scored 36% on Yellow, higher than 26% of your peers.

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    Your result for What Colour Is Your Aura Test ...
    50% MentalTan, 57% Violet, 79% Green, 68% Lavender, 57% Magenta, 61% Blue, 61% NurturingTan, 57% Crystal, 36% Orange, 43% PhysicalTan, 39% LovingTan, 50% Indigo, 50% Red and 61% Yellow!


    79% Green!

    Intellectually intense, and able to pare an idea to the bone—these are attributes of an analytical Green. Greens measure their own worth by their ability to be productive, generating countless ideas and projects, and by their creative ability, which allows them to devise innovative, workable solutions to problems. They are the planners, organizers,and strategists of the Personality Spectrums.Their greatest fear is that what they create and produce will not be good enoug hand they will be found lacking. This low sense of self-esteem leads Greens into an emotional box canyon where being perfect is seen as necessary to earn the love and respect of those around them. The major lesson that all Greens must learn is that life can be easy, elegant, and fun, but if they wish to live that kind of life, they must give up their emotional need to be perfect.

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    98 questions? This test is obnoxiously long.

    anyway, I got Lavender which I would say is fitting.
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    Holy hippie, Batman.
    Here's what I scored -

    82% Crystal, higher than 91% of other test takers. Pretty accurate (3rd?)
    79% Green, higher than 92% of other test takers. Most accurate description.
    75% NurturingTan, higher than 90% of other test takers. Not particularly accurate at all.
    75% Magenta, higher than 82% of other test takers. Second most accurate.
    71% Violet, higher than 87% of other test takers. Hell no - guilt riddled? Are you kidding me?
    68% PhysicalTan
    68% Indigo
    61% MentalTan
    57% Blue
    54% Lavender
    50% Orange
    29% Yellow!
    25% Red
    21% LovingTan

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