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    I don't fully agree with it, particularly not the low friends score, but here's what I got:

    Your Personal Bubble is Pretty Average.

    Based on your responses, you like to form relationships that are about average in closeness.

    How Close Do You Want to Be to Others?
    Friends - 26th percentile - low
    You want friendships that are low in closeness. You scored in the 26th percentile, which means that you want closer relationships than 26% of other people who've taken this exam online.

    People in General - 68th percentile - high
    You want to feel high closeness to people in general. Even for people who aren't great friends, you're more interested in potentially forming a close relationship with them than 68% of other people who've taken this exam online.

    Your Communication Style

    Intimacy - 63rd percentile - high
    Our Text Assessor technology used your descriptions of your memories to rate your communication style. You wrote more than average, and based on what you wrote, your communication style is high in intimacy. This means that you were willing to share high levels of information about yourself, which suggests that you prefer high levels of closeness with others.

    Warmth - 45th percentile - about average
    Text Assessor believes that your communication style is about average in being personable and positive. About 18% of the ideas that you wrote about seemed to be warm and cheerful.

    Negativity - 16th percentile - very low
    Text Assessor's analysis of the memories you wrote about revealed that you talked about memories that were very low in negativity. For example, the words you chose were 0% negative, and about 0% of the ideas expressed in your writings seemed to have negative themes.

    What Explains The Size of Your Bubble?
    Psychologists have found that people have different styles of forming relationships. These relationship styles are called attachment styles. Attachment styles are made up of two components: anxiety and avoidance. Anxiety refers to the extent that you worry that others won't like you or might abandon you. Avoidance refers to how much you dislike being too close to other people. People with different levels of anxiety and avoidance desire different levels of closeness in their relationships.

    Your Attachment Style
    Anxiety - 76th percentile - very high
    Avoidance - 34th percentile - low

    Your attachment style is preoccupied. People with this attachment style usually want to be very close to other people in order to feel safe and secure. But at the same time, preoccupied individuals are likely to worry that their friends and loved ones will abandon them.
    There are four attachment styles.

    Secure individuals have low anxiety and avoidance. For the most part, they form close, comfortable relationships.
    Preoccupied individuals have high anxiety and low avoidance. They like to feel close to other people, but may worry a lot about being abandoned in their relationships.
    Dismissing individuals have high avoidance and low anxiety. They want to maintain control in their relationships, and don't like it when other people get too close.
    Fearful-avoidant individuals have high avoidance and high anxiety. They may feel conflicting emotions in their relationships--wanting to feel close, but also fearing and disliking closeness.
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    Is it me, or are there a lot of repeats of the same questions? "I like being close to my partner." "I don't not like being close to my romantic partner." "Being close to my romantic partner is pleasing to me."
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