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    1. Right
    2. It's a Grizzly Bear and it's saying Good Bye to her children as it prepares for its crucifixion
    3. Bazooka
    4. I pick it up
    5. It's a big lake, deep, with a beautiful sunset reflecting off it, I'm there alone
    6. Rocky Mountains.

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    1. One day you decide to go for a hike in the country. After walking for a while, you come to a fork in the road, which way do you decide to go?
    wooded valley

    2. Farther down the path you chose, you suddenly came across a bear, describe what kind of bear it is and what it is doing as you approach it.
    it's a large brown bear that looks like it's about to attack if I come any closer

    3. As you look around, you discover that there is a gun on the ground nearby, what type of gun is it?
    a long rifle made of steel and brown wood

    4. Do you decide to pick up the gun or leave it on the ground?
    pick it up, for obvious reasons

    5. After making you decision, you continue down the path and arrive at a body of water, describe it in detail (size, shape, color, activity, etc.)
    small, deep blue, looks very pure, still water, rounded oval with a wavy perimeter

    6. Finally, as you stand there looking across the body of water, what lies on the other side of it?
    A field with tall green grass with mountains in the background

    Yawwwwn, my answers are so boring.


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    1. Right
    2. Skyrim bear making Skyrim bear noises.
    3. Glock machine pistol in black.
    4. Pick it up
    5. Small lake. Empty, round and blue.
    6. More woods are on the other side.

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