Hi – I’m new to Typology Central and thought I might be able to find some inquisitive minds here who could comment on a project I’m working on. I am exploring whether it might be possible to develop personality type scores for non-human subjects – specifically dog breeds.

I have an educational website called Rightpet http://www.rightpet.com/ where animal owners submit reviews of the pets and even working animals they’ve owned. Each review form is fairly detailed, and is animal appropriate. For instance, the dog review form includes 16 items, asking the owner to assign scores for temperament, trainability, health, barking, good with cats, good with children etc.

The direction I’d really like to take the site is people – pet matching. This would involve a few steps. First would be providing a human user personality type questionnaire. I’m thinking that a short version of the Big-5 Factors of Personality (OCEAN) might be good for this as it seems to be fairly highly regarded, and is open source / free (compared to the Myers-Briggs). Combined with a lifestyle and past pet ownership questionnaire (and any reviews submitted on RightPet) would theoretically provide a decent portrait of the person.

But then I need to match the person with dog breeds which share similar personality and lifestyle traits. (An obvious limitation to this is that there is great variety within each breed, but at this point I need to start the project with generalized breed characteristics.) Has anyone heard of Big 5 scores being assigned to dog breeds (I can’t seem to find this having been done)? And, perhaps a more important question – do you think it could even be done?

Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.
Brett Hodges (INTP on Myers-Briggs).