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    I scored as a seeker. The part about fleeing a dragon/problem is dead on. As for the rest... it works.

    46% Innocent, 33% Orphan, 29% Warrior, 33% Caregiver, 83% Seeker, 50% Lover, 63% Destroyer, 67% Creator, 60% Magician, 38% Ruler, 79% Sage and 63% Fool!
    >kill dragon
    What? With your bare hands?

    My life is a collection of defense mechanisms gone wrong.

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    Unique test.. Not sure what's so heroic about it though.

    You are the Orphan
    46% Innocent, 88% Orphan, 58% Warrior, 46% Caregiver, 88% Seeker, 75% Lover, 67% Destroyer, 50% Creator, 44% Magician, 46% Ruler, 67% Sage and 75% Fool!

    Goal: Regain safety
    Fear: Exploitation
    Response to Dragon/Problem: becomes victimized
    Task: Process and feel pain fully
    Gift: Interdependence, realism
    Addictions: Powerlessness, worrying, consumerism

    The Orphan is the disappointed idealist, the disillusioned Innocent. When the Oprhan is dominant in our lives, the world seems like a pretty hopeless place. The Orphan archetypes in each of us is activated by the experiences in which the child in us fells abandoned, betrayed, victimized, neglected, or disillusioned. To the degree that we do not acknowledge the Orphan inside us, that Orphan is abandoned by us as well as the world. The result is that this child is not only wounded, but very lonely. Orphans are often exiles or rebels. The task of the Oprhan is to band together with others and to both rebel against authority and nurture and care for one another. Orphans can often catalog the inadequacies of whatever institution or person you think might be able to help. In politics, the Orphan stage is the time we begin to develop the capacity to identify with the oppressed and seek solutions in unified, populist actions. Spiritually, it is the time of agnosticism.
    Shadow Side:
    Shadow Orphans are often subjects of self-orphaning. They betray their hopes and dreams because they see them as just the kind of innocence that is, in their minds, asking for disappointment, even though they often have highly developed skills. The Shadow Orphan may do something to provoke rejection simply to have a greater sense of control over life. We do not expect real happiness, so we settle for buying things. Orphans refuse traditional norms while conforming slavishly to outsider norms. Orphans are likely to develop a false persona to be safe from hurt. Any small failing is seen as a sign of their total inadequacy, and they collapse, berate themselves, or project the blame onto others. They have no knowledge that they could make a mistake and just keep going.
    Eventually such a person might find a niche in life as a victim—excusing unskilled interactions and performance as a result of early trauma or societal injustice, and using incompetence and weakness as a means to gain attention and care. Orphans may choose to become victimizers, feeling that least victimizers have more power and control than victims, thus tapping into the shadow side of the warrior.

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    You are the Magician.

    33% Innocent, 33% Orphan, 38% Warrior, 29% Caregiver, 71% Seeker, 54% Lover, 63% Destroyer, 54% Creator, 72% Magician, 54% Ruler, 58% Sage and 67% Fool!

    Goal: Transformation

    Fear: Evil sorcery

    Response to Dragon/Problem: Transform it

    Task: Align self with cosmos

    Gift: Personal power

    Addictions: Power, hallucinogenic or mind-altering drugs

    Magicians are intuitive to the point that they know things that they did not know they could know. The Magician sees the sacred as something immanent in us, nature, society, the earth, and the cosmos. Thus the Magician provides as sense of connectedness wit the whole and an understanding that what within us contains all that is outside ourselves. Magicians can align the body, mind and soul around a commitment to really let go of a pattern. In healing the self, the Magician learns how to heal others.

    Shadow Magician:

    If a Magician internalizes either’s voices and listen to the abusive voices in our own heads, we become subject to the Shadow Magician. By denying the power to heal and transform, a Shadow Magician is born. A Shadow Magician tends to act out in hostile and harmful ways, judging people harshly and making people feel like less than they are.

    Shadow Magicians use their charisma to control others. A Shadow Magician, though able to see and understand so much, chooses to deny the truth and avoid dealing with the matter before and in him/her.

    Shadow Magicians depend on Shadow Orphans as targets.

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    Necro Test!

    You are the Fool
    50% Innocent, 42% Orphan, 50% Warrior, 54% Caregiver, 71% Seeker, 54% Lover, 58% Destroyer, 71% Creator, 60% Magician, 46% Ruler, 50% Sage and 79% Fool!

    ***Goal: Enjoyment

    Fear: Nonaliveness

    Response to Dragon/Problem: Play tricks on it

    Task: Trust in the process

    Gift: Joy, freedom

    Addictions: Excitement, cocaine, alcohol

    The Fool is the archetype most helpful in dealing with the absurdities of the modern world and with faceless, amorphous modern bureaucracies– places where no one takes personal responsibility, rules are expected to be followed mo matter how absurd they might be, and the tables are incredibly stacked against individual effectiveness. A Jester does not merely provide entertainment, but also points out the failings of the kingdom to a wise Ruler. Thus, Fools are often the most serious archetype of all. The Fool often violates social norms in humourous ways to avoid provoking undue hostility.

    A Fool’s politics are anarchistic. Fools are resilient, and are willing to stand up and try again despite failing. The Fool enjoys the contest of the wits even in the most dangerous or offensive of circumstances, and hates being bored.

    Shadow Fool:

    When such energy is not allowed, it simply goes underground, and in doing so becomes negative, undermining force. The Shadow Fool delights in breaking rules, regardless of the consequences. Unbridled and undisciplined sensuality, madness, and multiple personalities or personas are usually the results of the force of the Shadow Fool. The Shadow Fool has an unrealistic vision of what is required for survival, emotions, and relationships and believes that in order to succeed at conventional norms, one must work all of the time, so there is no use in undertaking any conventional task.

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    considers saving results in purse for police officers to read....

    depressingly, remaining rather optimistic and denying stuff I don't like ARE habits of mine

    You are the Innocent
    83% Innocent, 25% Orphan, 42% Warrior, 71% Caregiver, 63% Seeker, 71% Lover, 63% Destroyer, 67% Creator, 52% Magician, 63% Ruler, 75% Sage and 83% Fool!

    Goal: remain in safety

    Fear: abandonment

    Response to Dragon/Problem: Deny or seek rescue

    Task: Fidelity, discernment

    Gift: Trust, optimism, loyalty

    Addictions: Consumerism, sugar, cheerfulness

    The Journey of the Innocent, in all its versions, begins in a kind of utopia, a safe, secure, peaceful, loving environment. Suddenly, we are thrown fro m that environment and enter a world where we are judged, where unfair discriminations are made, where conflict and violence are rampant and illusions are shattered.”

    The Innocent in each of us, however, knows that if that safe garden is possible anywhere or anytime, even if we personally never remember experiencing it, then it can be recreated sometimes, by someone.

    Only at the end of our journey are we Wise Innocents, knowing the whole breadth of life’s experiences, and choosing to create a peaceful, egalitarian world where all creatures can be known, honoured, and empowered.

    The Innocent also believes that it is important to stay defined by one’s persona and have no secrets from the world.

    Shadow Side:

    The Shadow side of the innocent wants to protect the innocent state by refusing the Fall, and can cause us to be in denial about our own actions. When healthy, Innocents transgress, forgive themselves, moderate their behaviour, and move on. Shadow innocents blame themselves if others violate their principles.

    How others will see you:

    Shadow Orphans will tempt the Innocent to cross the physical and metaphorical street and to flout the rules. The Shadow Warrior will wage war on the Innocent, criticizing unmercifully.

    The Shadow Caregiver will demand sacrifice and accuse the Innocent of selfishness if he or she shows the slightest regard for personal wishes or welfare.

    You will see others as:

    Seekers will be seen as heretics, Destroyers as enemies, Lovers as immoral seducers, and Creators as dangerous sources of hubris.
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elaur View Post
    Necro Test!
    I love that description of the "Fool" -- that they are often the most serious of all.

    I'm trying to think of movies or stories with the clown -- who finally drops the act for a second and says something really cutting and profound... showing him/herself more self-aware and concerned than was lead on. The only thing that comes to mind is a negative one. Stephen Rea in Interview With a Vampire (Shadow Fool?).

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    You are the Warrior.

    Goal: Win
    Fear: Weakness
    Response to Dragon/Problem: Slay/confront it
    Task: Fight only for what really matters
    Gift: Courage, discipline
    Addictions: Achievement, success

    The Warrior within each of us calls us to have courage, strength, and integrity; the capacity to make goals and to stick to them; and the ability to fight, when necessary, for ourselves or others. Anytime we stand up to an unfair authority or risk our livelihood for a principle, our Warrior side is active. A Warrior fights against injustice.

    Shadow Side:
    A Warrior that fights to preserve injustice has fallen to the Shadow side of the Warrior archetype. If the warrior behaviour is primitive, unpleasant, or unproductive or we are always crusading for something or always trying to enlist others then we have been possessed by our inner Warrior. In the most serious and negative manifestations, the desire to be above others is not checked by any humane feeling or higher values. This Shadow Warrior is competitive, but its striving is not related to any ideals or larger social purpose. The budding warrior has two major defenses: secrecy and strategic retreat. Good Warriors know that we should never enter a battle until we are prepared for it. When a Warrior is clearly overwhelmed by superior force, the Warrior retreats and takes time to rebuild strength. Perhaps they watch and learn new skills. Clever Warriors try to control the battle zone and do not fight until they are prepared enough to have a good chance of winning. The Best Warrior has the wisdom and the courage to know when and where to fight. The real problem with the Warrior archetype in today’s day and time is that many so-called Warriors are not true Warriors at all. They are Orphans, calming their own sense of powerlessness by trying to best or control others.

    Warriors that are not highly developed may find themselves fighting about everything. Warriors demand unremitting toughness in Orphans. Orphans often follow warriors and are willing to sacrifice their autonomy because they have no conscious ability to defend themselves. If a highly developed Caregiver is associated with a Warrior, the Warrior will fight willingly for the good of others.

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    apparently I am the Fool. Makes sense.

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    You are the Sage
    29% Innocent, 63% Orphan, 63% Warrior, 13% Caregiver, 83% Seeker, 25% Lover, 46% Destroyer, 92% Creator, 56% Magician, 67% Ruler, 100% Sage and 92% Fool!

    Goal: Truth

    Fear: Deception

    Response to Dragon/Problem: Transcend it

    Task: Attain enlightenment

    Gift: Wisdom, non-attachment

    Addictions: Being right, tranquilizers

    Sages have little or no need to control or change the world; they just want to understand it. The Sage’s path is the journey to find out the truth– about ourselves, our world, and the universe. However, it is not simply about finding knowledge, but about becoming wise. The challenge of the Sage is to decode the clue and solve the underlying riddle of existence. They seek to cultivate and attitude of dispassionate reflection so that they can experience real truth. The Sage merely watches the action, while looking for the underlying truth.

    Shadow Sage:

    The Shadow Sage is not so much unattached as cut off from reality. S/he is so obsessed by non-attachment that s/he cannot commit to people, projects, or ideas. Sometimes a Negative Sage deludes her/himself with the idea that his provides him/her with freedom, but s/he is not free at all. The negative Sage is addicted to being perfect and truthful and right and has no tolerance of normal human feelings or vulnerabilities. Such a Sage often tends towards ascetic practices and constantly derides the self or others for any sign of not being perfect.

    Shadow Sages also tend to try to make the world seem less mysterious by limiting the number of acceptable ways of perceiving reality. Such individuals are also incapable of acknowledging the way that their own subjective biases colour their supposedly rational findings. Shadow Sages typically want to control knowledge in such a way that it is not threatening by focusing on a style that correspond to their learning style. Knowledge, then, becomes a way of showing superiority to others. Their primary focus thus becomes not on the attainment of wisdom itself, but on the evaluation of others. Whatever relative truth they have discovered is identified with absolute truth, and their primary focus is in guarding this truth from assaults by the barbarians.
    I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower. The TV was obviously on. I used to fly myself and I said, "There's one terrible pilot."
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    I am the lover. I scored as high on sage, and it says 'Most of the other Archetypes, especially the Orphan and the Sage, will be very critical of the Lovers ability to surrender their control for their passions.'

    Maybe I consider the lover and the sage two different organs of my spirit, that try to complete eachother, like smell and taste do.

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