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    1. Sexuality (15 votes) 2. Success (14 votes) 3. Intimacy (11 votes) 4. Extravagance (10 votes) 5. Confidence (10 votes) 6. Trust (9 votes) 7. Aggressiveness (9 votes) 8. Fun (7 votes) 9. Spirit (7 votes) 10. Transcendence (5 votes) 11. Optimism (5 votes) 12. Resilience (5 votes) 13. Popularity (4 votes) 14. Harmony (3 votes) 15. Depth (3 votes) 16. Altruism (3 votes)
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    1. Fairness (11 votes)
    2. Happiness (11 votes)
    3. Wisdom (10 votes)
    4. Intelligence (8 votes)
    5. Kindness (7 votes)
    6. Integrity (6 votes)
    7. Adaptability (5 votes)
    8. Openness (5 votes)
    9. Warmth (5 votes)
    10. Intimacy (4 votes)
    11. Perseverance (2 votes)
    12. Beauty (2 votes)
    13. Cleverness (2 votes)
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    Dear god that took forever. And for some reason, as time went on, I started to feel contempt for certain values and began to think I'm a terrible person. It must be some sort of Fi guilt for choosing between 2 important values.

    Anyway, I suppose this is a terribly INFP list.

    1. Integrity
    2. Fairness
    3. Compassion
    4. Honesty
    5. Empathy
    6. Open-mindedness
    7. Mindfulness
    8. Generosity
    9. Curiosity
    10. Insightfulness
    11. Imagination
    12. Peace
    13. Creativity
    14. Flexibility
    15. Wisdom
    16. Commitment
    17. Love
    18. Originality
    19. Liberty
    20. Independence
    21. Courtesy
    22. Humility
    23. Composure
    24. Humor
    25. Discretion
    26. Perseverance
    27. Warmth
    28. Respect
    29. Harmony
    30. Gratitude
    31. Happiness
    32. Sacrifice
    33. Passion
    34. Adventure
    35. Friendliness
    36. Enthusiasm
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    Quote Originally Posted by EJCC View Post

    Ooh, pragmatism. I should have picked that one, too.
    I had picked a lot of good ones on my first try, but then I would have had something like 1500 word pairs to sort through--so I just skimmed the list on my second try.

    I think this test would be well-served if the second page was organized into similar values so that you could cull them easier.

    The Big Five works on clusters of similar concepts/ideas/words. So, as it stands, for this test, choosing a bunch of related words would be a great way to illuminate what you think in general--but if you don't have incentive to choose those related words since it creates a shitton of work for you, then you're dictating the answer upfront. That is, if you choose only 10 words on the first page, you know that those are your values.

    That is, I already know that I value empathy, excellence, wisdom, and drive. But I had to pare down the list and also sacrifice some values that I know that I have.

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    Not sure how accurate this is, as last night when I started doing this I had way more values / wasn't initially trying to whittle them all down to just 10-15, but anyway... here's my whittled-down version

    1. Honesty (11 votes)
    2. Wisdom (11 votes)
    3. Insightfulness (10 votes)
    4. Happiness (9 votes)
    5. Curiosity (9 votes)
    6. Balance (9 votes)
    7. Love (8 votes)
    8. Growth (7 votes)
    9. Peace (7 votes)
    10. Excellence (7 votes)
    11. Creativity (5 votes)
    12. Beauty (4 votes)
    13. Accomplishment (4 votes)
    14. Intelligence (2 votes)
    15. Self-control (2 votes)
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    Quote Originally Posted by INTP View Post
    wtf. i spent shit loads of time in the first step, now it wants me to vote one over another 23653 fucking times, because i chose 218 values, which were actually like 5 things multiple times.. not going to do that..

    kudos for who ever built the test lol
    I think this test shows I have weak Fi. I initially went through the list, checking almost everything because they all seem kind of important. It would be next to impossible for me to pare it down to just 10. Then I got to the second stage and said screw it!
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    Results of your ranking:
    Based on your previous voting, here is the list of your values ranked by importance.

    1. Inspiration (28 votes)
    2. Reason (25 votes)
    3. Truth (23 votes)
    4. Sincerity (23 votes)
    5. Intuitiveness (21 votes)
    6. Logic (21 votes)
    7. Perceptiveness (20 votes)
    8. Intuition (19 votes)
    9. Wonder (19 votes)
    10. Intelligence (17 votes)
    11. Love (17 votes)
    12. Growth (16 votes)
    13. Imagination (16 votes)
    14. Drive (15 votes)
    15. Trust (15 votes)
    16. Inventiveness (15 votes)
    17. Flow (14 votes)
    18. Teamwork (13 votes)
    19. Accomplishment (13 votes)
    20. Skillfulness (12 votes)
    21. Spontaneity (12 votes)
    22. Expertise (11 votes)
    23. Accuracy (9 votes)
    24. Elegance (8 votes)
    25. Beauty (8 votes)
    26. Correctness (7 votes)
    27. Prudence (7 votes)
    28. Commitment (6 votes)
    29. Affluence (3 votes)
    30. Loyalty (2 votes)
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    1. Supremacy (19 votes)
    2. Imagination (18 votes)
    3. Transcendence (17 votes)
    4. Clarity (16 votes)
    5. Intelligence (15 votes)
    6. Curiosity (15 votes)
    7. Security (14 votes)
    8. Serenity (25 votes)
    9. Solitude (20 votes)
    10. Logic (9 votes)
    11. Reflection (9 votes)
    12. Elegance (8 votes)
    13. Pleasure (7 votes)
    14. Perfection (9 votes)
    15. Ambition (5 votes)
    16. Mastery (3 votes)

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    My list, which partway through I realized could have probably been reduced further to about 15 qualities....

    Based on your previous voting, here is the list of your values ranked by importance.

    1. Resilience (20 votes)
    2. Curiosity (19 votes)
    3. Adaptability (19 votes)
    4. Courage (18 votes)
    5. Approachability (17 votes)
    6. Open-mindedness (17 votes)
    7. Insightfulness (17 votes)
    8. Depth (16 votes)
    9. Self-reliance (15 votes)
    10. Clarity (13 votes)
    11. Humor (12 votes)
    12. Dependability (11 votes)
    13. Selflessness (10 votes)
    14. Integrity (9 votes)
    15. Grace (8 votes)
    16. Kindness (8 votes)
    17. Sensitivity (6 votes)
    18. Candor (6 votes)
    19. Articulacy (5 votes)
    20. Potency (3 votes)
    21. Efficiency (3 votes)
    22. Loyalty (1 votes)
    23. Conviction (0 votes)
    LOL, Conviction got no votes!!!! (AKA vote of no confidence)
    ...That's rich.

    Thought it was interesting because you can see the "N trait" dominating over some of the "T traits", which in turn rank higher than the "F traits".

    Interestingly, Resilience and Courage are very high on my list as well.

    I would have merged Approachability and Open-Mindedness, I think.

    Love also does not show up on my list despite being the most coveted value by voters. To me, that term is just so vague.

    Quote Originally Posted by bologna View Post
    I think this test would be well-served if the second page was organized into similar values so that you could cull them easier.
    Yeah, really.

    I literally had 150-200 words, I'd bet.
    I just cleared them all, and then went through that huge list and picked my top 20 or so.
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    Woah, I started that test and found it overwhelming on the 2nd screen when I had to try to eliminate duplicates. Maybe I'll try again later...
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