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    Default Children's MBTI type tests

    At we offer MBTI-type tests, entirely free for children ages 4-8 years and 9-12 years, as well as for adults. Child tests are answered by the parent or parents. Just go to the nav bar and click Temperament Sorters.

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    Cool! If I had a kid, I'd take one for him.

    But for now, I'm going to "be bold" and take the adult one.

    I got this thing:
    Your ratings:
    I'm pretty impressed with the way the results are laid out--it's very accessible and tells 'newcomers' what the type actually means and how it fits in.

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    When I was 8 and took one of these children's tests I got 4 types, each Introverted and Thinking, but it did not say which one. Those were just potential options.

    A child taking an adult test definitely could get mistyped, for example, what kind of kid uses paradoxes and metaphors, or what kind of kid makes sure events are coordinated in a timely manner? N and P could easily be misdiagnosed in my opinion. A children's test should hopefully be far more accurate.

    As a 10 year old taking an adult test I got ISTP, however the above information puts that typing into question.

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    I took the adult and the child test trying to remember my childhood behavior to the best of ability and the results came out quite different. Most pronounced is the difference between T/F scores.

    As a child, I came out ISTJ. Clear on I, slight on S and J and strong on T. As an adult, I get INFJ. Strong I, clear N and F, slight J. So once again, I'm questioning my INTP self-typing.

    As a child I was a pretty hardcore T. I said what was on my mind regardless of whether or not it hurt someone's feelings. I was brutally honest, valuing truth over tact and fairness above just about everything else. I also had Asperger syndrome so I would be oblivious to things like social cues, so I may have been an F all along but Aspergers made me look more T. I also valued smartness and competence over niceness. Given the choice today, I'd still prefer to be smart and competent but I do value niceness highly as well.

    I'm answering many of the questions that I would have answered T as a child as F today. I've come to be alot more considerate and polite and in general it's more important to be kind to others than to be right. I think gender pressures and environment may have something to do with it. Also I've always been sensitive to what others think of me and get hurt easily by slights. That has not changed.

    I've also shifted more towards the N side. As a child, I saw myself as more realistic than imaginative. I preferred more realistic stories to imaginative ones. I preferred facts to theories. I also could have cared less the underlying principles as to why things worked. I just cared that they worked. My teachers would tell me that I was good at memorizing facts but have more trouble when things were less literal and more abstract. I took things too literal and absolutely dreaded things like creative writing. On the other hand, I my parents thought I was creative and had lots of good ideas and my ideas were not always the most practical. I was also future oriented even back then. Sometimes I'd be so absorbed in some idea that I wouldn't see what was going on right in front of me. That part of me has not changed. As an adult though, I'm generally more interested in theories than facts but like both. I love thinking about the possibilities for things and alot more open to change. I've also discovered an interest in fantasy fiction and sci-fi. I still don't get most poetry though.

    I was pretty introverted as a child but even more so now. I didn't realize as a child I was introverted but the signs were there. I think sometimes I would have been content eating lunch alone but I always tried to eat lunch with someone else because there was a stigma to eating alone. I remember spending long periods of time alone in my room contentedly on some favorite hobby. There were times where I could be very talkative and outspoken but these were usually on areas of real interest to me or things I felt strongly about. I also didn't like just jumping into new situations and generally thought first before doing something.

    The J was and still is a bit iffy. As a child I tried very hard to follow the rules and turn my homework in on time. Yet I was a terrible procrastinator and needed prodding to get motivated. I'm much better today about setting timetables and now I get an early start on projects to avoid the last-minute crunch. As a child I was disorganized with most of belongings and treated them rather carelessly. However I could be excessively organized in areas of interest. For example if I had a collection, that might be meticulously organized. As a child I was rather inflexible about changes in plans. I took plans as definite and I would be upset if there was a change, especially if it was something I looked forward too. This is very different to how I am today. I rarely get upset by changes in plans and usually put some built-in flexibility in plans. Also I'm far more organized with my belongings and while I had a messy room as a child, I can't stand having a messy room as an adult. As a child I saw many things as black or white. Nowdays I see everything in shades of grey.

    Is is possible I've mistyped myself?

    Some of the ways I was as a child were not at all typical of INTP but then again Asperger syndrome may have made me extra literal and inflexible.

    Anyone else get very different test results as a child then as an adult?
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    The 9-12 year old me was apparently an ENTJ.

    idk. I remember being an asshole though.
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    Answering for myself at age 5:

    •Intuition--Very Strong
    •Perceiving--Very Strong

    Answering for age 10:

    •Intuition--Very Strong
    •Perceiving--Very Strong

    I've softened up the T in my older years And like now, always with the N and the P. Could not find a thing in my room, and though I had some sensing tendencies in elementary school, I was totally "out there" before elementary school age - not only had imaginary friends at age 4 but drew them and attempted to show what they symbolized, only for them to move to someplace like Alaska a couple weeks later.

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    I took child 4-8, and probably got a more accurate answer because the questions were worded by unique scenarios:

    Your child's Preferences are:◦Introversion (Strong)
    ◦Sensing (Slight)
    ◦Feeling (Clear)
    ◦Perceiving (Clear)

    •The core Temperament is Sensing/Perceiving
    •The Type is ISFP◦(Introversion, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving)

    I took adult test, and got the predicatable MBTI answer:

    • Your Preferences are:◦Introversion (Slight)
    ◦Intuition (Slight)
    ◦Feeling (Slight)
    ◦Perceiving (Strong)

    •Your core Temperament is Intuition/Feeling (NF)
    •Your Type is INFP ◦(Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perceiving)

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    I took the test as I would at age 5:
    I: slight
    N: very strong
    F: clear
    P: very strong

    based on these questions, I probably would have scored almost completely T if I were answering as my current self, but my younger self was a sensitive little cuddle bug
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    This test tells me I'm an NT.
    Currently submerged under an avalanche of books and paper work. I may come back up for air from time to time.
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    Did it for myself and it came out ENFP (age 4), and for my 12 year old son it came out INFP with a very close call on the T/F... actually though i think it would have been better if he answered the questions himself as i may have projected a little unwittingly.
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