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    Default won't let me copy. :/
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
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    You're a Striver.
    Ambitious and focused, your career is clearly a really important part of your life. You love working as part of a team. You're a natural communicator and have great emotional intelligence, so you know how to tune in to group dynamics.You have tons of infectious energy and lots of natural enthusiasm. You tend to be committed when it comes to achieving your goals in life. You set high standards for yourself and others and like to keep your eye on the prize. Resourcefulness is definitely one of your finest strengths. When you get excited about something, you have the confidence and passion to inspire all those around you. Every now and then, it can feel like everything's a bit too much and you could use a helping hand... or three! Just remember, you're not alone - you have a great group of friends who'll be happy to support you and get you through when times are tough.When it comes to making positive change, it's important to figure out what fulfills you. Try making a list that visualizes a day in which you would feel happy and content. You may discover the most surprising things about what you want in life. Life's all about options. Allow yourself to be excited by possibility and potential. Try not to push to know the answer all the time. There will be lots of twists and turns in life. Rather than wishing away the journey, try to live in the moment and enjoy every bump in the road! Challenge yourself to try new experiences and live life to the fullest. Remember that you can't be upbeat and outgoing 100 percent of the time. It's okay to tune out and look inward every now and again. In fact, we encourage it! For a lively people-person like you, it's especially important to balance out the "up" times with some quiet and reflective downtime. You can't expect yourself to run on all cylinders 100 percent of the time.

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    Spirit: Energizer
    You're an Energizer. Open-minded and curious, you tend to be positive and upbeat. You're a good listener, and your friends often rely on you for advice and support in good times and bad.You're well-rounded with a healthy attitude about life. Your passion and enthusiasm mean you thrive on new experiences and ideas. You value original thought and have a strong appreciation for arts and culture. Variety is definitely the spice of your life, and you thrive on having lots of different activities to sustain your interest.Things might be feeling a bit monotonous at the moment. You could probably do with shaking things up and having a break from your usual routine.When it comes to bringing positive change to your life, don't try to move mountains. Baby steps are definitely the way forward. For example, if you'd like to lose weight, don't set yourself up to fail with unrealistic goals. Be kind to yourself and remember that slow and steady wins the race.You can be busy and constantly on the go. For you, it's important to find time to listen to your inner voice. Broaden your horizons so you don't stagnate, but also try to make sure you leave some gaps in your busy schedule to recharge those batteries. It's easy for you to fly from one full-on activity to another without any downtime. But it's in the quieter moments that we really get to know ourselves and our inner truth. Make sure the pace doesn't stop you from having honest moments of contemplation.You really enjoy the buzz you get from feeling connected to others. And no more so than with your partner. A loving relationship is a huge source of strength and support for you in life.

    Relationships: Passionate
    Finding the right partner is just the beginning. It will enable you to live up to your full potential. With your soul mate at your side, you'll feel ready to let your hair down once and for all.You're a deeply passionate person and will go to extreme lengths for love. You're naturally open and find it easy to make connections. It's all about intuition and chemistry and being swept off your feet. Love means opening yourself up to intense experiences that you'll remember for the rest of your life. You are expressive and sensual and, so making a strong physical connection is important to you. It feels really good to lose yourself in the moment. There's nothing like being in love to put a smile on your face, butterflies in your stomach and a spring in your step.

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    Spirit - Energizer

    Relationships - Warm Heart

    Money - balanced and focused

    Health - on the right track

    Food - simple and uncomplicated

    Home - need to visualize your dream life

    Entertainment - reading

    Style - sophisticated and classic

    Travel - love to discover new things and experience new places

    Very accurate! (except for home life, which I actually have a good idea of)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    You're a Harmonizer

    You're a Harmonizer. You're ambitious and determined with impressive energy levels. When you decide that you want something, you put your mind to achieving it.Reliable and trustworthy, you seek harmony and balance in your life. You forge strong, long-lasting friendships, and your friends value your honesty and frank opinions. You tend to value routine and security.Sometimes life can get on top of you and it seems like you're on your own. Don't forget that your friends are always there for you, and will offer all the support you need. Don't give in to your natural tendency to hibernate when you're feeling low.When it comes to bringing positive change to your life, don't try to move mountains. Baby steps are definitely the way forward. For example, if you'd like to lose weight, don't set yourself up to fail with unrealistic goals. Be kind to yourself and remember that slow and steady wins the race.Have you ever written a list of your positive features or asked your friends to do the same? It's a great exercise, and it might just surprise you. As a Harmonizer, it's important to learn to trust your intuition and to know that everything will work out for the best. Learn to say yes to new experiences from time to time. Your confidence and self-belief will continue to grow. Sometimes a challenge or a change of scene could be just what you need.You have a strong ability to connect to your inner essence and listen to your heart. Even if you have a busy schedule, make sure you have the confidence to carve out that space for yourself. It'll definitely pay off in the long run.









    Wow, actually very accurate!
    Yeah, curious if you read each other's results and find they are mostly the same reminds me of [YOUTUBE=""]this[/YOUTUBE]
    To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.
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