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    According to your score, you appear to be very good roommate material. You seem to be well aware of the rules of roommate “etiquette”, and understand well the golden law of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". You respect and communicate with your roommate(s), and when difficulties arise, you are willing and able to compromise. Although this doesn’t mean you’ll never have conflicts with your roommate(s), your score does indicate that you’ll most likely deal with them in a healthy manner. Just make sure however, that you aren’t pushing this whole etiquette thing a little too far. If you find yourself having to constantly pick up the slack when it comes to chores or paying bills, then your roommate may be taking a little more from your “cohabitation relationship” than she/he is giving.


    In reality, I mostly suck at doing my share of the housework, but I'm ok on the respecting privacy/need for quiet thing. much smoke pouring out of each chromosome.

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    It's seems Aeon and Tovlo would be great roommates... Kekekeke.

    I scored 77. I've lived with over 20 roommates in 4 different residences, not including dorms and co-ops where I've had conflicts with people over noise.

    I know realistically I make an AWESOME roommate, I am very accomodating, realistic, and communicative. Stress on 'realistic'. Living with people is a constant, ongoing give and take and compromise. There is no way you get to have it absolutely your preferential way 100% of the time. And you are not doing anyone a favor by living with them (unless you offer free or drastically reduced rent out of the goodness of your heart).

    From experience, if anything I am too compromising b/c I don't want to live and share close quarters with some potentially psycho person who hates me. I can get along well with 70% of the population in terms of cohabitation, but from my humble experience, about 30% are way too controlling and demanding of the shared environment, too indigent/financially unreliable, too immature/irresponsible, or just plain nutty/unpleasant for my tastes.

    I might really enjoy their social company or their friendship, but doesn't mean I'd enjoy living with them. I have learned this from hard experience.

    A lot of people frankly suck as roommates, and especially so of the 30 and under crowd. Some 20 year olds don't have enough life experience with responsibility or ownership to even get the concept that physical environments and 'other people's stuff' deserves respect and to be handled with care. Many people also confuse a little bit of kindness for much more and try to take advantage of you. And most people are NOT communicative and hold in a lot, only to explode later or try to use it against you when they have no right to. You can only address an issue when you know it's an issue. And many people assume their habits and standards and expectations are universal, or else don't bring it up before the lease is signed b/c they are afraid of not getting the rental. BIG MISAKE b/c all the unreconcilable differences come out later -- much, much later in the middle of cohabitation and a lease and it gets ugly.

    And it's MUCH easier to be a good roommate rather than get people to be good roommates to you. A little overlap but very different skill sets.

    It's the difference between being feared and being loved.
    “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.” ― Oscar Wilde

    "I'm outtie 5000" ― Romulux


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    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze View Post
    It's seems Aeon and Tovlo would be great roommates... Kekekeke.
    "We don't see things as they are,
    we see things as we are."
    ...Anais Nin

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    78. (and kicks whatever and kiddo out). Though in reality, I think I'd have a lot of fun rooming with whatever and kiddo. hmmz. I guess a high scorer should pair with a low scorer for optimal compatibility (and stories) no?

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    80! I guess you learn a lot having the same roommate for nine years.
    Everybody have fun tonight. Everybody Wang Chung tonight.


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    I'd prefer to live alone though or with one person I'm close to.

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    Currently I have about 36 "roommates", It's not as fun as it sounds.
    I'm doing science and I'm still alive

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    74 ..

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    73. i've been house-broken by aelan. and what was not house-broken, was taken care of by the years of backpacking.

    aside... i'd lock everything private if i roomed with whatever, given her answers.

    You gave me hyacinths first a year ago;
    They called me the hyacinth girl.
    Yet when we came back, late, from the Hyacinth garden,
    Your arms full, and your hair wet, I could not
    Speak, and my eyes failed, I was neither
    Living nor dead, and I knew nothing,
    Looking into the heart of light, the silence.

    --T.S Eliot, The Wasteland

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    though I don't understand the milk question, everyone buys their own milk, so that would never come up. I did answer go buy more after breakfast since a 7-11 is attach to the building and all I have to do is go down stairs if It wasn't I probably would have put a different answer. I guess maybe some people share milk with their room mates I never have. I mean I share but it's more like "I'm out of ____ do you have ____?" and if I do let them take some of mine. or do you mind if I use some ranch? etc etc.

    and the jacket question, I mean if you aren't really friends with your room mate you probably wouldn't track her down on the phone but me and one of my room mates happens to be really close and neither one of us would mind if the other called to ask to borrow something.

    I really rather live alone actually.
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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