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    Test 1/

    You are like Kate. You are beautiful but indecisive. You run away from troubles and have a hard time opening up to people. You act tough on the outside, but you have an inner soft spot....especially for handsome men.
    Test 2/

    You scored 72% kindness, 50% courage, 55% seedy past, and 72% secretiveness!

    "No girl's just like me."

    You are Kate. You are caring, brave, stubborn, and persistent. You have a checkered past that haunts you. You have yet to tell anyone the truth about pretty much anything, which is certainly not healthy. If you think Jack will judge you harshly, go tell Sawyer or Sun. You're a tough cookie, but everyone has feelings. Start being more honest with the others, and you'll be right as rain.

    Your polar opposite is: Walt You are similar to: Sawyer and Charlie.

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    I don't need to do that test to knw that I'am Sawyer.
    EsTP 6w7 Sx/Sp

    Chaotic Neutral

    E=60% S=55% T=70% P=80%

    "I don't believe in guilt, I only believe in living on impulses"

    "Stereotypes about personality and gender turn out to be fairly accurate: ... On the binary Myers-Briggs measure, the thinking-feeling breakdown is about 30/70 for women versus 60/40 for men." ~ Bryan Caplan

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    The 1st test will not load for me and the 2nd test said Jin.

    You scored 40% kindness, 61% courage, 50% seedy past, and 41% secretiveness!

    "Well. . . Your father. . . Your father gave permission."

    You are Jin. You are not exactly a kind person, but you are courageous, stubborn, and strong. You are a good worker and provider, but you must keep in mind that hard work will not get you everything you want in life! Hopefully if you learn some English and let Sun have some breathing room, things will start looking up.

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