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    The best concept to describe the focus of this state is Knowledge.

    It is the state of knowledge and curiosity. It represents a psyche that is physically and emotionally relaxed, but rationally flexible. We are in this state when we want to learn and contemplate concepts and reasons. We are not satisfied with a simple answer or rules, and this ability opens the door to new ideas and questions. It makes us eager to know and conceive things.

    By definition, this is the state of focus in abstraction, conception and dispassion. Its main characteristic is the grasp of concepts and information, and avoiding physical or emotional stress. This defines our understanding of abstract ideas without constriction, misguidance or distraction by immediate physical demands or emotional appreciations.

    Archetype: Researcher
    People who have a constant tendency to this state focus on information, and are not prone to physically demanding activities unless they apply knowledge. For them, being knowledgeable is more pressing than being authoritative or emotional. They may be procrastinators and constant researchers, as they are interested in progressively learning and conceiving things. They have low patience for whimsical details about likes and dislikes; their emotional values are mostly dictated by personal preferences or objective interests. They avoid physical struggle and drama. However, their curiosity leads them to new fields to explore, activities to engage in, and emotional connections to form; but, this interest can be sporadic or subjective to an intellectual pursue.

    People that are strongly conceptual have a purely inquisitive mind, and do not focus on physical feats or emotional challenges. They are conversational, good listeners, but not necessarily determined to reach resolutions or convictions; they are more open to data and possibilities. They like encyclopedias, language systems, investigation and science, and tend to be human dictionaries. They may be fascinated with ideas, but may struggle with charisma. They are practical but may lack physical alertness or coordination, which makes them attracted to gadgets and systems to accomplish tasks.

    Tendencies towards introversion:
    Abstraction cultivates timidity and awkwardness; prompting self-reliance.
    Dispassion cultivates aloofness and disinterest; prompting self-absorption.
    More references about this state:
    3DPsyche's color: Forest
    Topographic Map area: Field
    MBTI approximation: *NTP

    "Avoid getting too preoccupied thinking about what you’re going to do, to actually do it."
    — Rachel Wolchin


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    The best concept to describe the focus of this state is Mood.

    Archetype: Entertainer

    More references about this state:
    3DPsyche's color: Purple
    Topographic Map area: Club
    MBTI approximation: ESFP
    Time You Enjoy Wasting is Not Wasted Time - Marthe Troly-Curtin,
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    The best concept to describe the focus of this state is Communication.

    It is the state of openness and sociability. It represents a psyche that is physically, rationally and emotionally flexible. We are in this sate when we engage in activities in accordance with our social environment; when we are looking for middle grounds and getting involved, but not looking to be devoted to anything. We focus on outreach and versatility itself. This state is not into reclusion or introversion.

    By definition, this is the state of sensation, conception and inspiration. Its main characteristic is sensing the surroundings for ideas, pondering about emotions, and being inspired by present events. This defines our ability to fully connect with the moment, on a physical, rational and emotional level. But it also makes us susceptible to it.

    Archetype: Communicator.
    People who have a strong tendency to this state are hip, popular and clever, but could be perceived as try-hard, two-faced or lacking identity by more introverted or particular types. However, they simply enjoy to participate and be part of the action and subject matter, and hardly desire to become strong followers or leaders, but enjoy feeling informed and involved. They tend to connect everyone, and specialize in this by practicing many tradesor sports, knowing little bits of everything, and trying to accept others and be accepted—feel at home everywhere. Popularity may put them in a leadership position, but they may shift the direction of an enterprise for no other purpose than diversity and outreach; which in many cases is appropriate, but could distract from particular goals or interests.

    People that are strongly social like to feel surrounded by all kinds of people and things. They are not simply looking for fun or physical pleasure. They enjoy different crowds—parties, book readings, religious gatherings or business—unless these are extreme or constant. They are constantly looking for points of views, more than agreements. They can be easily influenced, but are even greater influencers. They concentrate in the combine experience of themselves and others.

    More references about this state:
    3DPsyche's Color: Gray.
    Topographic Map Area: Plaza.
    Mbti Approximation: ENFJ.
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    Sentimental State

    The best concept to describe the focus of this state is Feeling.

    Archetype: Poet

    Tendencies towards introversion:
    Abstraction cultivates timidity and awkwardness; prompting self-reliance.
    Instinction cultivates arbitratity and rebelliousness; prompting self-confidence.
    Valuation cultivates particularities and sensibility; prompting self-absorption.

    3DPsyche's color: Blue
    Topographic Map area: Auditorium
    MBTI approximation: INFP

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