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    Elemental State; Abstraction, Instinction, and Dispassion. (associated with IxxP temperament, the color Black, and the Wilderness (on the Topographic Map.)

    The best concept to describe the focus of this state is Serenity.

    This is the state of balance and relaxation. It represents a psyche that is physically, rationally and emotionally relaxed. We are in this state when resting, unworried or carefree about strong desires, rationalizations or disturbances. We try to avoid rigor, fascination or obsession. This can be expressed through irreverence, contemplation or complacency. It is the state of non-compulsive focus on any particular physical, emotional or rational tendency, but equally in all.
    By definition, this is the state of focus in abstraction, instinction and dispassion. Its main characteristic is being able to avoid physical, rational and emotional stress. This defines our ability to achieve total relaxation.

    Archetype: Monk ~ People who have a constant tendency to this state believe that most things others stress about are unnecessary. They look for personal balance, this is their specialization. They may focus on health habits, sleep, contemplation, meditation and tending specific physical work, training and needs. Their ability to keep things simple possesses an intriguing way to inspire, give new strengths, perspectives or ideas. They can be very insightful about purely physical, rational or emotional matters, and not so much with social, professional or business related ones. They may struggle to avoid seeming unproductive, negligent, or disrespectful. When things get too tense or futile, they can restart and search for new horizons with optimism, which can be fruitful, or the basis of constant wandering. Their nature could also be that of rebels or anarchists.

    People that are strongly elemental tend to emotional affairs that are not too passionate, unless they are intimate. They may bond as they go and may detach as well, but they develop very personal infatuations. They have a clear idea of the things that please them and the ones that don’t, but do not focus on promoting their values, or demand social ambition or glory. They have low interest in industry, unless it is personal, individual and habitual work. They avoid analysis, unless it is abstract and personal; this means that science, chess and crosswords puzzles, even philosophy, might be attractive, but not law, etiquette, professional and social norms. They are not prone to emotional displays, and tend to make decisions without stress, but under pressure, they can be considered aggressive, stubborn or selfish—sticking to their rebellious nature.

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    This time, I got Instructional/INTJ. I don't know if I'm that structured but you could argue I'm not really unstructured either...
    "Speak softly and carry a big stick."

    --Theodore Roosevelt

    “Be careful, lest in casting out your demon you exorcise the best thing in you.”

    --Friedrich Nietzche

    I have a Johari again

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    Conceptual | 3D Psyche
    I loved this test, INxP according to this.

    Of course it is happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?
    -J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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    Imperial State - 90%

    The best concept to describe the focus of this state is Resposability.

    It is the state of determination and duty. It represents a psyche that is physically, rationally and emotionally tense. In it we are prepared to act towards a predetermined goal. We have no time for banalities, and feel deeply involved, pro or con, with everything. It is not really socially extroverted, but socially committed.

    By definition, this is the state of focus in action, regulation and valuation. Its main properties are bringing principles to action, passion to order, and value to industry. This defines our ability to carry on our ideals with conviction and sense of duty.

    Archetype: Emperor

    people who have a constant tendency to this state love being productive, are passionate about order, and religious about habits. They tend to achieve relaxation through control. They are committed, and remain focused on their duties even on vacation. Others would think they make a big event out of trivial things, or stress unnecessarily. They are effective in carrying out any enterprise, as they struggle to cover every subject. They may tend to feel righteous; this can make them the most decisive and successful people, but the less likely to question their goals. They are bound for leadership. They enjoy acknowledging merits, inspiring others, having strong adversaries, power and victory.

    People that are strongly imperial like to analyze things thoroughly, but are passionate about their feelings, beliefs, likes and dislikes; this may constrict analysis towards a particular goal. Also, they are eager to act, and this limits patience. They look at the greater good or big picture, but are lenient towards customs, routines and personal preferences. They have great focus, and thus a tunneled view. This combination results in great achievements, but they must beware not to lead arbitrarily. They tend to be philosophic when relaxed, passionate when having fun, and industrious when alone.

    Tendencies towards introversion:

    Action cultivates competition and impatience; prompting self-reliance.
    Regulation cultivates righteousness and strictness; prompting self-confidence.
    Valuation cultivates particularities and sensibility; prompting self-absorption.

    More references about this state:

    3DPsyche's color: White
    Topographic Map area: Management
    MBTI approximation: I**J

    Consider this archetype a static stereotype. In reality, we tend to frequent several states, and become multidimensional, wholesome, colorful.

    I - 70%
    S - 52%
    T - 52%
    J - 84%


    Not sure why this profile suggests introversion or ISTJ? It all sounds extremely ExxJ, but yeah this is definitely me.

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    I got 84% Existential, 76% Philosophical.
    ILI or IEI
    5w4 - 9w1 - 4w5 sp/sx

    Johari | Nohari

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    I got ENFJ 82% Congenial and 74% Judicial

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    The best concept to describe the focus of this state is Charm.

    It is the state of intuition and fascination. It represents a psyche that is physically and rationally relaxed, but emotionally flexible. We are in this state when we are alert to experience emotion—expect some surprise, good or bad feelings from things, people or ideas. If we are wrong about threats or blessings, we are willing to correct and reevaluate our feelings. This is the key for empathy, inspiration, and building intuition. It is an imminently spiritual state, but not necessarily dogmatic or moralistic. It devices emotions, moods or likings in order to sense the moment, adjust to it, or spice it up.

    By definition, this is the state of focus in abstraction, instinction and inspiration. Its main characteristic is the perception of emotional attributes, and avoidance of physical and rational stress. This defines our ability to perceive vibes, motivations and inspiration beyond our senses and reason.

    Archetype: Activist
    CharmerPeople who have a strong tendency to this state are more attentive to emotional exchanges, than physical demands and explanatory details or reflective analysis. They are charismatic without effort. They inspire creativity, sweetness, connection and communion, and tend to bring the best out of others. They look to connect with things. For them, having keen intuition and an open heart is more pressing than being industrious or aggressive. However, their love, fascination or disgust for diverse things make them active or curious about many subjects and practices. But, this fascination can be sporadic or lead to newer attractions. They are appreciative of animals, elders, children and strangers; but make better companions than guardians. They are artistic, and although they may seem shy, they are expressive, and develop talent for acting, singing, writing, modeling, dancing, etc.

    People that are strongly inspirational look for fascination and empathy. They tend not to focus on physical labor or competition. Violence brings them prompt remorse and fear, since they are emotionally open to others. Their norms tend to be based on intuition more than rational analysis. And, they may get involved in thrilling activities impulsively.

    Tendencies towards introversion:
    Abstraction cultivates timidity and awkwardness; prompting self-reliance.
    Instinction cultivates arbitratity and rebelliousness; prompting self-confidence.

    *NFP MBTI approximation.

    I wish I could like this post.
    I Think I Am Alright | Forever Flowing

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    Martial State

    The best concept to describe the focus of this state is Might.

    It is the state of courage and vitality. It represents a psyche that is rationally and emotionally relaxed, but physically tense. We are in this state when focusing on disposing of our surroundings, or executing physical tasks, abilities or habits. We struggle to feel in control of our physical abilities, needs and medium.

    By definition, this is the state of focus in action, instinction and dispassion. Its main characteristic is acting upon sensorial stimuli, thus determining our physical aptitudes, all while avoiding rational and emotional stress. This defines our ability to act without worrying about reasons, fears or emotional restraints.

    Archetype: Athlete
    People who have a constant tendency to this state focus on their actions and are very aware of their duties. In fact, they wish not having to deliberate in order to act with precision, which is why they train to become habituated. They are good at recognizing when things are out of place, and maintaining focus on what they are doing and not get carried away by surrounding distractions. They tend to develop a strong identification with their country, tradition, food, sports team, etc. They need to feel dutiful and complete their tasks in order to appreciate rest. They are systematic and industrious in an instinctive way. They are enthusiastic and enjoy attention when feeling excited, bot not when feeling emotional. They are passionate towards their feelings, but could be more self-centered than empathetic.

    People that are strongly martial connect with others or things that have been present throughout time and helped them overcome challenges. They are distressed when being apart from their habitat or possessions. They have low patience for explanatory details, reflective analysis, whimsical ideas, or worries about aesthetics. They are not necessarily greedy, but can be competitive, possessive, and love feeling in control of their space. They gravitate towards objects, sounds or attitudes that show power and command.

    Tendencies towards introversion:
    Action cultivates competition and impatience; prompting self-reliance.
    Instinction cultivates arbitratity and rebelliousness; prompting self-confidence.
    Dispassion cultivates aloofness and disinterest; prompting self-absorption.

    3DPsyche's color: Red
    Topographic Map area: Arena
    MBTI approximation: IS*P

    Tests don't work on me.
    Sightless, unless
    The eyes reappear
    As the perpetual star
    Multifoliate rose
    Of death's twilight kingdom
    The hope only
    Of empty men.


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