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    Default Entrepreneur strengths assessment

    From the random stuff I receive in mail... This came along...

    Essentially it's a test for promoting their little entrepreneurship book. Oh, email registration required. But they give you a 34 page (including disclaimer blah blah) report at the end. They say it's a limited time offer... free until June 30th :rolli:

    If you have spare time on your hands, enjoy!

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    This section gives you a snapshot of the ten areas where you showed the most strength relative to the assessment norms.

    Questions Relating to Strengths Average
    43. I focus on understanding what my company will look like 10 years from now. 1.54
    44. I create opportunities to get input from my staff and work to incorporate their feedback into the decision being made. 1.21
    27. I instinctively analyze a situation before I make a move in order to determine the approach that is most in sync with my objectives. 1.05
    28. I want to know what my competition is up to. 1.04
    48. I like to test out new ideas and see if I can come up with an innovative solution. 0.95
    20. I view a problem as an opportunity to make an improvement in my company. 0.89
    24. I work hard to create a work environment where my staff feels empowered to make decisions and solve problems. 0.85
    69. If I believe in an idea, I’m persistent in seeing it all the way through implementation. 0.82
    30. I believe that no matter what obstacles I encounter I will work things through and eventually come out in a better position than I was in when I started. 0.68
    35. I am energized by exploring new ways of doing things. 0.61

    This section gives you a snapshot of the ten areas where you show the most potential for improvement relative to the assessment norms.

    Questions Relating to Areas of Improvement Average
    73. I have a clear understanding of my core competencies and my fundamental values. -2.15
    34. I feel confident when dealing with people because I am usually clear about what needs to be done. -2.05
    65. I know that my reputation in the industry will directly affect the success of my business. -1.58
    13. I leave selling to the sales people because I am a subject matter expert and need to maintain my distance from the sales process. -1.56
    3. Whenever I meet someone new I try to find an opportunity to talk about my company and the products and services we offer. -1.55
    78. I am committed to eating well, getting enough sleep, and working out every day because I know I am more productive when I pay attention to my health. -1.53
    10. I have clearly mapped out goals for my business which I am fully committed to reach. -1.49
    64. I’m confident that I have the skills and the drive to run a company. -1.20
    77. I try to get the people who work for me to buy-in to my vision for the company so that they are invested in our success. -1.16
    16. I respond well in a crisis. -1.07

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