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    I got I-S-T-P. This is a common result for me. I think INTP is a better fit for me by the descriptions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mal12345 View Post

    In fact, I don't look at those questions the same way.
    You're not the sole measure of what is & what isn't. You can actually address my points or the conversation is over because you've failed to show comprehension of them & actually provide a counter-argument. A dismissive (and inaccurate) statement about my reasoning doesn't address my main points. That's called attacking the person, not the argument. I only take comments personally when it's about my person, such as your comment about my reasoning. My analysis of the feeling answers references myself for illustrative purposes, and if you can't make that simple distinction, then again, there's no point in me conversing further with you.
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    hey, i got ENFP. the test is alright, id just recommend you write somewhere how far we are to completing it. i mean, i was doing it and losing my patience and i didn't know if i still had 5 questions to go...or 50. apart from that, it was alright

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    Your personality code is: I-N-T-J.

    My personality is probably more to blame than the test.

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    Hmm. I don't understand the second answer to this question. The statement reads:
    AlthNext Question>eness of a group setting, I tend to seek out one-on-one connections and often end up in one even within a group.
    Is it my understanding of typology that's off? Is there some lingo here that I need to read up on in order to effectively answer this question? I know that Socionics uses little weird symbols sometimes, so maybe this is kind of the same thing. Please advise.

    this happened with all the questions that had long answers e.g. the one about "What goes through your mind when you hear other people brainstorming new ideas?"

    Oh yeah, your test said that I was an INTJ, which I guess makes as much sense as anything else for me. I thought many of the questions were neat and nicely phrased. It's worth noting that your definition of introversion/extroversion targeted sociability rather than flow of psychic energy, which is fine depending on what exactly you're looking to test. Also, you might also think about communicating strength preferences or alternate potential types at the end.

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    I got INTJ. I am currently trying to ascertain whether I'm an INFJ or an ENFJ (leaning ever more towards ENFJ). Clearly, I am very bad at taking tests :p

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    I got INFP, despite what I list as my type, I generally score either INTP or INFP so I would call this test pretty accurate.

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    I'm an INTJ and it gave me the result of INTJ. I still think it seemed a bit flawed on some of the questions. A few of them seemed to ask questions that would be more relevant to a particular function than to the MBTI dichotomy for that function pair. I don't think these types of tests are generally an effective, proper way to determine type. There's too much room for error, especially among more mature, "filled-out" individuals. There were more than a few instances where I gave the "sensing" and "feeling" answers, and had I been just a little different on some of my other answers, I could have gotten an entirely different result, which would have been wrong. ESFJs think and intuit, INTJs feel and sense, and this kind of ultra-simplistic view of typology is destructive. If you don't have a functional basis, you increase your chances of getting the MBTI wrong considerably.
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    I got INFJ, but it's common for me to score borderline on J/P (and F/T scoring fluctuates with my mood), so its as close as any other test for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Z Buck McFate View Post
    I got INTP. I’m INFJ. But I’m also e5, which seems to throw a lot of these tests off for me.

    I found several of the T/F questions difficult to answer because both choices were true to equal degrees. It was sort of a craps shoot answering them. Example: “The world would be a better place if more people: (A) used their head, or (B) had their heart in the right place.” For almost all the questions, I’d answer exactly somewhere in the middle. I find lapses in judgment in either direction equally short-sighted and grating. I’m really not sure how to amend it- to suss out the Fs from the Ts where the individual is close to even (I mean I’m definitely an F, although I test as T half the time)- it’s just an observation about the particular questions you’ve used.
    I'm also an INFJ who scored as INTP. I feel similarly to Z above.

    I'm constantly sifting and refining my reactions, behaviors, thoughts and feelings to walk a path that makes the most sense.

    I think an INFJ can be such a big picture style thinker that it can sometimes test as "P". For example, I don't like to rule out information and I don't like an artificial structure imposed that stifles my creativity or prevents me from having all of the information I might need. But that open mindedness is in the service of a bigger goal, which does not change. I'm deliberately looking for new information in order to make tiny, course corrections along the way. This is the way I optimize.

    Actually, this explains it quite nicely:

    The INFJ has a curious mix of psychological preferences that both serve them well but also create almost constant dynamic tension. The first of these is the tendency to desire closure and timeliness battling with an even stronger preference to keep generating more options and perspectives (N vs J). This can lead to a feeling of being confused or disorganized because even as an INFJ is trying to complete something on time, new ideas keep appearing which try to displace that which has already been decided....

    ...An INFJ may begin a project or a paper and find themselves operating under a time crunch not because they are disorganized, but because they have yet to call a truce between their imaginative mind and their need for closure. Hence, an INFJ may report a preference for “P” or perceiving characterized by working best under pressure, keeping an open schedule, and allowing events to unfold when in fact this behavior is not preferred but is a byproduct of the battle between an internal brainstorm and the need for closure. The upside to these opposing forces is that the INFJ, having an awareness of what is happening, can consciously turn off the debate, and enjoy a rare combination of creative thinking and follow through. An INFJ wants both!

    Another possibility is that the richness of their feeling experiences may feel overwhelming at times so they rely on thinking to manage their thoughts and emotions. Hence a “T” preference may be reported.
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