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    Default Cool tests at

    This site was my #1 source on pop psychology when I found it back in 2003, when it went by the name and didn't have online dating functions. Among the lighter, more entertaining tests there are some thought-invoking ones, too.

    Here's the list of the better thought-out "premium" tests ..

    PhD Certified - Tickle Personality Tests

    This is the only pay-site I can honestly recommend. I used it perhaps 2 or 3 times, month at a time, and made practically all the premium tests available. There's unlimited tests to be done with full results within the subscription period.

    Many of the tests absolutely earn a thread of their own.

    On the downside, many of the tests give only the main result and perhaps a teaser detail free of charge. Moreover, some of my detailed results seems to have gone after a long time of absense, making me unable to see the reports I bought years ago. Most of the reports still seem to be available, tho.

    I'll list some of my favorites and give a short review.

    The Jasper Test
    Quote: JASPER measures eight different dimensions, including Work Values, Environment and Work Personality.
    My word: Multifaceted view of a person's employment situation, direction and different aspects. My old report from this test is now gone. Still, I remember the report being an astonishing eye-opener that made me successfully seek better employment.

    Career Personality Test
    Quote: Looking for the perfect profession? The answer lies in your personality!
    My word: It's an MBTI test applied to the working world. The detailed report gives a general type description, advice on what to seek from a potential employer and how to present yourself. It's seems all quite useful if not a bit boring, and not all completely new from a type perspective.

    The Emotional IQ Test
    Quote: Researchers have discovered the key to living a happy, healthy and successful life: Improve your emotional intelligence.
    My word: I remember the feedback being valuable in recognizing the subtraits of my emotional intelligence. Sadly, the full report from this test has also become inaccessible to me.

    The 5-Factor IPIP Personality Test
    Quote: You know you're unique, but do you know exactly which qualities truly make you a standout?
    My word: This was an important test at the time, but free 5-factor tests now give similar or better results. The detailed report has become inaccessible to me, and I remember it leaving a lot to be desired.

    The Mood Swings Test
    Are your mood swings irrational or predictable? Are you even-keeled or do you fly off the handle?
    My word: this was a useful tool for me at a time, when I wondered whether my reactions were out of order and how much my mood changed throughout the time. The free results give a simple scale of the two most frequent moods at the different ends of the mood spectrum, like Calm & Passive. The report include a useful discussion of the issues behind mood change, coping strategies and such. This was somewhat interesting, although not immensely useful test to be done.

    Are You a Secure Lover?
    Quote: Psychologists believe that the type of dynamic we seek out with romantic partners, from the amount of intimacy to independence we need, is heavily influenced by the relationships we have as children with our parents.
    My word: The test gives simple free results along the axis low/high avoidance and low/high anxiety, and a short discussion of their combined meaning. The detailed report has (for this test, too) become unavailable for me. Similar tests are found on the web right now.

    Which Relationship Is Right for You?
    Quote: Are you completely satisfied with your relationship? You might have hidden psychological needs that you aren't even aware of.
    My word: I got no "wow" from the results at the time I made this test most recently, back in 07. Still, curiously I'm in a kind of relationship it predicted me to enjoy most, and I am enjoying my relationship the way it is. The test gives simple free result, what I need most from a relationship. For me, it was "quiet stability". As with many other tests, these detailed results have gone offline as well, but I remember them being quite interesting.

    So, that's it for now.

    I mostly got the detailed results by taking one test for 5 dollars and doing as many tests as I could with the free 7-day trial period following the test purchase. It wasn't overly costly, and I used to be able to keep the test results after the trial period, until now.
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    So, what tests you've done and how you liked them? Did you get the full report?

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    Did a lot of effort to introduce these nice tests for you No-one's taking any of these?

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    That Jasper one looks awesome, but I've been awake for 24 hours and the moving phrases are freaking me out, lol.

    Will take it later.

    Yes, I'm taking notice! Good job, man.
    You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club. - Jack London

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    I LOVE tickle, it's a gr8 way to blow away a few hours.

    I found it looking for a IQ test, but now I know that;

    My aura is Green

    My love goddess is Aphrodite

    My dog personality is a burmese mountain dog

    In a former life I was a monkey

    That im compleatly over my ex

    That my partner and I have a wonderful relationship

    That my underware type is Granny knickers

    All really usefull infromation.................Not, but is gr8 if yr getting drunk with the girls

    Dont think i'd pay for any of the PHD certified ones though, the free little look seams to tell all anyway.

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    LOl, those are the best

    I've gone from seeing PHD horoscope tests next to supposedly professional IQ tests

    It seems they'll jump in anything they can make a test of, and I've been surprised to find the serious tests useful again and again.

    I too know that I'd be a "brainiac" emoticon, I'm a "playful pal" type friend, and I'd spend my last dollar for a romantic date

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    I did just about all of them over the years.

    I get a free one in my mailbox every week now. But usually I've already taken it.

    Otherwise I used to do what you did -- get a seven-day trial for $5, then do everything and print to Adobe PDF.
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    What you want out of work:
    To foster your own growth and instill inspiration and drive in those around you.

    Traditional. Your leadership style can be characterized as Traditional. This means that you tend to be cautious and steady when you're in charge of calling the shots. You don't take unnecessary risks or make impulsive decisions; instead, you lead with solid direction and purpose.

    Spontaneous.You are more Spontaneous than Deliberate when it comes to your work personality. You are comfortable pushing the envelope and suggesting new ways of doing things. Your spontaneity and ability to break out of the mold can also help others think outside the box.

    Communication skills. You likely are an articulate person, and you probably have received positive feedback on your writing ability or your skill speaking to groups. Even if you don't regularly use this skill, you nevertheless have confidence in your communication abilities.

    Questioning. While you trust the decisions of your superiors, you feel better when you understand the reasons why certain decisions are made. You aren't comfortable simply accepting things at face value but would rather take time to assess them and offer your own opinions.

    What you want out of work:

    To foster your own growth and instill inspiration and drive in those around you.

    Your colleagues think of you as:

    Instructive, encouraging, and patient.

    What you have to offer:

    A talent and desire to be a positive guiding force and an ability to use your skills to teach others.

    How unique are you?
    Your combination of strengths is very unique - only 10&#37; of people are Mentors.
    The Other JASPER Types

    Type 1: Thinker
    19% of people are Thinkers - in fact, this is the most common type.

    What Thinkers want:
    To quietly do their work in a thoughtful way without rocking the boat too much.

    Colleagues find Thinkers to be:
    Introspective, somewhat reserved but easy to get along with

    Best way to interact with Thinkers:
    Respect their tendency to be a little shy and allow them some space. When Thinkers have the freedom to be introspective, they can really show you their stuff.

    What Thinkers offer an employer:
    A steady worker who excels at thinking things through before acting.
    Type 2: Dynamo
    8% of people are Dynamos.

    What Dynamos want:
    To find adventure and excitement from their work and instill some energy into their projects and interactions with others.

    Colleagues find Dynamos to be:
    Energetic, stimulating, and not afraid of taking some risks.

    Best way to interact with Dynamos:
    While their energy may seem daunting, just remember that there is no expectation for you to keep up with them. In fact, Dynamos operate best when they can be the one leading the adventure and excitement.

    What Dynamos offer an employer:
    An infectious energy and a willingness to push the envelope when it makes sense.
    Type 3: Visionary
    13% of people are Visionaries.

    What Visionaries want:
    To dream big and foster their creativity and knack for innovation.

    Colleagues find Visionaries to be:
    Creative, abstract thinkers, and people who are fun to watch in action.

    Best way to interact with Visionaries:
    While Visionaries can sometimes seem consumed by big ideas, it is worth giving them some free rein to brainstorm. At the same time, they can also benefit from a dose of reality, as long as it is delivered in a tactful, and factual way.

    What Visionaries offer an employer:
    Not only new and better ideas for how things can be improved, but also the courage to actually pursue different routes.
    Type 4: Motivator
    7% of people are Motivators.

    What Motivators want:
    To foster their motivation and instill inspiration and drive in others.

    Colleagues find Motivators to be:
    Motivating, inspiring, and energizing.

    Best way to interact with Motivators :
    Motivators are generally easy to get along with, but some people may find that their expectations are too high. Instead of being intimidated, take their encouragement with a grain of salt and try to make the most of their inspiration.

    What Motivators offer an employer:
    A talent and zeal for motivating and encouraging their colleagues to achieve their goals and dreams.
    Type 5: Advocate
    9% of people are Advocates.

    What Advocates want:
    To promote and empower themselves and their co-workers.

    Colleagues find Advocates to be:
    Supportive, encouraging, and proactive.

    Best way to interact with Advocates :
    There is no special trick to getting along with Advocates. Since they have your best interests in mind, you probably feel quite comfortable around them.

    What Advocates offer an employer:
    A talent for working cross-functionally and a commitment to advocacy not only in continually challenging themselves to be the best they can be but also in doing what they need to do to help others.
    Type 6: Organizer
    13% of people are Organizers.

    What Organizers want:
    To effectively and efficiently produce quality work through their highly organized approach.

    Colleagues find Organizers to be:
    Meticulous, neat, and organized.

    Best way to interact with Organizers:
    Since Organizers are so committed to doing things in their own highly meticulous way, it's pretty hard to get them to do things differently or in a more relaxed way. If you have a problem with their approach, you may want to step back a little and let them run the show.

    What Organizers offer an employer:
    Excellent organizational skills that ensure their work is timely, high quality, and as close to perfection as possible.
    Type 8: Achiever
    15% of people are Achievers - this is the second most common work type.

    What Achievers want:
    To throw themselves into their work so that they can garner a sense of achievement, prestige, and financial success.

    Colleagues find Achievers to be:
    Motivated, fueled by a desire to gain financial success, and driven to do well.

    Best way to interact with Achievers:
    You may find it hard to keep up with an Achiever, but try not to feel bothered. Instead, just remember that the Achiever may have different values than you do and that you are each working to pursue your own personal goals.

    What Achievers offer an employer:
    Unparalleled passion and commitment, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve success.
    Type 9: Individualist
    6% of people are Individualists - in fact, this is the least common work type.

    What Individualists want:
    To maintain and further their individuality and uniqueness.

    Colleagues find Individualists to be:
    Non-conforming, interestingly different, comfortable being themselves and expressing their own ideas.

    Best way to interact with Individualists :
    Respect their desire to work autonomously, as long as it doesn't jeopardize the work of others or the goals of the company. Also, when trying to solve a problem, it is helpful to ask Individualists for their view of a situation since they tend to have a different perspective on things.

    What Individualists offer an employer:
    An interesting and unique perspective and the ability to make confident decisions even when taking the road less traveled.
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    I'm a Visionary!

    My leadership style is Empowering!
    I am an Agreeable fellow.
    I have strong Communication skills.
    I am a Questioning bastard!

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