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    Default Temperament/Color Sorter: Types and Blended Types

    (Warning: this takes a little bit of work with adding things up manually, but it is pretty cool)

    Report with your scores too because if two of them are close, you could be a blended type, and I am interested on how these hybrids map out.

    Here are the pure color descriptions:

    And here are the blends: Blue-Orange Blue-Green Green-Gold Orange-Green Orange-Gold Blue-Gold
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    87 Blue
    60 Green
    49 Red
    37 Gold

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    55 Blue
    40 Green
    39 Gold
    37 Orange

    I'm a blend of the blends of Blue-Green & Blue-Gold.

    Mystic Homebuilder or Homebuilding Mystic?

    lol How interesting.

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    Green 60
    Orange 58
    Blue 40
    Gold 28

    Orange and Green Blend into the Firecracker

    This combination are the wittiest of the bunch and relish pricking pomposity in others. They love to poke fun at those who take themselves too seriously. They are not impressed by those who put on airs and they don’t hesitate to go for the jugular. Their Orange side brings lots of physical energy and social aggression while their Green side brings sharp insights and clever language. Firecrackers are independent and have little respect for the traditional or sacred cows.

    They are independent thinkers. Some might consider them cantankerous and eccentric at times. They are fascinated by ingenuity and cleverness. They are skeptical of other’s ideas but are fascinated with their own inventions. Since both colours are very practical, they are not particularly moved by emotional appeals. As lovers, they are energetic and creative. Their feelings are deep but not readily accessible to them, and therefore, only shared with great difficulty. In their work they become highly competent and want to be as independent as possible. You are not likely to put anything over on them but they may put something over on you.

    The combined characteristics of the Green and Orange can sometimes make for a sharp-tongued and tactless person. The energy of the Orange can get them into difficult situations but logic of the Green helps them get out of their predicaments.

    Me - go for someone's jugular? I swear, I'm a misunderstood angel!
    2 days.

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    yeah ok

    Green 59
    Gold 50
    Orange 65
    Blue 70

    Blue and Orange Blend into the Sunburst

    Just as the name sunburst suggest, this combination loves a bright, passionate life. They are very right-brained, taking in everything at once. Their strong feelings come bubbling out with lots of physical energy. They are irrepressible and their joy of life infectious. This energy can burst forth at just the right time, but sometimes it can come at inappropriate times as well.

    They love their work, finding it an ongoing adventure of discovery. Usually, their work is with other people, as people are endlessly fascinating. The combination of the desire for freedom of the Orange and the need for meaning and significance of the Blue gives them the energy to be creative, full of fantasy, with fiery feelings and a desire to experiment. They need to relate to the people they work with or for. They find a lot of personal satisfaction in their encounters even if they are only momentary. They have a lot of physical energy and need to keep on the move, but they do it with sensitivity.

    A key emotion for Sunbursts is love. Their love is expressed in all their relationships — clients, coworkers, friends, family, and particularly in their most intimate relationships. Their sexuality is an expression of this love. They express their love with nthusiasm.

    Everyone needs some down time, and if they do not take a break now and then, they can become depressed. Taking some “me” time usually brings them back to their old bubbly self.

    Not all of their feelings are bright and sunny. They have negative feelings too, and these tend to be very strong. They can get angriest at the ones they love the most. A cooling off time is very beneficial. Often the anger is based on a misunderstanding. Being able to examine the problem objectively can often bring resolution. Making up can be just as passionate.

    Being very creative and needing the freedom to create, neatness is not usually a high priority for Sunbursts. Sometimes it can get a little too “creative” and major organization is needed. They can be quite comfortable living in chaos. They know where everything is. Others colours may not be as tolerant.

    The Orange part wants to do it now. The Blue part wants everyone to be happy. Sometimes an action without thought can cause pain to others. This causes their Blue part to feel guilty. On the other hand, when they are always trying to do their best for others, the Orange part can feel resentful of the restrictions it places on them. They need to keep these two parts in balance. High energy and strong feelings are a double-edged sword.

    Extraverted Sunbursts are out there for everyone to see and enjoy. The Introverted sunbursts are there as well but working away in the background, impulsively doing good things for people.

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    iNfp Ni


    Blue 74
    Orange 70
    Green 53
    Gold 45

    Blue-Orange =D
    Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun - Watts

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    Blue - 68
    Green - 64
    Orange - 58
    Gold - 39

    Blue and Green Blend into the Mystic

    Here deep thoughts are combined with deep feelings. They are drawn to the mystical, wisdom and sacred writings, and philosophical understanding. They live in a world of metaphor where dreams are important. They take heed of their inner promptings and trust their inner wisdom. Even their external world is interpreted in light of deeper meanings. Special objects can be very precious to them and may be assigned value and power. These objects have a deep personal meaning and can even be thought of as sacred to them. Mystics are concerned with their identity and are intrigued by the spiritual realm.

    Even lovemaking is a mystery to them. They see it as a spiritual journey, going beyond the physical. Their emotional life is very personal and shared with care and gentle respect. Even the act of giving a gift can take on a deeply personal, often spiritual significance.

    While they are drawn to the spirituality, they may find that organized religion leaves much to be desired. They are often on their own individual spiritual quest. They may be intrigued with other cultures and religions, taking from each what is meaningful and moving on.

    The Mystic appears calm and serene, but inner passions run deep and strong below. While they may not show it at the time, they are quite susceptible to shocks, both emotional and physical. They need quiet time alone or comfort from their loved ones to retrieve their equilibrium. They tend to choose work that allows them this balance, and they find the cut and thrust of the outer world very upsetting.

    Because of their need for contemplation, they may be indecisive when swift action may be required. The Blue’s feelings conflict with the Green’s rationality. When conflict occurs, their tendency is to withdraw, but this is not always the best course of action. They may need to make the effort to be more spontaneous.

    This is a more introverted blend. They may share their wisdom but will probably need to be asked. The extroverted Mystics are the ones who proclaim to the world the meaning of life and how to become enlightened.

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    Green: 41
    Orange: 38
    Blue: 18
    Gold: 17

    That would make me Green-Orange: The Firecracker. The description is pretty accurate, I would say.

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    Blue 66
    Green 59
    Gold 57
    Orange 36

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    6w7 sp/so


    Green - 56
    Gold - 34
    Orange - 34
    Blue - 63

    Blue-Green, The Mystic

    Yep, sounds about right

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