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    List your scores
    Highest - Brightest Colour Blue 72
    Next Highest Green 55
    Second Lowest Gold 49
    Lowest Score - Palest Colour Orange 48

    The people having a Blue temperament tend to be future oriented. They are interested in new ideas particularly ones that relate to people. They are eternally optimistic that the world is going to get better and that everyone will live in peace and harmony. While they are concerned about everyday things like seeing that everyone is fed, they are more concerned about seeing that everyone has the opportunity to develop their full potential. For Blues, rules are only guidelines. If there are special circumstances then rules are made to be bent a little or even broken.

    Often their speech is peppered with abstract concepts such as truth, love and peace. They can rhapsodize over a good theory. They are less concerned about the details of day-to-day living. The details have to be taken care of, but seeing the big picture is much more fascinating.

    Their symbol is caring hands showing their concern for the well-being of everyone. Think of the colour blue and the image of calm blue water may come to mind. Blue suggests serenity and depth of feeling.

    The animal metaphor associated with Blues is the dolphin. Dolphins are very gregarious mammals. They have a complex means of communications. They are playful and fun-loving animals. There have been numerous stories of dolphins rescuing humans in distress. Some people have found it very exciting to swim with the dolphins and hitch a ride on their dorsal fins.

    Blues long to be authentic. They don't like to pretend they are something they are not as it is usually very stressful for them.. They are not very interested in social position and just want to be accepted for who they are. Wearing a uniform or following a dress code is not comfortable for them, although they will do so to please others who are important to them. They don't see the need to dress in certain ways just to impress others, e.g. teachers wearing suits and ties to set them apart from their students.

    As learners Blues are most interested in subjects that promote personal growth—theirs and others. They like helping others to learn. They enjoy small group discussions. In their writings they tend to focus on the big picture and like to use metaphors to get across their points of view.

    In school Blues, above all, like to please and they want to know that the teachers really care about them. They may take subjects that are of no particular interest to them, but they perceive the subject to be important to a parent or a mentor. Some Blues have even followed careers that were of little interest to them personally just to please a parent.

    During their teen years Blues are often drawn to creative activities such as drama, the arts and writing for the newspaper. They can be unconventional in their behaviour and their dress. They may have a deep need for privacy, using their time to sort out the meaning of life.

    As adults Blues are warm and caring for those around them with the emphasis more on the development of others rather than their physical needs. Their intuitive sense is very strong. They have the knack of knowing what motivates another person. Blues can excel at diplomacy and use this intuition to their advantage.

    Another core need is to be empathic to those around them. Often Blues end up in work that involves counselling, teaching and psychology. Even if they are working as an accountant, Blues bring that element of human compassion that belies the more usual bottom line approach to the job.

    Above all, life must have meaning for Blues. What is the meaning of life and what is their part in the grand scheme of things is a lifelong quest for Blues. They strive all their lives to “become.” Some even become workshop groupies, believing they have found the Holy Grail, that is until the next new exciting idea comes along.

    As lovers and spouses Blues are very caring and considerate. They are usually more aware of their partners' needs and will do everything they can to satisfy those needs. They are more likely to suffer in silence if they cannot get their partners to understand what the problem is between them. Above all they want a harmonious relationship. They will put up with a great deal before admitting a relationship has come to an end. Blues are often attracted to Greens particularly for their intellectual approach to life. Even Blues have to learn to appreciate the differences of others.

    core needs - self-actualization, overall mood - enthusiasm, trust - imagination, pride - empathy, in management - the catalyst, perception - significance, support, foster - growth, virtue - loyalty, stressed by - feeling artificial, strives for, seeks - love, at work - pragmatic, esteemed by - helping people, wants to be appreciated - unique contributions, intrinsic intelligence - with people & diplomacy, when disturbed - hysterical, seeking, searching for - roles, dislikes - hypocrisy, thinking - dogmatic, fantasy to be - a messiah, loves - integrity & honesty, guilt - let someone down, irritated by - treated impersonally, mood in relationships - meaningful, rewarded by - acceptance of who they are, nurtures vision of - a better world
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    excel calculated it for me.

    green 51
    gold 34
    orange 74
    blue 74

    Blue and Orange Blend into the Sunburst

    Just as the name sunburst suggest, this combination loves a bright, passionate life. They are very right-brained, taking in everything at once. Their strong feelings come bubbling out with lots of physical energy. They are irrepressible and their joy of life infectious. This energy can burst forth at just the right time, but sometimes it can come at inappropriate times as well.

    They love their work, finding it an ongoing adventure of discovery. Usually, their work is with other people, as people are endlessly fascinating. The combination of the desire for freedom of the Orange and the need for meaning and significance of the Blue gives them the energy to be creative, full of fantasy, with fiery feelings and a desire to experiment. They need to relate to the people they work with or for. They find a lot of personal satisfaction in their encounters even if they are only momentary. They have a lot of physical energy and need to keep on the move, but they do it with sensitivity.

    A key emotion for Sunbursts is love. Their love is expressed in all their relationships — clients, coworkers, friends, family, and particularly in their most intimate relationships. Their sexuality is an expression of this love. They express their love with nthusiasm.

    Everyone needs some down time, and if they do not take a break now and then, they can become depressed. Taking some “me” time usually brings them back to their old bubbly self.

    Not all of their feelings are bright and sunny. They have negative feelings too, and these tend to be very strong. They can get angriest at the ones they love the most. A cooling off time is very beneficial. Often the anger is based on a misunderstanding. Being able to examine the problem objectively can often bring resolution. Making up can be just as passionate.

    Being very creative and needing the freedom to create, neatness is not usually a high priority for Sunbursts. Sometimes it can get a little too “creative” and major organization is needed. They can be quite comfortable living in chaos. They know where everything is. Others colours may not be as tolerant.

    The Orange part wants to do it now. The Blue part wants everyone to be happy. Sometimes an action without thought can cause pain to others. This causes their Blue part to feel guilty. On the other hand, when they are always trying to do their best for others, the Orange part can feel resentful of the restrictions it places on them. They need to keep these two parts in balance. High energy and strong feelings are a double-edged sword.

    Extraverted Sunbursts are out there for everyone to see and enjoy. The Introverted sunbursts are there as well but working away in the background, impulsively doing good things for people.
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    LII Ne


    I'm more balanced than I thought.

    Green: 54
    Gold: 43
    Orange: 45
    Blue: 50
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
    Neutral Good

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    4w5 sx/sp


    blue: 68
    orange: 48
    green: 43
    gold: 19

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    4w5 sp/sx


    80- Blue
    67- Green
    58- Gold
    38- Orange


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    ― Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Teh Mystic.

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    64___ Total Green
    35___ Total Gold
    27___ Total Orange
    25___ Total Blue
    APS Profile: Inclusion: e/w=1/6 (Supine) |Control: e/w=7/3 (Choleric) |Affection: e/w=1/9 (Supine)
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    LII Ne


    Green - 60
    Blue - 60
    Gold - 30
    Orange - 28

    Blue-Green = Mystic

    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post
    87 Blue
    60 Green
    49 Red
    37 Gold
    Which test did you take? The one I saw, the max score was only 80 for each color.
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    41 - Green
    39 - Gold
    29 - Orange
    41 - Blue

    That'd make me the Mystic. Spooky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viridian View Post
    41 - Green
    39 - Gold
    29 - Orange
    41 - Blue

    That'd make me the Mystic. Spooky.
    I was just gonna say that my numbers were pretty low compared to that of others; now yours seem kind of low too.

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