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    1w2-6w5-3w2 so/sp

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    Quote Originally Posted by grey_beard View Post
    Personal bookmark for later. Thanks to (you know who you are) for hash_tagging me to the thread.
    Your result for The Fantasy RPG Class Test ...
    The Grand Bishop

    12% Strength, 8% Bloodlust, 37% Intelligence, 80% Spirit, 28% Vitality and 15% Agility!

    The Grand Bishop

    Grand Bishops often have few skills with weapons and they are probably the least physically powerful of all the classes. However, they are by no means the weakest class. In fact, Grand Bishops utilize some of the most powerful magic in world: the power to control time. By controlling time, Grand Bishops can change and reverse the course of events and defeat opponents that no other class could ever dream of defeating. In fact, Grand Bishops can even alter the time of an object, allowing them to fast forward that object into the future or revert it to a state in the past. As an extension, this can be used as an advanced form of healing, enabling Grand Bishops to restore severed limbs and wounds. Although time may be a powerful ally, it requires a great deal of energy and magic to manipulate, so Grand Bishops use this power sparingly. Instead, they more often use their mastery over light magic and the basic elements to battle their foes. Grand Bishops may be supremely powerful spellcasters, but they most often use their power for good rather than evil. Those who use their power for evil may abuse their power over time and fall into chaos and oblivion.

    Congratulations on reaching this high class!

    You have not mastered any Hidden Power granted by the Genie.
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    35% Strength, 8% Bloodlust, 42% Intelligence, 33% Spirit, 30% Vitality and 23% Agility!

    The Battle Warlock

    An expert with both magic and a sword, the Battle Warlock is certainly a balanced and deadly class. Battle Warlocks are quite skilled with a sword and can effortlessly combine this prowess with the art of magic, allowing them to create powerful and deadly combinations that no other class can. Battle Warlocks excel in an unusual element that no other class can utilize: metal. Being so unique, their metal magic often catches their foes offguard providing the Battle Warlock with an easy victory. Battle Warlocks can even use their metal magic to transform the shape of their own weapons mid-battle to confuse and disorient their opponents. On top of that, anyone who attacks the Battle Warlock with metal weapons and armor stands no hope of winning. A slash of an opponent's blade will simply melt harmlessly off the Battle Warlock, and an opponent's protective armor can be morphed by the Battle Warlock into a spikey prison of death. With the unique ability to morph metal into any shape they desire, Battle Warlocks are fearsome and powerful warriors. Although Battle Warlocks specialize in metal magic they are also proficient in the other basic elements. Indeed, the Battle Warlock's most powerful spell combines fire and metal magic by summoning powerful, fiery meteors from the sky that rain down mercilessly on all who dare oppose the Battle Warlock.

    Congratulations on achieving this high class!

    You have not mastered any Hidden Power granted by the Genie.

    *Looks like Dante from the Devil May Cry rehash*
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    The Psionic Striker
    7% Strength, 20% Bloodlust, 25% Intelligence, 45% Spirit, 53% Vitality and 27% Agility!

    Instead of using magic to manipulate the elements and the world around them, Psionic Strikers will use their mind and mental energy. By focusing their mind, Psionic Strikers can use telekinesis to lift objects and even unleash powerful blasts and shields of mental energy. As masters of martial arts, Psionic Strikers can even use their telekinesis to increase the physical power of their punches and kicks or they can use it to levitate. Against weaker opponents, Psionic Strikers may use their powers to mentally shatter a person's neck or spine. By using their telepathy, Psionic Strikers can read their opponent's mind, and thus more easily predict their next move in battle. This makes them extremely difficult to counter because they always know what you are going to do next. Their telepathy can even be used to speak into another person's mind and plant thoughts and ideas there. They can use this power to manipulate and control their opponents, thus allowing them to turn any battle in their favor. Psionic Strikers often have a passion for death and battle, and some have mastered forms of dark magic. By fusing this dark magic with their psychic energy, Psionic Strikers can create and unleash devasting blasts of powerful energy from their mind and fists. On the other hand, some Psionic Strikers are more peaceful and have mastered forms of light magic, which they can also fuse with their psionic energy. In addition, Psionic Strikers can use their mastery over moon magic to enhance their strength and agility by transforming at night into various wild and ferocious beast-human hybrids.
    Congratulations on reaching this frighteningly powerful class!
    This is a special class and requires a very high amount of Psionic Force. You scored 84% on this variable!
    The Genie, impressed by your choices, has granted you the Hidden Power of Psionic Force.
    {The Diplomat}

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    The Star Glider

    28% Strength, 20% Bloodlust, 42% Intelligence, 42% Spirit, 37% Vitality and 17% Agility!

    Using a powerful and ancient form of combat, Star Gliders appear to effortlessly slide across the ground as they move and attack. In fact, Star Gliders are actually hovering slightly above the surface of the ground using their powerful mastery over electromagnetism. Since their feet never touch the ground, the movements of Star Gliders are nearly impossible to predict, making Star Gliders extremely formidable adversaries. By using powerful rune magic to control electromagnetic fields, Star Gliders can manipulate terrestrial and cosmic plasmas! In addition, they have limited control over metals, and will often use magnetism to create shields and weapons out of any metals in the surrounding areas.

    Occasionally, Star Gliders may be skilled at controlling the energy within their own bodies, and they'll use that skill to undergo various minor transformations. For example, some Star Gliders possess the ability to transform and harden their own skin, making them more resistant to damage. Other Star Gliders who aren't skilled with transformation can simply condense metallic particles around their body to form a strong protective layer and enhance their defenses.

    Star Gliders are also quite skilled with powerful elemental magic and light magic, making them even more dangerous opponents in battle! By combining this incredibly powerful magic with their superlative combat skills, Star Gliders can release powerful blasts of electromagnetic energy, making them almost impossible to best in battle.

    Congratulations on achieving this powerful class!

    This is a powerful mixed class that requires at least three variables to be extremely high.

    You have not mastered any Hidden Power granted by the Genie.
    Chimera of Filth

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    Quote Originally Posted by SD45T-2 View Post

    That's cheating!

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    2lazy to check if I've already done this.

    "Merciful ferocity" - I like this phrase.


    The Dark Shaman

    7% Strength, 35% Bloodlust, 28% Intelligence, 55% Spirit, 32% Vitality and 32% Agility!
    Are you good or are you evil? Maybe a bit of both I guess. You are the Dark Shaman, a master of both light and dark magic that you may use to heal or kill. Dark Shamans often have a desire for blood and death, but at the same time this conflicts with their inherent nature and desire to heal and battle darkeness. Dark Shamans that cannot reconcile and synthesize these two inherently dichotomous traits will fail as warriors. However, the ones that are able to moderate these differences will become the most fierce warriors and spellcasters around. Even if Dark Shamans do decide to join the side of good, their dark magic will not suffer. In fact, Dark Shaman have some of the most powerful dark magic of all the spellcasting classes, allowing them to grab, slice, and envelop foes in pure shadow and even temporarily create small black holes. Dark Shamans can even use their magic to cloud the minds and thoughts of weak individuals allowing them to easily manipulate those individuals and create powerful illusions and nightmares. Some Dark Shamans even have the ability to manipulate and summon ghouls and ghosts, forcing these spirits to do their bidding. In addition, the greatest ability of Dark Shamans is their ability to turn their own body into a sort of voodoo doll. In a ritual that involves the blood of an opponent, the Dark Shaman becomes invulnerable to the attacks of that opponent, and if that opponent foolishly attacks the Dark Shaman, he will take on any damage that the Dark Shaman would have received.

    Congratulations on achieving this high class!

    You have not mastered any Hidden Power granted by the Genie.

    EDIT: Nope, I haven't done this before, in fact!
    4w5 6w5 1w2 sx/so

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    The Dark Warlord
    57% Strength, 28% Bloodlust, 15% Intelligence, 13% Spirit, 17% Vitality and 13% Agility!

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    The Night Walker

    15% Strength, 13% Bloodlust, 23% Intelligence, 23% Spirit, 33% Vitality and 72% Agility!

    Myers-Briggs: xsFP

    Enneagram: 9?-4wX?-5/6

    ~ People don't think it be like it is, but it do. ~

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    Default Pleasantly surprised at the options I had to choose from. :D

    The Ninja Sennin

    20% Strength, 18% Bloodlust, 32% Intelligence, 40% Spirit, 27% Vitality and 53% Agility!

    Ninja Sennin are able to become one with nature and absorb the energy of the world around them to enhance their strength, stealth, and agility. By becoming one with nature, the Ninja Sennin are able to feel, connect with, and channel the lifeforce of all living creatures surrounding them, thus raising their senses, powers, and abilities to godly levels. Ninja Sennin often have some skill with the basic elements though certainly not as much as the spellcaster classes. Usually, Ninja Sennin have a natural affinity for one or two different elements and will try to train those exclusively. However, by combining their weak elemental magic with their own energy and the energy of the world around them, they can create devastatingly powerful techniques and spells that no other class can perform. Their stealthiness and formidable power may make them seem like dark and ferocious foes, but deep down they are often truly benevolent and wise; however, Ninja Sennin that cannot control any darkness and hate within them will certainly fall into madness and chaos. Those who can master this darkness will know what it means to be truly alive and at peace with the world.

    Congratulations on reaching this high class!
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