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    The Dust Dragon
    0% Fire, 0% Water, 50% Earth, 50% Air, and 0% Lightning!

    You are the Dust Dragon, combining the elements of Earth and Air!

    The combination of the Earth and Air elements indicate an alternating pull between a realistic and idealistic nature. More specifically, the Air element signifies that Dust Dragons are intellectual and focus on abstract ideas, theories, and dreams, while the Earth element symbolizes how reliable, practical, and pragmatic these dragons are. By combining these two elements, the Dust Dragon is able to idealize and theorize while staying grounded in reality. This allows these dragons to bring their unique and imaginative ideas and theories from thought to fruition. Dust Dragons have a fairly dry and detached sort of logic that allows them to deal with a great volume of facts and figures without getting overwhelmed by detail, and this enables them to better handle stress and emotion. In fact, Dust Dragons often spend a considerable amount of time carefully analyzing and evaluating a situation, and so others may see them as very dependable and conventional. Their downfall is that they may be far too emotionally detached, and thus they might have some trouble understanding others on an emotional level.

    Your direct opposites are the Lightning Dragon and the Steam Dragon.

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    The Scorch Dragon
    50% Fire, 0% Water, 0% Earth, 50% Air, and 0% Lightning!

    You are the Scorch Dragon, combining the elements of Fire and Air!

    With both the Fire and Air elements, the creative Scorch Dragons are idealistic, aspiring, and positive-thinking. You have the best of intentions and motives, but your approach to life may not be completely realistic. In fact, these dragons are very idealistic, intellectual, and objective. Because of the air element, Scorch Dragons often have many grand ideas, theories, and thoughts that they can communicate and express with mental agility, and additionally, these dragons are more than capable of putting their ideas into action. Often, their strong passion and ambition for their work and ideals comes at the cost of their emotional, material, and physical needs; however, when people look at you, they see a visionary and leader capable of surmounting any obstacle. In fact, you probably have a very effective way with words and a keen sense of humor. The main problem for Scorch Dragons is that they may have trouble getting things done since they are not well grounded in the persistent traits normally required to see the job through to completion. As full of ideas and enthusiasm as Scorch Dragons are, their energies may be scattered. In order for these dragons to be most effective, these dragons must recognize how to allocate and utilize their energy and resources more effectively so that they aren't in a constant state of depletion.

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    Water Dragons are closely in touch with their own feelings and the feelings of others, and they pride themselves on their ability to discern the nuances and subtleties of others and their environment. In fact, Water Dragons approach life and understand it through their emotions and ability to empathize with others. Because of their keen sense of observation and empathetic nature, Water Dragons are oftentimes very intuitive and will rely on their hunches and gut feelings to make decisions. Even though Water Dragons normally don't intellectualize about things, they do have surprisingly accurate judgments, insights, and intuitions, and this is a direct result of their natural sensitivity to the world around them. Because Water Dragons are so intensely attuned to their feelings they are able to frequently experience the heights of emotional bliss, but they may also fall into the depths of despair. To avoid this, Water Dragons are often in need of close emotional relationships, which are essential to their well-being and happiness. Superficial affairs are few and less than satisfying. Romantic, sentimental, and affectionate, Water Dragons desire a stable and secure bond between them and their partner, and when they are happily situated in such a bond, they can be incredibly caring and nurturing. Although some Water Dragons can sometimes be a bit smothering toward their children and possessive of their mate, they only do this because they feel so strongly for those people and because they desire to strengthen the bond between them. While Water Dragons do enjoy having deep conversations with close friends, they often communicate best in non-verbal ways, for example emotionally or psychically through forms of art, dance, music, poetry, and photography. Though Water Dragons are apt to let their heart rule their head they are entirely capable of looking at things objectively if the situation calls for it.

    Your direct opposites are the Lava Dragon and the Thunder Dragon.

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