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    9w1 sx/so


    Quote Originally Posted by Retmeishka View Post
    It took me a few tries to figure out what to look for in the pictures. I had to remember: I am alone on a desert island with that person. Only that one person. Our lives depend on being able to do all of the things we need to be able to do together. So I want someone who is able to do all the things that I'm not able to do very well. It was kind of based on reading about what the types look for in a relationship and why. They said you feel really good when you talk to a person who 'needs' your greatest strength because it is their greatest weakness - that's making a long story short - so I looked for people with facial expressions different from my own.

    I felt guilty about the 'rejected' person in the other photo and apologized for having to leave them out. Yeah, some of them looked like people who would be good friends or fun to hang out with, I had that same feeling.
    oh that's funny...i so did not do it that way. i can be quite impractical. i just imagined i walked into a room with those two people in it and picked the person i felt i would enjoy the company more of.
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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    I just picked what I liked randomly. I pretty much got the right result. Trust your gut, trust me to be tekitou.

    てきとう tekitou (adj-na) (1) suitable; adequate; relevant; appropriate; fit; (2) random; halfhearted; on the spot; whatever works;

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    EII Ne


    interesting. i did the test again, this time setting all my sliders to my genuine answers but as close to neutral as i could, and letting the pictures take center stage. i just chose who i felt made me more "comfortable"... i got IEE-1Ne / ENFp.

    then i took the test twice more, setting the sliders to random and choosing people i felt less comfortable with to see what my results would be: ESFp the first time, then INFj. finally, i went through the test setting all the sliders to my real answers, and then choosing photos of people i felt less comfortable with. ENFp... so... i'm not sure if my photo selection ended up playing in significantly. maybe i was inconsistent.

    does anyone know what the number after the 3-letter type refers to? the -1Ne part

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    It's not simply flipped, but it's often flipped when it comes to introverts. Many Extroverts correlate directly (i.e. an ENFp is still ENFP). Not quite the case with INTJs, INFJs, INTPs, ISTPs, etc.. A Ni dom could very likely be an INFp/IEI or INTp/ILI, and an INFP might be INFj/EII. The reason why the "J" and "P" is switched is simply because socionics deemed IEI to be a "percieving" type, with Ni at the forefront. And a Ti or Fi dom a judging type, because those are "judging" oriented. It isn't a distinction made about orderliness or whatnot like it is in MBTI.

    There's more involved than that, but that's the basic difference.

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    aka ENTp, The Inventor, , and Intuitive Logical Extrovert
    Other Possible Types
    1.IEI (INFp): 87% as likely as ILE
    2.ILI (INTp): 87% as likely as ILE
    3.LIE (ENTj): 82% as likely as ILE

    Using extroverted intuition as her base function and introverted thinking as her creative, the ILE is adept at generating a thousand solutions for the same problem. Unlike the LII who is bound by the rules he follows, the ILE sees these same rules as flexible and enabling--they can be altered and adjusted to enable every new idea the ILE conceives. In fact, the rules are often completely rewritten for every new idea the ILE has. At her best, the ILE is capable of learning complex and abstract concepts faster than almost any other sociotype and building off this knowledge to create a multitude of theories and ideas. At her worst, the ILE is often so inundated by new thoughts that actualizing one singular idea to fruition can be difficult. And although the ILE is good at understanding more abstract phenomena, the ILE often struggles understanding the more nuanced societal norms of interaction, which can cause her to be unsure of the appropriate action when socializing. Learn more about the ILE here!

    I AM an Infantile Romantic with Aggressive tendencies! Why did this ROBOT call me HER?
    The MBTI types me as an INFP, however, SOCIONICS calls me an Logical Intuitive Extram (called an ENTj in our terms.)

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    Sociotype: ILE-1Ne
    aka ENTp, The Inventor, and Intuitive Logical Extrovert

    Other Possible Types
    1.LII (INTj): 80% as likely as ILE
    2.IEE (ENFp): 64% as likely as ILE
    3.EII (INFj): 51% as likely as ILE

    The images part was fun.

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    Sociotype: IEE-1Fi
    aka ENFp, The Psychologist, , and Intuitive Ethical Extrovert

    Other Possible Types
    EII (INFj): 84% as likely as IEE
    IEI (INFp): 78% as likely as IEE
    SEE (ESFp): 67% as likely as IEE

    hahahah results remind me of the four romances styles:
    Quote Originally Posted by mmhmm View Post
    infantile aggressor.
    i want a play mate, not a son
    every normal man must be tempted, at times,
    to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag,
    and begin slitting throats.
    h.l. mencken

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    Sociotype: ILI-1Ni
    aka INTp, The Critic, , and Intuitive Logical Introvert
    Other Possible Types

    1. ILE (ENTp): 90% as likely as ILI
    2. LII (INTj): 84% as likely as ILI
    3. LIE (ENTj): 82% as likely as ILI

    The images were kind of obvious, they probably figured the type before the images thing.
    The images can also be an experiment of theirs, with no effect on the test, just to see who we'd pick.

    I don't know why I got INTJ, probably because I think it's a cooler type.

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    Sociotype: IEI-0

    aka INFp, The Romantic, , and Intuitive Ethical Introvert

    Other Possible Types:

    EII (INFj): 97% as likely as IEI
    ESI (ISFj): 87% as likely as IEI
    EIE (ENFj): 78% as likely as IEI

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    The LII (INTj)

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