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    BTW, did you know that 'tactical skills' is kinda considered second to 'strategic skills' in the corporate world? Strategists are basically the 'C level execs' and 'tacticians' are the middle to upper middle management that executes the day to day. Boo! Tacticians basically carry out the larger initiatives set out by strategists. You NT snobs!!! >

    But yeah, 'tactical skills' was what I ranked highest in.

    Tactical Skill Set

    Read the current context, the situation, and skillfully mange that situation
    Effect a desired result, often coming up with a variety of solutions
    Take action according to the needs of the moment and plan the next move
    Cleverly display, compose, and perform with attention to impact and effect
    Best environment to nurture this skill set:

    Freedom to respond to the needs of the moment
    Variety and quick response are appreciated
    Opportunities to take action and have impact

    Temperament was NF first, then SP second. SP does sound like me, especially at work. I like to wing it.
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    Tactical: llllllllllllllllllllll
    Logistical: llllllllll
    Strategic: lllllllll
    Diplomatic: lll
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    Temperament: Catalyst (NF) followed by Improviser (SP)

    Self-Leadership: Authenticity Oriented

    Learning: Relationship Centered

    Talent: Diplomatic

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    Talent: tactical tied with strategic
    Learning: knowledge centered
    Self-leadership: expertise oriented
    Temperament: NT followed by SP.
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    The temperament pattern you rated highest:

    Catalyst: Want to be authentic, benevolent and empathic. Search for identity, meaning and significance. Are relationship oriented, particularly valuing meaningful relationships. Are romantic and idealistic, wanting to make the world a better place. Look to the future. Trust their intuition, imagination, impressions. Focus on developing potential, fostering and facilitating growth through coaching, teaching, counseling, communicating. Generally are enthusiastic. Think in terms of integration and similarities and look for universals. Are gifted in the use of metaphors to bridge different perspectives. Are diplomatic. Frequently are drawn to work that inspires and develops people and relationships.

    The temperament pattern you rated second:

    Improviser: Want the freedom to choose the next act. Seek to have impact,to get results. Want to be graceful, bold, and impressive.Generally are excited and optimistic. Are absorbed in the actionof the moment. Are oriented toward the present. Seek adventureand stimulation. Hunger for spontaneity. Trust impulses, luck,and their ability to solve any problem they run into. Think in terms of variation. Have the ability to notice and describerich detail, constantly seeking relevant information. Like freedom to move, festivities, and games. Are natural negotiators. Seize opportunities. Are gifted tacticians, deciding the best move to make in the moment, the expedient action to take. Are frequently drawn to all kinds of work that requires variation on a theme.

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    Talent: Logistical
    Learning: Authority
    Self-Leadership: Stability = Expertise
    Temperament: Stabilizer (aka: Guardian, SJ, Gold, Logistical-Authority-Stability)

    Stabilizer: Want to fit in, to have membership. Hunger for responsibility, accountability, and predictability. Tend to be generous, to serve and to do their duty. Establish and maintain institutions and standard operating procedures. Tend to protect and preserve, to stand guard and warn. Look to the past and tradition. Foster enculturation with ceremonies and rules. Trust contracts and authority. Want security and stability. Think in terms of what is conventional, comparisons, associations, and discrete elements. Generally are serious and concerned, fatalistic. Are skilled at ensuring that things, information, and people are in the right place, in the right amounts, in the right quality, at the right time. Frequently gravitate toward business and commerce.
    Tritype: 125 (The Mentor = Gut-Heart-Head = Rational-Idealistic/Caring-Interpersonal/Intense-Cerebral)
    Main type: 1 (The Reformer = Gut = Rational-Idealistic) Wing types: 1w9 > 2w1 > 5w6
    Instinctual variant stacking: so/sp

    LSI-0-ISTj (The Inspector - Logical Sensing Introvert)

    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
    ISTJ (The Duty Fulfiller - )

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