1. I'm interested in making my own online personality test. I'm interested in experimenting with a test that works by ranking statements. I'm not sure if it would work as a MC format, as I'd literally like to be able to "Rank" lists of statements (like 10 items), and then output some results based on only a few of these ranking questions.

2. technical stuff:
<> Its been a while, back in the earlier days of the internet I ran a few basic text websites and created/adjusted some HTML stuff by hand...I also tweaked a few javascripts but never wrote one myself
<> I created some psuedo-programs using VBA in excel
<> I've tried writing some python mini programs, but not sure if I have the chops to create something bigger

3. How functional is something like those website that let you create your own quizzes?

4. Any tips from some of the members here who have created their own tests? (Vagrantfarce, I think maybe JockMotive?)