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    D 81
    I 39
    S 32
    C 99

    Really high cautiousness and really high decisiveness. Hm.
    Are there any other places to check out pattern interpretations?

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    Default Another DISC Assessment With More In-Depth Results

    I posted this in the other DISC thread but I think it was just getting lost in there, so here it is again.

    This version of the test is here for any and all concerned parties: Disc Assessment

    My Natural Style is most Interactive Secondly Decisive, Least Cautious.

    My Adaptive Style is most Decisive then Secondly Interactive, and Least Adaptive.

    So I become more J when being watched? LOL!

    How you prefer to receive knowledge or learn:

    Like factual data and hands-on experiences.

    • Prefer to structure your own learning and can involve others as well.

    Need "what to do and when to do it" for optimal time and process management.

    • Develop own learning strategies.

    Like self-discovery and trial and error methods occasionally.

    • Want to know how the learning will apply in real-time situations.

    • Process information actively.


    Very High Aesthetic: You place great importance in finding a good work-life balance, creating more than destroying and artistic self expression.

    Very High Individualistic: You demonstrate high independence and project self-confidence.

    High Altruist: You have a high desire to help others learn, grow, and develop.

    Average Theoretical: You are able to balance the quest for understanding and knowledge with the
    practical needs of a situation.

    Low Regulatory: You are able to be a multi-threaded problem solver, able to shift gears and projects in a flexible way.

    Low Economic: You are a team player and may put others' needs before self.

    Very Low Political: You tend to be non-competitive and demonstrate a higher service orientation.

    General Traits:

    • You seek self-realization and fulfillment in both work and personal settings.

    • You desire ample personal time for reflection and to maintain work/life balance.

    • You tend to be very much in tune with your emotions, and prefer pleasant surroundings.

    • You are less motivated by traditional means (paycheck) and more by aesthetic things
    like balance, beauty, creativity and expression.

    • To you, being recognized for creativity is the highest form of achievement.

    Key Strengths:

    • You are a very creative problem-solver.

    • You like to network with others and share creative ideas and solutions.

    • You will bring new and innovative ideas to the table.

    • You are enthusiastic and willing to work and contribute to the team efforts in creative ways.

    • You have a willingness to think beyond the surface of a problem and bring a creative set
    of new ideas.

    Motivational Insights:

    • You allow room for new ideas and approaches.

    • You may tend to over-react to emotional situations.

    • You should explore potential of involvement with environmental or 'green' initiatives in
    the area.

    • You allow for sufficient personal free time to achieve balance.

    • You should allow ample time for personal life balance.
    I took parts of my results and posted them here, rather than the percentages, but you can do whatever you want obviously.

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    Original thread is here, in case people want to compare with their old results:

    Personal Strengths Profile DISC 21-Page Report

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    According to Eric B's chart I am either ESFP or ExTP.

    Welp, I ain't no ExTP --

    NOTE: I am not a pure Sanguine, though. That ain't right. I'm either Sang-Phleg or Phleg-Sang. (ENFP/ISFP)


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    Quote Originally Posted by Marmie Dearest View Post
    According to Eric B's chart I am either ESFP or ExTP.

    Welp, I ain't no ExTP.
    I wouldn't take a chart too seriously which suggests an NT like Night, is ESFJ.
    Also, that chart only allows for doubles, not triples.
    Some people have triple temperament scores (Chol-Sang-Mel) and some people have triple DISC scores, such as D-I-C.

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    Actually, the DISC letters in the chart matches these sites,

    One limitation of this method, is that it does not really reflect how those blended temperaments modify each other. That is why most NTP's end up identifying as Melancholy in place of Choleric. The Choleric is "mellowed out" so to speak, into a less aggressive Melancholy (or sometimes Phlegmatic) by the more passive and/or less critical interaction style (xNP). I just explained this to someone here:

    And there is actually a third area of temperament we have discussed, allowing three-way blends. @Marm There's also a difference between Phlegmatic blends (Phegmatic Sanguine or Sanguine Phlegmatic) within an area, and being Sanguine in one area and Phlegmatic in another. You indicated being a blend between those two temperaments within one or two of the areas, and it didn't suggest ExTP, though ESFP was possible (I still think ENFP, per the other discussion going on now).
    APS Profile: Inclusion: e/w=1/6 (Supine) |Control: e/w=7/3 (Choleric) |Affection: e/w=1/9 (Supine)
    Ti 54.3 | Ne 47.3 | Si 37.8 | Fe 17.7 | Te 22.5 | Ni 13.4 | Se 18.9 | Fi 27.9

    Temperament (APS) from scratch -- MBTI Type from scratch
    Type Ideas

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    D 62
    I 41
    S 83
    C 38

    D 68
    I 43
    S 79
    C 53

    Test Results using DiSC

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    D - 25
    I - 81
    S -77
    C - 53


    Individualistic - 96
    Aesthetic - 75
    Theoretical - 58
    altruistic - 46
    Regulatory - 28
    political - 26
    economic - 22
    "I never felt oppressed because of my gender. When I'm writing a poem or drawing, I'm not a female; I'm an artist." - Patti Smith

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    I don't know how to interpret that difference between natural/adaptive I. Perhaps it would indicate that I'm subdued in certain environments. The opposite is more accurate: cool and collected in private and more exuberant in public.

    On values, spot on, test. Spot on. Aesthetics don't do anything at all for me.

    A colleague often laments that we sometimes work in a lab with drab walls and no sunlight or whatever. I don't even notice. And when I do notice, I don't care.

    J. Scott Crothers
    Founder, Truthtology, est. 1952
    Prophet and Channel, God Almighty
    Author, the Holy scripture Elevenetics

    "Just as jet fuel cannot melt steel beams, so too cannot the unshakeable pillars of Truthtology ever be shaken, whether by man, nature, or evidence."
    - Elevenetics

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    D = 67 / 70
    I = 67 / 53
    S = 46 / 32
    C = 46 / 28

    Aesthetic = 70
    Economic = 7
    Individualistic = 88
    Political = 33
    Altruist = 53
    Regulatory = 31
    Theoretical = 66

    Apparently this test thinks I would make a good "leader," which is a laugh. But other than that it seems fairly accurate.
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