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    Natural / Adaptive
    D: 17 / 10
    I: 46 / 25
    S: 99 / 39
    C: 99 / 91

    Bolded statements below that I strongly agree with.





    • Very high aesthetic (81). You place great importance in finding a good work-life balance, creating more than destroying and artistic self expression.
    • Very low economic (3). You may try to help meet customers' needs (internal and external) before your own.
    • Average individualistic (55). You are not an extremist and able to balance the needs of both others and self.
    • Average political (35). You are flexible, able to take or leave the power or clout that comes with the job title or assignment.
    • High altruist (61). You have a high desire to help others learn, grow, and develop.
    • Very high regulatory (70). You are well disciplined, and follow standard operating protocol and traditional ways.
    • Average theoretical (43). You are able to balance the quest for understanding and knowledge with the practical needs of a situation.

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    Decisive: natural 99 / adaptive 35
    Interactive: natural 99 / adaptive 95
    Stabilizing: natural 39 / adaptive 10
    Cautious: natural 25 / adaptive 10

    Able to combine both direction of others and persuasion of others into a powerful skill of inspiring
    others to reach their maximum potential.
    • All plotting points in the score pattern indicate a very active agent who makes things happen and
    doesn't wait for things to happen.
    • Can be very charming in persuading others when climate is favorable and firm when confronting a
    hostile situation.
    • Tends to be a confident and independent person who is a self-starter and has a strong competitive
    • Poised, confident, and very articulate in front of large or small groups.
    • The Lower S traits provide a high sense of urgency to get things done… now.
    • Shows the rare skill of being able to manipulate people (in a positive way) without their noticing the
    • Able to project an image of openness and friendship to others, even while maintaining self control
    and an ability to distance from others when necessary.

    • Able to generate team involvement through friendly conversation and gentle persuasion of team
    members in a one-on-one manner.
    • Motivated to be very well networked and you know a wide variety of people within the profession.
    This can be of enormous benefit to the team or organization as additional contacts become necessary.
    • You tend to be action oriented, and you are able to handle many projects simultaneously.
    • You show motivation for a strong determination towards own agenda, and will work to motivate
    others to that position.
    • You have the ability to handle pressing problems in a casual manner, but still get the problem solved.
    • You prefer a favorable social environment rather than an antagonistic one, and will work to maintain
    the positive environment.
    • You show confidence in your ability to motivate and persuade others into the behaviors required
    for the desired outcome of the project.
    • Known as one with a remarkable ability to shift the mood from serious to lighthearted smoothly and

    Very High Individualistic: You demonstrate high independence and project self-confidence.
    High Aesthetic: You very much prefer form, harmony and balance. You are likely a strong advocate for green initiatives and protecting personal time and space [?!?!].
    High Political: You are able to accept the credit or take the blame with a 'the buck stops here' attitude.
    High Theoretical: You have a high interest in understanding all aspects of a situation or subject.
    Average Altruist: You are concerned for others without giving everything away; a stabilizer.
    Low Economic: You are a team player and may put others' needs before self.
    Low Regulatory: You are able to a multi-threaded problem solver, able to shift gears and projects in a flexible way.

    I agree with Individualistic & Regulatory the most.

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    Oh god so much information. I'll just post the graphics:

    It definitely fits

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